Top 10 Big Brother Showmances

When it comes to Big Brother, you can always count on two things, floaters and showmances. Showmances have been apart of this hit CBS show since season 2! While some of the love remains after the show ends, others go down in flames and there are some things we will never know.

Here are the top ten showmances throughout all 20 seasons.

1. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd


This couple is arguably one of the most loved from Big Brother. The happily married couple, with two sons, met on season 11. Jordan went on to win that year and Jeff was dubbed America’s Favorite House Guest. The pair returned to play again on season 13.

Jeff and Jordan also competed on season 16 of the Amazing Race. Jeff now works for the show, interviewing house guests before the season begins and after they have been evicted. The two have even visited the house a couple of times since their time on the show.

2. Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas


Rachel and Brendon were considered to be polar opposites by fans, but somehow found themselves in a showmance during season 12. “Brenchel” didn’t win it all on the first time in the house but they returned for season 13, where Rachel won the $500,000.

Like Jeff and Jordan, the duo did not stop at Big Brother. They also competed in seasons 20 and 24 of The Amazing Race. They got married after the show and now have a daughter together.

3. Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo

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Although these two did not date while they were in the house on season 18, they are still one of the cutest Big Brother couples. Nicole has previously dated two other Big Brother house guests. During season 16, she dated Hayden Voss, but ended things before re-entering the game for season 18. During their season Nicole was dating house guest Corey Brooks. They broke things off shortly after.

Nicole and Victor reconnected months later. After a live proposal during season 20, the two are now engaged, surprising house guests and millions of viewers alike.

4. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf

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Since day one of season 19 the house was against Jess and Cody, except a select few. Cody was evicted twice and won a battle back, while Jessica was only evicted once. The pair had a whirlwind experience in the house, being treated as outcasts for most of the season.

Although, they didn’t win Big Brother they did compete in The Amazing Race and won season 30. They have since had cameos on The Bold and the Beautiful. They are now married and spend time with their new baby and Cody’s daughter from a previous relationship.

5. Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton

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Swaggy C (Christopher “Chris” Williams) and Bayleigh Dayton were on season 20 of Big Brother. Their showmance started quickly after they entered the house. It was clear to see their energy matched nicely.

Unfortunately, Swaggy was only in the house for 23 days before being evicted. Swaggy decided he would continue to pursue Bayleigh by spending the summer with her family in Missouri. During the finale, Swaggy proposed to Bayleigh. Luckily for him, she said yes and they are now living together.

6. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans


Tyler and Angela were slow to start their romance on screen, hiding it well from audience members and even the house guests. During their season 20 run, the two dominated the game. Some viewers even argue that Tyler had one of the best games ever.

Unfortunately, their unfulfilled promises caught up to them and they came in second and third, respectively. They left the house and finally came clean about their romance. They are still together and are as happy as ever.

7. Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones


Although Daniele had a rocky relationship during season 8 of Big Brother with Nick Starcevic, she returned for season 13 where she met Dominic Briones. The two were inseparable during the show and continued to be after the finale. The pair married two years after and they now have a daughter together.

8. Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher

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From the beginning of season 20, Haleigh said she did not want a showmance. Faysal and Haleigh were flirtatious throughout most of the season. Although their romance in the house was rocky and some thought it would never happen, they continued their flirtation during their time in the jury house together. The pair made it official on finale night and are still together and going strong.

9. Mark Jansen and Elena Davies


Season 19 was a season filled with showmances and Mark Jansen and Elena Davies were no exception. Although, sometimes it looked as though Mark was more into Elena than she was into him during the show. When the show wrapped up Elena fell for Mark and they continued their relationship off screen.

Unfortunately, they spit in February 2019. Rumors have circulated that Big Brother 19 will not be the last time we will see the duo. Reportedly, Jansen and Davies will both be on the third season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

10. Mike “Boogie” Malin and Krista Stegal


The original showmance that paved the way for future showmances didn’t exactly go as planned. Mike, also known as “Boogie”, fell hard for Krista during their time together in the house, during season 2. Even though he was evicted in week 4, Boogie proposed during the finale. Krista said yes, but unfortunately she broke the engagement off shortly after the show ended.

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With season 21 of Big Brother about to start soon, you can expect some showmances to be knocked off this list as more pop up! Check out the other Big Brother posts such as the Top 10 Big Brother Bromances!

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