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Top 10 Characters in Mandalorian

The Mandalorian on Disney Plus is a favorite of many, but who ranks the highest in the favorite characters? Read on to find out and let us know how this list matches up with your favorites!

10. Moff Gideon 

Our antagonist of the show, who is in pursuit of Grogu to study his blood for a transfusion. While it isn’t made certain whether the transfusion is for him or another Imperial leader his pursuit is never-ending over the first two seasons. 

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9. Bo-Katon 

First appearing in Star Wars the Clone Wars, Bo-Katon was a female Mandalorian who was the leader of the Nite Owls. She makes her presence known in season 2 as she saves Mandos life in a battle and reveals her intentions of moving to Mand’alor and leading her people. 

8. Mayfield

Migs Mayfield is a former Imperial Sharpshooter who ends up leaving the empire to become a mercenary. First appearing in season 1, he betrays Mando after hiring him to help break out a prisoner in a New Republic transport prison. Following his deceitful nature, he ends up redeeming himself by helping The Mandalorian break into and destroy an Imperial base and his given freedom by Cara Dune. 

7. Boba Fett 

Boba Fett was a feared bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. He was a clone of his father, Jango Fett, and was trained in combat at a young age. In Return of the Jedi, it was made to believe that he had died, but he makes his triumphant return in season 2 and regains his armor leading to some amazing battles. 

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6. IG-11 

Originally a hunter droid that is reprogrammed to be Nurse droid for protection of Grogu, is a stand out character of the show. From originally trying to kill Grogu to becoming his reason for life and saving him and Mando on quite a few occasions, he solidified his spot as one of the best characters in the series. 

5. Ahsoka 

First introduced in the animated Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano, is a jedi who was trained under Anakin Skywalker who would go on to become Darth Vader. Her appearance in the show made for an exciting story, and gave fans a proper name for “The child/ Baby Yoda” and that is Grogu. Her communication with Grogu finally gave us a back story of the character and made her a standout for this list. 

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4. Cara Dune 

Cara dune is a former Rebel troop turned Mercenary. A Descendent of the destroyed planet, Alderon, who has a hatred towards the empire eventually becomes A Marshall for the new republic. 

3. Luke 

While Luke didn’t share the most screen time on the series, he is ranked high on this list because of the future he provides. Seeing him come out in the finale and destroy a fleet of Dark Troopers in order to become the trainer of Grogu leaves for an exciting future for the next seasons to come. 

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2. The Mandalorian 

 The Mandalorian or Din Djarin, is our protagonist of the show. He is a bounty hunter who was put on a mission to retrieve a special bounty which turned out to be Grogu aka The Child/ Baby Yoda. Amongst giving up the child he decided he couldn’t willingly let it be tortured and saved Grogu. This begins the quest of the show and the road to Grogu returning to train in the ways of the Jedi. 

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Grogu, the main reason people watch the show. Aside from the absolute cuteness of the character, Grogu is quite powerful in his force-sensitivity and could become a great Jedi. His new alignment with Luke Skywalker should build heavy anticipation for the next season of the show and will continue to be one of the driving forces in the show.

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