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Top 10 Clothing Brands to Follow On Social Media

Fashion is amazing because it balances connection and art. Developing a clothing brand is not easy, but hard work and patience are key. One popular marketing tactic is promoting on social media, and there are many brands that are fun to follow. Here are my favorite brands to follow on Instagram.


This LA based boutique has all your summer essentials. With 146k followers on Instagram, this brand grew a boutique based on a fly girl fashion sense.


A UK based brand with 133k followers on Instagram, this clothing line has a style that gives you a chill, low-key vibe.


This unique brand will have you showing more than just face. Each piece is tight fitted and practical.


With this desirable and modern clothing brand, you can’t help but shop.


This brand has it all. I absolutely love how each piece is made. With 779k followers on Instagram, it’s a look for the grown and sexy.


Although this clothing brand is just getting started, it has potential. This brand has a vision of equality for all women and I am here for it.


Besides the creative designs, this page is hard not to look at. Street wear mixed with style and grace. Definitely top 5.


With over a million followers, this fashion label always delivers the best of the best.


I absolutely love this collection. While targeting a young crowd, the owner is making a stylish comeback this summer.


With such an exquisite touch, I could give you a million reasons to follow this brand on Instagram. Looking for a rehearsal dinner dress? Something to wear to a gala? Look no further: each piece is custom made for any special event.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for more cutting edge clothing brands on social media — they could be the next big thing!

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Angio Love

Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Thanks for the post.

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