Top 10 Rides At Disney World That Are Not Rollercoasters

Disney is known for its amazing attractions and epic adventures. But sometimes, the adventure you seek isn’t always racing through the air in car moving at the speed of light. And sometimes, even with a dose of fairy dust, some of us prefer our feet to stay on the ground. Which is why today we’re talking all about the best Disney World rides that involve all the fun without leaving the atmosphere.

Here are the Top 10 Rides At Disney World That Are Not Rollercoasters.

10. PeopleMover


The PeopleMover is a 10 minute journey around Magic Kingdom‘s Tomorrowland. Stationed in blue train cars of the future, this allows you to see a sky high view of part of Magic Kingdom without leaving the safety of the train tracks. Best of all? There’s no height requirement, meaning even the youngest Disney fans can enjoy it. Highly underrated in our opinion, the PeopleMover deserves far more credit than it gets.

9. Walt Disney World Railroad


If you’re looking to ride beyond just Tomorrowland, we recommend the Disney Railroad. This steam powered engine runs around the entire Magic Kingdom for over a mile. It allows park goers to depart at stations in Frontierland, Fantasyland, and on Main Street instead of walking. Don’t feel like getting off board just yet? No problem. You’re free to stay all aboard as long as you like.


Climb aboard the magic on Disney’s Prince Charming Regal Carousel. In addition to ornate chariots to sit in, you also have your choice of 90 uniquely carved horses. The carousel was built in 1917 and has been a staple at Walt Disney World Resort since 1971. Another ride that accommodates any height, any age, and isn’t quite fast enough to make you feel like you’re leaving Earth’s atmosphere.

7. Soarin’


Located in Epcot, this flight motion simulator takes you off the ground only a couple of feet and uses a large video screen to make you feel like you’re flying. The best part of this Disney ride? The endless amount of possible locations you can experience. Each attraction has multiple films they can play to make your experience different every time. All the fun of flying without, well, actually flying.

6. It’s A Small World


This ride needs no introduction. But of course we have to include it on our list! Small World is a Disney staple, opening oringally in Disneyland in 1966. It can now be found in every major Disney theme park, including Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong. This boat ride features over 300 singing dolls representing multiple countries and cultures around the world. Best of all? You’ll be hearing that song in your head basically every day from this point forward.

5. Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid


This boat ride opened only within the last decade and has since become a popular staple among kids. Riders board a clam shell and explore the sea with Ariel and her friends, singing along to classics from the film. This is the prefect starter Disney ride for children- slow, simple, and right out of a storybook. Here you’ll be thrilled to be part of our world.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean


Originally opened in 1967, this Disney ride was revamped when the movie series of the same name was released. Now you and your crew experience life as a pirate, exploring the depths of the sea and even spotting a few familiar faces along the way. While some kids love this ride, be aware that there are some loud noises, dark moments, and a decent drop along the way. Otherwise, ride on and beware of Davy Jones.

3. Peter Pan’s Flight


A fan favorite, Peter Pan’s Flight has been beloved since its creation in 1955. Soar the skies with Peter and the rest of the gang in a ship amongst the clouds, experiencing scenes straight from the film. This ride stands out as one of the best on our list for obvious reasons- just like Peter, sometimes it’s fun to forget about growing up and just enjoy being a kid again.

2. Haunted Mansion


Another home run with park goers, the Haunted Mansion takes you on a tour of the estate in your own personal Doom Buggy. Experience friendly ghosts, the legendary Madam Leota, and more as you ride along. But be aware- while this ride is far from gory or over the top, it is dark and spooky in a lighthearted sense. Still, some younger guests maybe need briefed beforehand.

1. Mad Tea Party


We couldn’t help but leave quite possibly the most iconic for last. For those of us that love to spin, we of course offer you the Mad Tea Party. Whether you choose to sit back and enjoy the natural rotation or spin your own cup until you’re unable to see straight, this is the perfect way to complete your Disney visit. By the time your ride is finished you’re sure to be as mad as the Hatter himself.

And there’s our list! Tell us in the comments if we missed your favorite and don’t forget to check back for more magical articles!

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