Top 10 Easter Eggs in Toy Story 4

It’s no secret that Disney adds characters or logos from other movies into their films. In the movie industry, these are called Easter Eggs. We searched for these hidden gems, and here’s our list of the Top 10 Easter Eggs from Toy Story 4, the movie that brings childhood to life.

1. Captain America Playing Cards

Marvel is now a part of the Disney company, and so are some of the most iconic superheroes. At the beginning of the movie, you’ll notice some western-looking playing cards with the Captain America shield on the back. It’s no surprise that Cap made it in the movie, as the actor who plays him, Chris Evans, is a huge Disney fan.

2. Dinoco Gas Station

As many of us know, Dinoco is the sponsor for one of the race cars in the movie Cars. So it would make sense that there is an actual gas station in another movie, right? We spotted this one fairly early in the movie when Bonnie’s family is on their road trip and they stop for gas.

3. Tin Toy

Whenever Bo Peep and Woody are looking for Duke Kaboom, they walk past a little drumming toy. You’ll know him as Tinny, from the Pixar short film, Tin Toy. This 1988 short actually inspired elements of the Toy Story series. Tinny has also made another Easter Egg appearance in another Pixar Short Film Lifted.

Tin Toy (1988)

4. House From Up

In an interview with the filmmakers of Toy Story 4, they mentioned the antique store was full of Easter Eggs from other Pixar films. Producer Josh Cooley said that his favorite addition was Carl and Ellie’s colorful house from Up! I’m sure anyone visiting this shop would buy that home in a heartbeat.

5. Boo from Monsters Inc.

You can see Boo for a split second when Bonnie walks into her new Kindergarten class for orientation. She is sitting at one of the tables in the background. Boo wears her iconic purple shirt and pigtails when Bonnie is heading to the cubby to put her backpack away.

6. Dug from Up

If you look closely at the Toy Story 4 poster, you will see some dogs playing poker in the background. But one of those dogs isn’t your typical animal. It’s your favorite talking dog from Up! While Dug isn’t in the movie, he is subtly placed into the poster, proving how many eggs really are in this movie.

Dug can be seen in the poster on the upper left side, playing poker

7. Grape Soda Bottle Cap from Up

If you blinked, you may have missed this one. Bo’s sheep were bringing her items throughout the movie. One of these was a bottle cap. Now, this cap may have looked familiar, and that is because it is the same one that Ellie gave Carl in Up.

8. Planet Pizza Tattoo

Part of Toy Story 4 is set at a carnival, and it’s there that you can find an Easter Egg that references the first film in the series! As you may remember from the original Toy Story, Woody and Buzz are taken by Sid while they are at Pizza Planet. In the fourth film, we can see that one of the carnival employees actually has a Pizza Planet tattoo!

Pizza Planet in the original Toy Story (1995)

9. Kenner Star Wars Toys

In the same scene that Tinny can be spotted, there are several vintage toys that Woody and Bo Peep walk by. One of these is a Kenner Star Wars toy from the 1980s. It is only on screen for a brief moment but fans of the series will be excited to see it!

10. Second Chance Antique Shop

The animators even paid tribute to the people that made the movie possible! The Second Chance Antique Shop, where Woody meets Duke Caboom and Gabby Gabby, is a major part of the story. On the outside window, we see that the sign shows that the shop was established in 1986. This just so happens to be the very same year that Pixar was established! This was a clever way to recognize the studio!

Disney did a fantastic job of seamlessly blending iconic characters and parts of other films into Toy Story 4. Although these only flash onscreen for a few seconds, the crew put a lot of effort into creating them and integrating them into such a great story.

Go see Toy Story 4: in theaters June 21st & let us know if you find any Easter Eggs we missed. Also, make sure to read the movie review!

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