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Top 10 Entrance Looks From This Season Of “The Bachelor”

First impressions are everything, especially on “The Bachelor.” When contestants get out of the limo for the first time and go to meet their possible future husband, these ladies want to look their best. Whether the girls want to make him laugh or make him blush, their entrance look will leave a lasting impression.

Matt James (ABC/Billy Kidd)

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While each woman is beautiful, there are only so many roses to go around so they have to make their entrance looks count! Here is the scoop on our favorite entrance looks from night one of “The Bachelor.”

10. Saneh

Saneh's entrance look

Saneh’s entrance look is the perfect combination of flirty and funny. While she looks absolutely beautiful in a cutout black dress, she also has a surprise for Matt. She mentions that she thinks he is the “Greatest Of All Time” only to reveal her “GOAT” slippers under the dress.

This adorable idea not only shows Matt her natural beauty but that she also has a sense of humor and is not afraid to have fun! And by the look on his face, Matt clearly appreciates her efforts.

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9. Marylynn

Marylynn's entrance look

Marylynn met Matt wearing a gorgeous off-the-shoulder gown in silver with a cute side cutout. This beautiful dress is so sweet and sultry, and makes Marylynn look both beautiful and mysterious.

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8. Illeana

Illeana's entrance look

Illeana’s entrance look really stands out. Not only is she wearing one of the only gowns of the evening with long sleeves, but she also has paired it with a long-strapped white purse. Fans of the show do not often see contestants carrying bags or purses, but in this case the right accessory makes an outfit complete!

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7. Sarah

Sarah's entrance look

Sarah’s entrance look is nothing short of breathtaking. Her spaghetti-strap sparkly gray dress flatters her figure and and looks absolutely beautiful! While her gown is eye-catching and glittery, it does not outshine her natural beauty!

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6. Kit

Kit's entrance look
(ABC/Craig Sjodin) KIT, MATT JAMES

Fashion Entrepreneur Kit clearly has her own unique sense of style. While most of the girls are wearing long gowns, Kit’s feather mini dress highlights her sense of style and that she is not afraid to stand out. The blush pink color goes well with her blonde hair, making her entire look bright, flirty, and fun!

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5. Magi

Magi's entrance look

Magi is a beautiful lady in red! Her dress is the perfect combination of flirty and classy with a high neckline and cutout, and her half-up-half-down hairstyle complements it perfectly. Magi looks just as beautiful as the night’s roses in her stunning red gown!

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4. Serena C.


Serena C’s entrance look is nothing short of elegant! To meet Matt, she stepped out in in a pale dress with a draped neckline that perfectly complements her beautiful dark hair.

Serena paired the gown with shimmery crystal earrings that draw the brightness up around her face and highlight her beautiful smile.

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3. Queen Victoria

Victoria's entrance look

The Queen has arrived! Fans have many different opinions on Victoria, but her entrance was no doubt memorable! Victoria met Matt as she was carried in on a thrown while wearing a tiara and a glitzy, eye-catching gown.

Not only did she introduce herself as, “Victoria, like the queen” but she also brought Matt a crown of his very own to make him her king. Victoria’s entrance is perhaps the most memorable of the night, and I am sure that Matt will not be forgetting her any time soon!

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Shop Victoria’s look!

2. Chelsea

Chelsea's entrance look

Chelsea’s slinky black gown is absolutely stunning! The low back and cutouts show off her body in a tasteful way, and the long ties at the back are reminiscent of royalty. This dress is so unique and Chelsea looks absolutely beautiful!

Bachelor Matt James echoed everybody’s thoughts by saying, “Wow, she is wearing that dress!”

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1. Abigail

Abigail's entrance look

Abigail, who has quickly become a fan-favorite, stepped out of the limo in a simple, but stunning gown. The vibrant royal blue really stands out against her beautiful dark hair, and the simplicity of the dress overall makes her smile all the more bright!

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These ladies all looked amazing and we are so excited to see how this season unfolds! What are some of your favorites entrance looks?

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