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Our Top 10 Favorite “Hamilton” Songs

The groundbreaking musical, “Hamilton,” has a total of 46 different songs! The task of choosing only a few our most favorite ones is difficult, but we’re not “throwing away our shot” with this list. Here are our picks for the top 10 favorite songs in “Hamilton”:

1. “My Shot”

This song introduces John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Lafayette, all of whom are blown away by Hamilton’s passion and intellect when he starts to rap. Hamilton’s fear of throwing away his shot becomes an important theme throughout the musical. Also, Alexander’s line “your pants look hot” as Mulligan shows off his leg is totally hilarious.

2. “One Last Time”

Christopher Jackson’s voice in “One Last Time” sounds like it touches the heavens. Washington sets a precedent for America by stepping down as president. The reason why he does this is so America can learn how to say goodbye. Tears gather in our eyes as he talks about sitting under a fig tree and appreciating the nation he helped make.

3. “Burn”

This song is heartbreakingly beautiful. Eliza burns the letters Hamilton wrote to her when she hears about the affair he was having. By burning the letters, Eliza takes control of her own narrative by erasing her part of it. “Burn” is a great song to play during a breakup and it makes you feel empowered.

4. “The Room Where It Happens”

Aaron Burr shows his perspective of being an outsider during the discussion where the Virginians got the nation’s capital and Hamilton gained control of the financial system. This song has great instrumentals and is one you can sing at the top of your lungs! The single spotlight on Burr at the end is also haunting, and the music gives us chills.

5. “Satisfied”

“Satisfied” is one of the most cleverly written and performed songs in the show. Angelica shares her point of view of Eliza and Alexander’s courtship, rewinding to the night of the ball. The choreography is also great, as they all create the same scene from before over again, but this time backwards. This song is definitely satisfying in more ways than one!

6. “Wait for It”

Just as “My Shot” establishes Hamilton’s beliefs, “Wait for It” introduces Burr’s beliefs and shows how he likes to wait to act until the right opportunity presents itself. The lyrics in this song are also stunning, such as “I am inimitable, I am an original.” Additionally, the background vocals in this song are incredible. The chorus sits and watches Burr while he performs, and we can’t help but do the same.

7. “It’s Quiet Uptown”

It’s Quiet Uptown is one of the saddest, but most poignant songs. After the death of their son, Eliza and Hamilton move uptown. The melody is beautiful and slow which is different from most of the other songs in the show. When Hamilton apologizes, Eliza takes his hand, and the chorus sings, “forgiveness… can you imagine?” Alexander cries at that moment (and we do too).

8. “You’ll Be Back”

King George sings an upbeat song that sounds like a love letter to America, but it’s actually talking about the war. He tells America that he loves them, but he won’t hesitate to kill them if they rebel. The song’s so catchy, and you can’t help but move your shoulders and sing “da da da dat da!” 

9. “The Election of 1800”

“Can we get back to politics? PLEASE!” This song details the election between Jefferson, Burr, and John Adams. It contains recurring musical themes like “talk less, smile more,” and the tune of the song, “Washington on Your Side.” Hamilton gives the final blow to Burr at the end of the song: It’s better to vote for the person who has beliefs, not the one who has none.

10. “The Schuyler Sisters”

“Angelica, Peggy, Eliza… work!” The Schuyler sisters feel lucky to be in “the greatest city in the world” and head out for a night on the town. Angelica is “looking for a mind at work,” and professes that women should be included in the “sequel” of the Declaration of Independence (yes!). We love this female-centered empowering song and like to sing it on the regular with our best friends!

“Hamilton” is now available on Disney+ (and we’ve already watched it a thousand times). What are your favorite Hamilton songs? Tell us in the comments!

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