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Top 10 Guys Who Deserve To Have Their Own Season Of “The Bachelor”

Bachelor Nation is made up of a devoted fan base and many previous contestants of the franchise that will forever be associated with the show. So many men have captured our hearts throughout the show’s history and in recent years there have been 10 men that absolutely should’ve had their own season of The Bachelor. We met them on seasons of The Bachelorette and we haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

These men were sweet, drama free, and oh-so-handsome! To be honest, we don’t know why they weren’t all given the final rose! They left our television screens all too soon and we wish we could’ve seen more of these guys! This is our pick for the top 10 guys who should’ve been The Bachelor:

The Bachelors We Wanted:

10. Robert Graham

Bachelor Nation totally freaked out the night that Robert Graham stepped out of the limo looking like Liam Hemsworth’s twin! Robert went home very early on Des’ season of The Bachelorette, which we found out was due to the fact that he had previously dated one of her close friends. After all, in the words of Leslie Knope, “ovaries before broveries”. After that, he was on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, Bachelor Nation definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of this long lost Hemsworth brother on his own season!

9. Clay Harbor

Clay was a fan favorite on Becca’s season, but had to go home early due to an injury that happened on a group date (don’t they always). This sweet and muscular guy is a former NFL football player and we loved watching him compete for Becca’s heart. Though we got more Clay content on Bachelor in Paradise, we really wish we could’ve seen him on his own season of The Bachelor.

8. Joe Amabile

Otherwise known as “Grocery Store Joe”, Joe Amabile quickly won fans over with his big smile and down-to-earth personality…not to mention that hair. There’s a lot of love about Joe and looking at him for a whole season would not have been a problem for Bachelor Nation. Just like Clay, Joe was on Becca’s season of the show, but was actually sent home after week one. He was in a long-term relationship with Kendall Long until their recent breakup earlier this year. The couple met during their time on Bachelor in Paradise. We wouldn’t mind looking at that smiling face week after week!

7. Wells Adams

Wells is ridiculously cute and equally charming. His job as a radio personality in Nashville made him perfect for television and fans instantly fell in love with his energy. The Bachelor franchise noticed his magnetic quality and has kept him involved in the show since his time on JoJo’s season. He has been the bartender in Paradise for quite some time and he has seen and heard a lot while being there. He’s happily engaged to Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland and while we absolutely wouldn’t change a thing about his love story, he deserved to have his own season after JoJo sent him home way too soon! You’re a lucky girl, Sarah!

6. Dustin Kendrick

Dustin was another fan favorite of Hannah B’s season. He quickly became friends with the other guys and Bachelorette viewers were attracted to his handsome look and laid back attitude. We didn’t get to see enough of Dustin on Hannah’s season and we wanted more! He is very involved in Bachelor Nation events and often poses in pictures with Tyler C and other guys from the house. Dustin for The Bachelor, please!

5. John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones is the blond-haired, blue-eyed mess that fans couldn’t help but obsess over after his time on Hannah B’s season. His chaotic energy is a lot to deal with, but everybody wants someone who can make them laugh! John Paul Jones almost found love during Bachelor in Paradise and fans were sad to see him and Tayshia split. Though he might not always be the most serious, we think it would make for a very entertaining season of The Bachelor if JPJ was the leading man.

4. Conor Saeli

You take one look at Conor’s face and you wonder why the franchise never gave him his own season of The Bachelor. It’s no surprise that he has gotten into acting since his television debut on Hannah B’s season. Fans had a lot to say about his surfer-dude voice, but the overwhelming response from Bachelor Nation was adoration of this fun-loving guy. He was sweet, always on the right side of drama, and he was fit as heck. Bring back Conor!

3. Tyler Cameron

If you’ve heard anything about The Bachelor franchise, you’ve heard of Tyler C. His good looks, fun personality, and defense of Hannah against Luke P had fans swooning. He is undeniably gorgeous and has a great head on his shoulders, making him a great candidate for his own season. However, after Peter was announced as The Bachelor, rumors began that Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown were giving things another go. There have been many pictures to prove that the two spent some time in quarantine together during the COVID-19 crisis and we couldn’t be happier to see the couple together again. He definitely would’ve made the perfect Bachelor though!

2. Jason Tartick

Jason was absolutely underrated and under-appreciated. I mean come on, look at his face! He’s handsome, he was always sweet, and that smile is to die for! Let’s not forget that Becca said on multiple occasions that he was the best kisser out of all the guys. It’s been years and we’re still trying to figure out why she sent him home. Jason, former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, and their adorable pups are living their own happily ever after. Bachelor Nation is so glad to see them happy. However, we wanted more Jason and he would’ve been a great Bachelor!

1. Mike Johnson

There was no doubt who should be first on the list of Bachelor-Should-Have-Beens! Mike Johnson was the total package and every girl’s dream guy. Looking at his smile is enough to make you melt, but he was also so kind and considerate throughout the whole season. He celebrated other guys’ time with Hannah and spoiled her in their alone time together! He was fun-loving and fans were head-over-heels for Mike and his good energy. We were shocked when Peter was named The Bachelor instead of Mike and we are still waiting for his season!

These swoon-worthy sweethearts would’ve gotten our final rose! What do you think of our top 10? Let us know if you agree or if there are any guys that you think should be added to the list!

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