Top 10 Hallmark Holiday Movies To Watch All Year

It’s not the holidays without Hallmark and it’s definitely not Hallmark without the holidays! The channel is known and credited for its plethora of holiday-themed releases every year! Now, let’s look at some of the best ones to watch year-round!

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

Lacey Chabert, Hallmark, Holidays
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Mean Girls icon, Lacey Chabert, stars in this film as Sarah, a woman who is invited to a mysterious inn to celebrate the holidays! As this is her first Christmas since the passing of her mother, she is very nervous at first. The plot of the movie surrounds her trying to figure out who could’ve invited her and while doing so, she forms an unexpected relationship!

A Dog Named Christmas

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Based on the novel by Greg Kincaid, this film takes place with a young man who encounters an abandoned dog! The dog bears the name Christmas! The young man realizes forming an animal shelter would prevent occurrences like animal abandonment from happening. He then tries to persuade his town to open one up before the new year arrives! Perfect for animal lovers!

The Christmas Cottage

The Christmas Cottage, Hallmark, Holidays
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This cozy, feel-good film involves a magical cottage that makes occupants fall in love! Two friends, played by Lacey Quinn and Ean Callahan are decorating the cottage in time for their newlywed friends to arrive! While doing so, the wonders of the cottage work their magic on the two friends!

The Nine Lives of Christmas

Brandon Routh, Hallmark, Holiday
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As the holidays can be lonely, a firefighter fosters a cat to fight the feeling! He ends up meeting a woman who is studying to be a veterinarian. They find that they have similar ideas on love, or rather the lack of it in their lives. Eventually, they grow closer through talking about cats and the idea of love, and begin to experience it themselves!

Christmas Connection

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Sydney, a flight attendant is given the task of making sure a young girl named Leah, is brought home to her dad, Jonathan. Leah ends up leaving a package on the flight and Sydney makes it her mission to deliver it to her. Once it is delivered, she is invited to spend the holidays with Jonathan and his daughter, which unravels new feelings!

The Note

The Note, Hallmark, Holidays

While on a visit to the beach, Peyton MacGruder finds a note washed up that appears to be written by a father. Judging by the note, he seems to have died in a plane crash and addressed the not to his child. It’s up to Peyton now to find who the note was to be sent to!

My Christmas Love

My Christmas Love, Hallmark, Holidays
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A young woman starts to receive mysterious gifts! She suspects them to be from one of her many previous dates! Now she must find out who!

Catch a Christmas Star

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Nikki Crandon is known as a famous music artist all around the world! As she continues to rise in fame, an old lover from high school announces that he still has feelings for her! The kids of the now single father decide to bring them back together after all these years!

Christmas at Cartwright’s

Christmas at Cartwrights, Hallmark, Holidays
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Alicia Witt’s character stars as a single mom who acts as Santa at local stores around her. She then meets a real-life angel, who is played by Wallace Shawn! He is known for his iconic role as Cyrus Rose in CW’s Gossip Girl! Shawn’s character ends up helping the single mom in finding her holiday spirit and love!

The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train, Hallmark,Holidays
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While on a train from D.C. heading to Los Angeles, a journalist sets out to write a book about his father who had passed. While on the train heading towards his endeavors, he reconnects with a few familiar faces, including his ex-girlfriend!

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