Top 10 Hallmark Movies To Watch When You’re Feeling Sad

The world of Hallmark has left us with all sorts of feelings! The channel is known for its cozy, feel-good productions. Some of their most popular films are emotional rollercoasters and will boost your mood when feeling down! Let’s check out the top 10 Hallmark movies you’ll love to watch when you’re feeling under the weather!

Thanks to insight from Cinema Blend and House Beautiful here’s the scoop on the top 10 Hallmark movies to watch when you’re feeling sad!

The Lost Valentine

The Lost Valentine, Hallmark, Love

While there are sad aspects within the movie, The Lost Valentine‘s plot of the ever-changing perspective on love and engulfing sympathy overrides it! The story entails events of World War II and how they have led Susan Allison, a TV journalist, to form a piece on an old woman’s husband who never came back from the war. Her curiosity overwhelms her as she becomes determined to uncover what actually happened!

Crown for Christmas

Crown for Chrristmas, Hallmark
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In this film, a maid working at The New York City Hotel (as her only source of income) gets fired. Naturally, she becomes the governess to a princess! With early twists and turns to this tale, it results in Danica McKellar’s character, Allie, finding love within her new role as she falls in love with the most royal of them all, the king!

All of My Heart

All of My Heart, Lacey Chabert, Hallmark
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Taking place on the country-side, a young lady is left half of a country home in inheritances! The downside, the other half is shared by a wall-street trader, who is introduced as greedy and stern. As time goes on, they come to enjoy the time they spend together and love wins! The perfect enemies to lovers arc!

When Sparks Fly

When Sparks Fly, Meghan Markle, Hallmark
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This film in particular is a fan favorite as it follows the character of Amy who is played by the now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle! When coming back from a big city, she finds an old lover awaits her! She soon realizes that rekindling the flame with her old foe beats any desire for her to have the big city life again!

Dater’s Handbook

The Dater's Handbook, Meghan Markle, Hallmark, Love
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Once again, Meghan Markle comes through! This time as a confident businesswoman named Cass in this dating whirlwind of a movie! Although she is successful in the professional world, that momentum comes to a halt in her dating life, or rather the lack of one. Cass ends up reading a handbook on dating and meets many new guys, only to realize the one she who she loves has always been right in front of her! Alongside her, Kristoffer Polaha and Jonathan Scarfe star in this movie as well!

The Wish List

Jennifer Esposito, The Wish List, Hallmark
Photo: Alexx Henry/2009 Crown Media

Sarah Fisher has a wish list and needs to find someone who checks out all the boxes! Her character, played by Jennifer Esposito, questions herself as she eventually finds herself in love with a man that feels so right, but checks out all the wrong boxes!

A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas, Hallmark, Love
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The iconic Mean Girls actress, Lacey Chabert, plays a seamstress named Emily in this cozy Christmas fairytale! She falls in love with Leo James, played by Stephen Hagan, who happens to be a prince! The conflict begins when Emily must convince the queen that she is the perfect match for her son!

Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams, Hallmark, Love
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A couple played by Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield call it quits in the early stages of their marriage. Years later, they find out there was a gap in their divorce paperwork, meaning they are still legally married! Now, will they rekindle their love or leave each other for good?

A Stranger’s Heart

A Stranger's Heart, Hallmark, Love
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A magazine writer named Callie is working hard to eventually get a procedure done to replace her failing heart. While she does not have the most optimistic view of life, her surgery changes that! Along the way, she finds love with a heart transplant patient and becomes shocked when she finds out who her heart donor really is!

The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas, Hallmark, Love
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A firefighter, played by Brandon Routh, fosters a cat during the Christmas season. Through this, he meets a student studying to be a veterinarian who denies the concept of love. Ironically, their time spent together brings them closer in their appreciation of cats and realization of love.

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