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Top 10 Best Marvel Movies of All Time

Marvel movies have been around for over twenty years now. Whether that be from Sony, Fox, or Disney, everyone has their favorite hero and film. Avengers, X-men, Spider-man, and so many other heroes stories are told, but which is the best? Without further ado, here’s the scoop on the top 10 Marvel movies of all time!

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney

10. Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron, while not the most popular of films, it does play a vital role in the marvel cinematic universe. This movie introduces Wanda Maximoff, Quicksilver, and Vision. This movie also gives us an introduction to Hydra and begins building up the key points of the MCU.


Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Deadpool, was a match made in heaven. From his leak of the film to the amazing fourth wall breaks the movie makes for an amazing film. This movie while, R-rated, was still one of the highest rated movies in Marvel.

8. Thor Ragnorak 

Thor Ragnorak was an epic movie! This film finally answered the question age of Ultron left us hanging on, and that was where is the hulk? This film brought out the best in Thor and changed his character for the better as he teamed with Hulk and Loki to defeat his evil sister Helena.

Photo Credits: Marvel Studios and Disney

7. Guardians of the Galaxy 

This movie was one of my personal favorites of the MCU as it brought out a new tone in superhero movies. The movie didn’t solely take place on earth which made for a new dynamic in the film, and gave us a look at the universe in a new light.

6.Spider-Man Far From home 

Following the recent events of Avengers endgame, Far From Home shows us a look at the future of the MCU. From the establishment of Peter Parker as his own hero, finally seeing Mysterio in the MCU and all the questions the after credit scene of Nick Fury aboard ship with Skrulls leaves us. This movie made for an amazing end to phase three of the MCU.

Photo Credits: Fox and Marvel Studios

5. Logan

What can be said about Logan? This movie is an emotional roller coaster, from seeing our hero grow old and weary to laying in his final resting place. Its in the distant future and mutants are running extinct, and Logan lives a quiet life with professor X. That is until Laura, his daughter, shows up and he ventures out to get her to safety. In his saving of his daughter and a new crop of mutants he does take his final bow as wolverine and is laid to rest.

4. Infinity War/Endgame 

For this entry we have a tie, because the two films coincide with one another and really make for one emotionally driven watch. Infinity war ends with Thanos wiping out half the universe and then we see our core group of Avengers win, we see some fall, and most importantly we see Captain America get his dance with Peggy.

Photo Credits: Disney and Marvel Studios

3. Winter Soldier

After sacrificing his life to take out Hydra, Steve rogers finds out it was all for nothing. His ice nap of 70 years to defeat hydra did not take out the group. To make matters worse, they turned his best friend into a brainwashed mercenary. 

Photo Credits: Sony and Marvel Studios

2. Into the Spider-verse

The only animated film on this list but is almost the best marvel film of all time. This story introduces a multiverse and we see teenage Miles Morales become the spiderman of his universe. In attempts to stop the kingpin from destroying the multiverse to get his wife and kid back, five other spider men are brought into his universe, and stop the destruction of the multiverse. It is definitely the chefs kiss of multiverse tales and is possibly the reason well be getting a live action one to come. 

Photo Credit: Sony and Marvel Studios

1. Spider-man 2. 

I wish I could spend paragraphs talking about this movie because it is in my opinion the most perfect superhero of all time. From friendship betrayal, struggles of love, and balancing happiness with doing good, this movie checks off all the boxes on what a super hero film should be. Spider-man 2 is without a doubt the best thing Marvel has ever produced.


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