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Top 10 Moments from Netflix’s Bridgerton

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Bridgerton yet, go watch it! And if you have keep reading for the scoop on the top 10 moments from Bridgerton.

These are the soothing, heartwarming, and hilarious moments that are worth watching over and over. 

**This is your spoiler warning! Make sure to watch before reading. 🙂

10. Lady Featherington’s Marital Advice (Season 1, Episode 8)

Lady Featherington is not shown to be the best mother in the entire season. She seems to come across and cunning in a forbidden way when compared to Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton.

But this scene shows that her intentions are in the right place. She seems to be very sincere and caring while sharing her advice with Marina. And was certainly more helpful than Lady Bridgerton’s advice to Daphne. 


9. Wives’ Night Out (Season 1, Episode 7)

Married life has shown huge ups and huge downs to Daphne. She keeps herself glued to fulfilling her duties as Duchess and the head of the house. She did not see or experience any of the perks of married life until Lady Danbury invites her to a small party.

So far, we’ve seen Lady Bridgerton and Lady Feathering run their households and guide their daughters through a marriage season, but now is when we are able to see a party scene for the wives. This especially turns out to be a fun and eye-opening experience for Daphne. 

8. The Wedding Night (Season 1, Episode 5)

This scene is extremely satisfying for all the fans who were waiting for Daphne and Simon to confess their feelings for each other. Although it was very obvious, it took quite a long time for both of them to realize their feelings towards each other. It is truly fulfilling and satisfies all the anticipation that was built up. There is nothing more to say about this scene. 


7. Lady Bridgerton Drunk (Season 1, Episode 4) 

Lady Bridgerton remains to be a great example for her children. She always kept her children’s futures a priority even with a little hard edge from Lady Danbury. This is the only time we get to see Lady Bridgerton out of order to say the least. She stumbles home completely drunk relying on Colin to help her walk. And the morning hangover following that is extremely funny. 

6. Daphne and Simon Kiss in the Garden (Season 1, Episode 4)

This scene is where both of them give in to their desires for a brief moment. This is when the magic happens and they both release their hidden feelings for each other. Things go downhill pretty quickly after Anthony catches them but the very moment is a true representation of the intimate feelings they have for each other. 

5. Anthony and Daphne’s Failed Attempt at a Simple Household Task (Season 1, Episode 3)

Anthony has taken up the role of a father when it comes to the marriage of Daphne. That makes it hard to find a scene where they both act like siblings. In this scene we are able to see both Daphne and Anthony trying to figure out how to heat up milk. This puts them both on the same level and we get a greater insight into their relationship outside the pressures of Daphne’s wedding. 


4. Simon and Daphne’s Snarky Commentary (Season 1, Episode 3)

Daphne and Simon are working together to find her the right suitor. They get along with each other very well and they share some inside jokes as well. We get to see how great they are together. And this is when they both start falling for each other whether they realize it or not. They both see that they are like-minded and enjoy each other’s company. 

3. Scheming Bridgertons (Season 1, Episode 2) 

One of the major themes of the show is that women are the ones to get things done, they don’t really rely on men. When Nigel persists in his efforts to wed Daphne after his run-in with Simon, it’s up to the women of the Bridgerton house to see to it that Nigel goes away once and for all. Lady Bridgerton and her staff devise a great plan to chase Nigel away from Daphne. It is quite interesting and exciting to see all the women of the family coming together to protect Daphne. 


2. Colin and Penelope (Season 1, Episode 1)

Penelope’s love for Colin is very evident in this scene. Colin shows that he doesn’t hesitate to step in and help his friends in any situation. When Cressida throws her drink on Penelope’s dress, Colin doesn’t think a second before lending a helping hand to Penelope. He then proceeds to escort Penelope to the dance floor. This scene brings in the hope that Colin sees Penelope’s feelings for him. 

1. Simon Attends Dinner at the Bridgertons (Season 1, Episode 1)

This is the moment where we get to see all the Bridgertons together, interacting and being a family. They are spread out throughout the season, and we’re lucky if we get some one on one time between siblings. This dinner scene highlights all the chaos of a big family and puts a smile on the viewers faces, as well as Simon’s. We are also able to see the cute chemistry between Simon and Daphne. 


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