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Top 10 Moments from Season 2 of the Mandalorian on Disney Plus

Here’s the scoop on the 10 moments that garnered the most emotion out of audiences from Season 2 of the Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

10. Cara Dune letting Mayfeld go 

In this scene, we see Mayfeld gain redemption from his villainous ways of the last season. After once betraying Mando, and attempting to leave him locked in prison, and then becoming the saving grace in the fight against the empire, only leaves the audience in favor of the character. When Cara decides that Mayfield will be reported “dead” so he can leave Scott free, the audience sees the fulfilling character development in the character. 

9. Razor Crest exploding 

Moff Gideon has the razor crest destroyed following his kidnapping of Grogu. This scene makes our list because the razor crest is one of the most used vehicles in the Star Wars saga, following the millennium falcon, and watching it get destroyed was a sight to see. 

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8. Bo-Katon Reveal 

For fans of the animated show Star Wars The Clone Wars, seeing Bo-Katon appear on the show was an awesome experience. Seeing the animated character brought to life in a live-action show warranted excitement and seeing the voice actress of the Bo-Katon in The Clone Wars portray her character in the live-action The Mandalorian, was the cherry on top.

7. Grogu meditation 

Seeing Grogu meditate in the force was a valuable point to the progression of the show. As this scene saw The Mandalorian attempting to break Grogu free to get to safety, his force meditation was unbreakable. This foreshadowed the eventual decision of Grogu’s decision to receive proper training, but more on that later. 

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6. Ahsoka Tano introduction 

In episode 5 “The Jedi”, the opening scene sees Ashoka Tano make her live action debut in the Star Wars universe. Yet another character first originating from Star Wars the clone wars, we see her for the first time on our screens. Seeing her come out with her two white lightsabers could provide chills to any long time Star Wars fan! 

5. Boba Fett Regaining his armor 

First shown in the season 2 opener, we see Boba Fett as a cloaked figure after seeing Mando find Boba Fett’s suit. Amongst gaining the suit, Boba Fett begins to track Mando down to get his armor back.

After a brief battle between Mando and Boba Fett, they are stormed by two ships of clone troopers. Coming close to defeat Boba Fett sneaks into the Razor Crest to get his suit and wipes out the fleet of stormtroopers ending in a scene that can only be described as legendary! 

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4. Grogu name reveal 

After finding Ahsoka Tano, she meets with “Baby Yoda” or “The Child” and is able to communicate with him through the force. Following this force communication, she refers to him as Grogu which brings confusion to The Mandalorian to which she tells him that is his name. After all the hype of the character and constant referral to baby Yoda in mainstream media, we can finally call him by his true name, Grogu.

3. Mando vs Moff Gideon 

In the season finale, we see Moff Gideon ready to destroy Grogu in front of Mando. However, after Mando makes his intentions clear that he is solely there for Grogu and could careless what Gideon does, Moff Gideon decides to let him take the child and go.

This was a lie that led to a fun battle between Mando and Moff Gideon that resulted in our hero defeating Moff Gideon and reconnecting with Grogu. 

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2. Luke Skywalker grand entrance 

While it seems like the Dark Troopers are going to save Moff Gideon from captivity, an x-wing flies in and everyone is confused as to who is piloting it. Outcomes a Jedi and makes his way through the ship taking out each Dark Trooper as he makes his way to the cockpit.

Amongst defeating them all and being let into the cockpit he takes off his hood and reveals himself to be Luke Skywalker and assures us that he is here to train Grogu to become a Jedi master. Chills 

1. Grogu touches Mandos face 

In the closing moments of the finale, we see Luke return to train Grogu. But, Mando tells him that Grogu doesn’t want to go to which Luke responds “ He does but he wants your permission,” grab your tissues because this scene gets emotional. Mando picks Grogu up and reassures him that it’ll be okay and he’s gonna learn the ways of the jedi, and as he says this Grogu begins to reach for Mando’s face.

Then he takes his helmet off and allows Grogu to touch his face. This scene was by far the defining moment of the show as Mando has not felt the touch of another life form since his childhood and having Grogu, who has started to become his own child, be the first to touch him was a scene that can bring a grown man to tears! 

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I hope you liked this list and if you feel we missed any moments that you think should be in our top 10, drop them down in the comments below! 

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