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Top 10 Moments of Season 4 on Riverdale

After recapping what was noticed in the season 5 trailer or Riverdale it seems like the perfect time to share the top 10 moments from season 4. This show takes us through some twists and turns and even some loops. Season 4 was no different.

**This is your spoiler warning! Make sure to watch season 4 before reading. 🙂

10. The VHS Tapes

Even though the VHS tapes don’t play a big role in the season they continue to keep getting them. It’s amazing that every household has a working VCR to watch these tapes. We know somebody is recording their house for hours. That is all the more we know, so there must be more to come next season. 

Riverdale — © The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

9. Veronica’s secret stepsister, Hermosa

She is introduced at Hiram’s trial. She plays a vital role solving the mystery about the motive behind the attempted murder of Jughead. She reveals this information to Veronica, and they share a moment of sister bonding.  

8. The call between Betty and Jughead that Charles is listening to

While we want to trust Charles to give Betty a stable person in her life, we find that even Charles cannot be trusted.  As he listens in on the conversation between Jughead and Betty, suspicions arise that he’s not so innocent.  

Riverdale — © The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

7. Archies runs a gym and hosts Thanksgiving dinner

Archie and his crew hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the gym for the kids and their families when they are faced with an intruder holding them at gunpoint. There’s a scuffle and a turkey fryer that blows up giving his mom Mary the opportunity to grab the gun. While holding them at gunpoint, Mary gives them five seconds to get out!  

6. Jugheads teacher investigates

 Jughead asks his teacher for help to investigate the true authors of a mystery book series. One may have been Jughead’s grandpa. After addressing the class, Jughead’s teacher suddenly jumps out the window to his death. As Jughead calls for help, his other classmates did nothing. Another mystery has begun.

5. Sex tapes

A conversation with Moose reveals that he was recorded having sex while in his dormroom. This made Betty realise that Betty and Jughead might have been recorded too, so she goes searching.     

Riverdale — © The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

4. Chic and Charles express their love 

A surprising scene, Charles visits Chic in prison, where they express their love for each other and give the impression that there is some sinister plot involving Betty. Betty seems to have complete trust in Charles. Even though Kevin insists that he should not be trusted. 

3. Jughead dies

 Veronica and Archie find Betty in the woods standing over Jughead holding a bloody rock in her hands. Archie checks for a pulse and finds him to be dead. Archie and Veronica question Betty by asking if she did it, but she claims to have blacked out. She remembers seeing Donna in the woods and insists that the same Stonewall Students that put Jughead in the coffin were a part of his death. 

2. Archie’s dad dies

Archie gets a phone call telling him that his Dad was struck by a car while he was helping someone on the side of the road. Archie’s dad had died. This episode is not only a farewell to Fred Andrews, but it is also a tribute to the late Luke Perry. It features a guest star Shannon Doherty who was his co-star in Beverly Hills 90210. We watched the most sincere tears from the cast as they said goodbye to both Fred Andrews and Luke Perry.  

Riverdale — © The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

1. Jughead is alive 

On the night of jughead’s supposed death when he was found by his friends, they performed CPR, stopped his head from bleeding and got him medical attention. After saving his life they moved him to the bunker, so they could continue to solve the mystery of the Baxter Brothers murders. Jughead reveals himself after the mystery is solved.   

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