Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments From Peter’s Season Of The Bachelor

The latest season of The Bachelor has come to a close, and as Chris Harrison would say, it was “the most dramatic season yet.” An unmemorable Bachelor has produced a memorable and rather manipulated season. From golf cart injuries to Champagne Gate, the highly talked about and memed season was unsurprisingly drama-filled.

Here are the top 10 most dramatic moments from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor:

1. Peter’s Head Injury

Peter Weber The Bachelor
Peter Weber’s Instagram

If you watched this season, then you unfortunately fell witness to the worst cover-up of an injury The Bachelor has ever seen. In Costa Rica, Peter, while holding a glass, hit his head on a golf cart. The impact caused him to hit the glass on his forehead, leaving a wound requiring stitches and a nasty scar. After the accident, the fake story that he told the women about being in a fight with a puma proved to be funnier and more uncomfortable than the injury itself.

2. Hannah Brown Returns Not Once But Twice

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown’s Instagram

Former Bachelorette contest Hannah Brown’s appearance on Peter’s premiere was a sweet way to give Peter closure, helping him to continue his journey to find love. Until she returned the next episode to host the pilot’s first group date, that is. Hannah Brown broke down crying, admitting to Peter that she regretted ending their relationship. The emotional conversation reached its climax with Peter offering Hannah a place in the mansion, which she turned down.

3. Alayah Comes Back

Peter Weber and Alayah Benavidez
Alayah Benavidez’ Instagram

After many women voiced their concerns about Alayah to Peter, he sent her home but was extremely regretful about his decision. Alayah returned the next week to a group date she was not invited to and ended up receiving the group date rose anyway. The women decided enough was enough and that it was not okay for Peter to continue rewarding girls that brought drama. He grudgingly agreed and told Alayah to leave once again.

4. Mykenna And Tammy’s Heated Fight

Peter Weber and Mykenna Dorn
Mykenna Dorn’s Instagram

After weeks of bickering and nasty comments, Tammy and Mykenna earned themselves spots on this season’s two-on-one date. Tammy expressed to Mykenna that she did not believe she was there for the right reasons and only wanted to build her brand. Mykenna clapped back and gave one of the season’s best monologues, stating that she was a strong woman and didn’t want people like Tammy to tear her down anymore and make her feel weak. Tammy was sent home, leaving Mykenna hopeful of her budding relationship with Peter. Unfortunately, she ended up being sent home at the Rose Ceremony minutes later.

5. Victoria F.’s First One-On-One Date

Peter Weber and Victoria F.
Peter Weber’s Instagram

Victoria F.’s one-on-one date to a concert from country singer Chase Rice seemed absolutely perfect until Victoria revealed that Chase was actually her ex-boyfriend. It was clear to viewers that the Bachelor producers were the masterminds behind the too-good-to-be-true coincidence. This setup led to a very stressed Victoria and a baffled Peter.

6. Madison’s Ultimatum

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett’s Instagram

On the week of the long-awaited fantasy suites, Madison, a frontrunner for Peter’s heart from the beginning, explained to Peter that she may not be able to continue their journey if he were to sleep with either of the remaining women. While claiming this request was not an ultimatum, most fans and Peter himself saw it as such. After the conclusion of Peter’s other fantasy suite dates, Madison further explained her request by revealing that she was actually saving herself for marriage. 

7. Madison Leaves Peter

Madison Prewett leaves Peter Weber
Madison Prewett’s Instagram

After a drama-filled fantasy suite date cut short and despite accepting Peter’s rose, Madison decided on her last one-on-one date that she and Peter are on two different paths. Although Madison admitted she was in love with Peter, ultimately she came to the conclusion that their lifestyles were too different and did not want to put Peter in a place to change just for her.

8. Peter’s Mom Barb Crying Over Her Son’s Decision

The Bachelor Peter Weber and parents
Barbara Weber’s Instagram

Throughout the entire season, a clip of Barb, Peter’s mother, hysterically crying “Don’t let her go! Bring her home to us!” had Bachelor fans waiting on the edge of their seats to finally find out who she was talking about. After Madison’s shocking self-elimination, a majority of the Bachelor nation believed Barb wanted Pater to go after her. However, the finale revealed Barb was actually crying about how perfect she believed Hannah Ann was for her son.

9. Peter Ends His Engagement With Hannah Ann 

Hannah Ann Sluss Interview On The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss’ Instagram

After a season full of twists and turns, Peter ended up proposing to Hannah Ann in Australia. But failure to fully get over Madison and an inability to find closure with past Bachelorette contest Hannah Brown interfered. Peter admitted to Hannah Ann that he “couldn’t give her his whole heart” and ended their engagement. 

10. Champagne Gate

Kelsey Weier Champagne Gate
Kelsey Weier’s Instagram

And lastly, my absolute favorite moment of this season of The Bachelor was when Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne from home to share with Peter. Hannah Ann, however, accidentally took and opened the bottle, leading to many tears from Kelsey. Later, when Kelsey finally got to share the bottle with Peter in what she hoped would be a beautiful moment, the bottle exploded in her face. This moment, which has since been dubbed Champagne Gate, is best described by Hannah Ann who beautifully explained it as a “finasco” instead of a fiasco.

Overall, I definitely would agree with Chris Harrison that this season of The Bachelor was the most dramatic one yet. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the next one will inevitably top it. I’m sure many of you will be waiting anxiously to see Clare go on her journey to find love (a season which will hopefully be filled with fewer Instagram influencers). For the time being, The Bachelor’s latest spinoff series Listen To Your Heart, premiering April 13th, will have to fill the rose-shaped hole in our hearts.

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Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments From Peter's Season of The Bachelor
Peter Weber’s Instagram

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Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments The Bachelor
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