Top 10 Most Expensive Hallmark Ornaments

With the holiday season right around the corner, we know it can be the best experience to decorate the Christmas tree with family and loved ones. Everybody has their own traditions, but hanging up your favorite ornaments often is a tradition many can look forward to.

No matter where you live, in America, Scotland, or Sri Lanka there is a Hallmark ornament for you! But what is the most expensive hallmark ornament?

Whether it’s classic American cars, Crayola Crayons, miniature ornaments, vintage ornaments or even a rare ornament, Hallmark provides you with the perfect way to celebrate.

Hallmark celebrated their 45th anniversary of ornaments in 2018. Over the past couple of years Hallmark put out tons of new ornaments. We’ve created a list of the top 10 most expensive Hallmark ornaments currently on the Hallmark website for you to enjoy!

Whether you want the pilot version of an ornament or maybe are interested in an older version, here’s some options for you to check out.

Here’s the scoop on the most expensive Hallmark ornament and other valuable Hallmark ornaments!

All About Collecting

The original box prices are not what many of these collectables would sell for now. An online price guide can be found when searching for these keepsakes. As the love for these series grew, an official Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club was founded. It gives sneak peeks and exclusive looks to collectors.

The best selection of Hallmark ornaments can be found on the Hallmark website and other Hallmark ornament enthusiasts websites. There’s plenty of ornaments that go for a reasonable price. Also, some of the earliest Hallmark ornaments and older ornaments go for a lot more. Some ornaments can be found in pristine condition to mint condition for the best deals.

Hallmark has created ornaments for all of your favorite things. One of the most popular ornaments by Hallmark was the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie’s RV ornament. The price of this ornament today is over $500 on secondary markets.

Star Trek ornaments, especially Star Trek Hallmark ornaments, have also been selling for high prices in recent sales like the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Defiant.

Some of these collectables will sell for thousands of dollars. Hallmark didn’t forget about your other favorites as well, including Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Mr. Christmas, Looney Tunes, A Christmas Story and Dark Lord of the Sith. Series, such as the carousel ride series and nostalgic houses series, continue to be big hits as well.

1. North Pole Village Musical Ornament With Light and Motion

The North Pole Village Musical Ornament With Light and Motion is one of the valuable Hallmark keepsake ornaments.

The ornament is full of Christmas activities such as feeding the reindeer and loading Santa’s sleigh. The Santa Claus figurines are not only in motion, but you can hear Santa’s voice and Christmas music as well. This ornament requires three AAA batteries to turn on the fun it provides.

The North Pole Village Musical Ornament With Light and Motion is worth a good bit of cash, landing at the top of the list for $59.99. The ornament is available for purchase on a variety of platforms and is also available to be shipped to Hallmark stores in the United States for pickup.

You and your family wouldn’t want to miss out on one of the most magic ornaments made.

2. Marvel Spider-Man Metal Ornament

The next most expensive hallmark ornament is The Marvel Spider-Man Metal Ornament. This ornament has made its way up there in being a fan favorite regardless of what time of the year. 

This ornament is a timeless tribute to Peter Parker, who made his first appearance in 1962 in Marvel Comics. The web-slinging superhero poses in this ornament to best show off his super power.

This is a great gift for kids and comic book fans of all ages. The ornament comes in a pre-packaged box making it easy to wrap and give as a gift. The box is also great for preservation and storage.

This Spider-Man ornament would make a great addition to your tree covered in mica snow and surrounded by tiny bells to celebrate the season.

3. Barbie Black & White Forever Porcelain and Fabric Ornament

The Barbie Black & White Forever Porcelain and Fabric Ornament shows Barbie wearing a bold floor-length ball gown inspired by the Black & White Forever doll.

The dress on Barbie is paired with opera gloves, drop earrings and a platinum up-do. The iconic look is inspired by the Barbie black and white swimsuit. This ornament is perfect for Barbie collectors and enthusiasts of all ages.

Obviously, this iconic ornament has been added to the list of keepsakes made by Hallmark’s ornament line. If you have a Barbie fan in your family, this would make the perfect seasonal gift.

4. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Ornament

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Ornament is great to add to the collection of Star Wars ornaments that started circulating from Hallmark in 1996.

The Millennium Falcon is known to look like a worn out and non-impressive junker, but beneath the surface she is full of surprise and unique features. This Millennium Falcon ornament is a perfect, yet probably smaller version, of a huge part of Star Wars history.

The ornament is completed with a shiny silver finish, making it the perfect gift for everyone who wishes for silver and gold at Christmas time.

5. Santa’s Next Stop Special Edition Exclusive Ornament

The Santa’s Next Stop Special Edition Exclusive Ornament brings you all the holiday season cheer and feelings. 

This ornament sets the scene with the lit fireplace with stockings hung above waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. The artists worked to make this a traditional feeling Christmas ornament with their own unique special touches.

The amount of intricate detail on each part of this ornament is what makes it feel so lively and provides each person who looks at it with the cozy holiday warmth.

The Sant’a Next Stop Special Edition Exclusive Ornament truly is a keepsake and an exclusive, so get it while you can!

6. Seasonal Smorgasbord Season’s Treatings Ornament With Motion

The Seasonal Smorgasbord Season’s Treatings Ornament With Motion is a perfect fit to bring your tree to life.

The ornament is fully stocked with all kinds of delicious-looking treats from the bakery. The treats are on a bakery spinner that with each turn it shows off the different items available on the ornament spinner. 

This is a Magic Motion Christmas Tree ornament. The power cord will be sold separately in order to allow for the ornament to have motion, it does not run on batteries.

7. Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl Musical Ornament With Motion

The Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl Musical Ornament With Motion sets the mood for a romantic holiday with your loved one.

The ornament provides singing from Sebastian and his musical friends under the sea while Ariel and Prince Eric have a romantic time on the canoe. Ariel sitting and hoping that this is the moment Prince Eric will kiss her and break Ursula’s spell is perfectly portrayed in this ornament.

Press the button on the ornament to hear the singing and experience the motion. The ornament does run on three AAA batteries.

This is the perfect holiday ornament for all The Little Mermaid lovers and romantics out there.

8. The Wizard of Oz Courage, Brain, and Heart Metal Ornaments Set of 3

Next on the list of most expensive hallmark ornament is The Wizard of Oz Courage, Brain, and Heart Metal Ornament Set of 3. This set is unique because it not only comes with three ornaments, but it highlights three important characters from a classic movie.

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic movie that truly shows how important it is to see the value in yourself and in one another. The Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion always had heart, brains and courage within themselves, but being with Dorothy made them realize that.

These metal ornaments are the perfect gift for any Wizard of Oz lover or for those who just want to show a little more love and appreciation for. The set of 3 can make a great addition to any Christmas tree.

9. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornament With Sound and Motion

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornament With Sound and Motion will make you feel like you have finally got off the train and made it to Hogwarts.

Seeing which house the Sorting Hat puts you into is one of the most anticipating traditions for first year Hogwarts students. This ornament will switch it up saying lines about Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

In order to hear the Sorting Hat and see the movement there is a button to be pressed, which needs three AAA batteries to work.

If you or someone you know are ready to see which house you should be sorted into, consider buying the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Ornament With Sound and Motion!

10. Star Wars: A New Hope Collection Luke Skywalker Ornament With Light and Sound

The Star Wars: A New Hope Collection Luke Skywalker Ornament With Light and Sound shows a scene when Luke Skywalker, who grew up a farm boy, began working towards becoming a Jedi.

The ornament has the legendary character wielding a lightsaber at the beginning of his journey. This ornament will make the sounds and show light just like you would have seen in the movies.

The power cord in order to make this ornament light up and produce sound is sold separately, but it’s worth it. This keepsake will add a whole new dimension to your Christmas tree.

New Hallmark keepsake ornaments hit the market every year, so keep an eye out for the Hallmark Christmas ornament line. Regardless if this is your first time shopping for Hallmark ornaments or your part of a group or small company of Hallmark collectors, it’s always fun to see what’s new.

Don’t miss out on Hallmark’s crown rewards! It can help you to save on Mother’s Day gifts, big event gifts, or maybe you just want to save on some new ornament hangers.  Hallmark customer service or their website wil help if you want to learn more.

Why Hallmark Ornaments Are Special

The various designs of ornaments on the Hallmark ornament collection are great to add to your wish list. There is a long history to the Hallmark Christmas ornaments, which started in 1973. Decorating Christmas trees has been a tradition since 18th-century Europe.

Since the first year of selling ornaments, Hallmark has been creating different designs and keepsakes, which they continue to do in recent years. Hallmark has created ornament series to showcase all your favorite and class characters, holiday movies and more as ornaments.

A small group of Hallmark ornament enthusiasts have also created a website. The site helps to find and purchase some of the most rare and valuable Hallmark ornaments. This also includes retired Hallmark ornaments as well. However, the prices are much different than the original price tag. Let’s recap some of the most monumental moments of the Hallmark ornament market!

Hallmark Cards originated in 1910 when Joyce Hall made it to Kansas City to sell greeting cards and postcards. The card company Hallmark has grown from selling just cards to putz houses, gift decorations, box ornaments and other collectables.

At the turn of the 20th century, Hallmark created the Hallmark Channel. This allows them to play their own Hallmark movies on cable TV. The wide range of Hallmark collectibles reaches from religious topics to pop culture and anything in between.

The shiny brites and ornaments are often resold on a secondary market, especially limited editions. The first Hallmark ornament set included glass ball ornaments and 12 yarn figures.

This became known as the first collection of Hallmark keepsake ornaments. Currently, the longest-running series is Frosty Friends which is in it’s 35th year.

Get More Holiday Scoop

That’s the scoop on the most expensive Hallmark ornament! Get ready to sing jingle bells and decorate the tree with your Hallmark ornaments this holiday season.

For more scoop check out 30 Best Hallmark Movies of All Time and Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers.

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