Top 10 Most Hilarious “Survivor” Contestants

Survivor is one of the world’s most famous social experiments. As a show that takes a group of strangers and forces them to live together on an island, Survivor has seen many different personalities. However, arguably the most memorable players are the ones who keep their fellow castaways and fans at home laughing.

Even though there have been many Survivor players who were fun to watch, not all players were funny. Here is the scoop on the top 10 most hilarious Survivor contestants!

There are spoilers ahead!

Honorable Mention: Jeff Probst

Credit: @survivorcbs on Instagram

While he is not a contestant, Survivor host Jeff Probst is a vital personality each season. His genuine respect and enthusiasm for the game is part of why the show is still so good! As one of the show’s biggest fans, Probst never fails to provide witty commentary and clever one-liners during challenges and tribal council that keep viewers smiling.

10. Cirie Fields

Survivor Cirie
Credit: @survivorcbs on Instagram

Starting off the countdown is one of Survivor’s most beloved players, Cirie Fields! Known as the woman who “got up off the couch” to play Survivor: Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, and Game Changers, she is an inspiration to viewers who want to play the game.

Cirie’s sense of humor and positive pressence on the show make her a very well-liked player and sometimes hide the fact that she’s a strategic threat in the game. Cirie is quick to bond with her tribe-mates and keeps them smiling even as she votes them out.

9. Tom Buchanan

Survivor Big Tom

Affectionately known as Big Tom, Buchanan is a player from Survivor: Africa and All-Stars. Big Tom has an equally big personality and is always making his fellow castaways laugh. Whether he is singing songs to entertain his tribe-mates or dancing during challenges, Big Tom is bringing smiles all of our faces time and time again.

8. Sandra Diaz-Twine

Credit: @survivorcbs on Instagram

Survivor would not be the same without the queen! Sandra, who’s played Survivor: Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villains, Game Changers, and Winners at War never fails to make fans laugh. She is one of Survivor‘s most unapologetic players. Sandra is not afraid to lie, start rumors, or call out her tribe-mates and all of these traits make her a hilarious character on the show. From her rivalry with fellow villain Russel Hantz to her joking around with fellow winner Boston Rob, Sandra is no doubt a hilarious player to watch.

7. Zeke Smith

Credit: @survivorcbs on Instagram

One of the biggest Survivor super-fans around, Zeke Smith is also one of the show’s funniest players! While fans will remember him for his impressive knowledge of the game and strategic moves, he is also very funny. Zeke’s positivity and relatable sense of humor keeps spirits high in the game for players and viewers alike.

6. Jud “Fabio” Birza

Survivor Fabio

On Survivor: Nicaragua, Jud Birza was affectionately nicknamed Fabio. On his season, he never failed to make his fellow players and fans at home smile with his goofy antics, commentary, and occasional clumsiness. Fabio’s likability and sense of humor kept him in the game and eventually secured him the million dollar prize.

5. Tyson Apostol

Survivor Tyson

Whether you love him or hate him, Tyson Apostol is no doubt one of the most unique and hilarious Survivor players. Tyson is a four-time player from Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water, and Winners at War. Even during tense moments on the show, Tyson always manages to keep himself and his tribe-mates laughing with his witty observations and one-liners.

4. Rob Cesternino

Rob C

It is no surprise that Rob Cesternino is on this list. Fans of the show will know him from Survivor: The Amazon and All-Stars. From his witty commentary to his hilarious confessionals, Rob has no doubt solidified his position as one of the most hilarious Survivor players. Rob is also a man of many impressions, and his repertoire includes other Survivor favorites like Boston Rob, Big Tom, Rupert, and Jeff Probst.

3. Courtney Yates

Survivor Courtney

Courtney Yates may not be a Survivor challenge beast, but she is still beloved by fans. Playing on both Survivor: China and Heroes vs. Villains, Courtney has kept fans at home laughing from the start. Her observations in the game, imitations of fellow castaways, and unapologetic honesty is absolutely hilarious!

2. Johnathan Penner

Survivor Johnathan Penner

Johnathan Penner is another Survivor favorite. He is from Survivor: Cook Islands, Micronesia, and Philippines. As a screenwriter, Penner has a way with words, so his jokes and comments are always clever and effective.

Some of Penner’s most hilarious moments actually come from his frustration. When Jeff Probst is narrating Survivor challenges, Penner will often become irritated and make snide comments back to Probst. These playful exchanges between Johnathan and Jeff are hilarious for fans watching at home, and are just one of the many reasons to love Penner.

1. “Danger” Dave Ball

Survivor Dave Ball

In the words of Dave Ball, his “awesomeness speaks for itself.” Ball is from Survivor: Samoa. On the show, Dave’s confessionals are full of his memorable facial expressions and witty commentary. Ball is remembered by fans for one of the most memorable confessionals in Survivor history.

In Survivor: Samoa Ball’s tribe won chickens in a reward challenge. When some of the chickens got loose and began running around camp, Ball’s tribe-mate Erik Cardona was chasing after a chicken when he ran directly into the clothes line. Dave recalls the mishap saying, “he’s running after the chicken and he gets clotheslined… by the clothesline! It was pure comedy right there.”

Even though some of the players on this list did not win the title of Sole Survivor, they still made for entertaining television! Who do you think if the most hilarious player?

Now it’s time to rewatch your favorite moments! Cuddle up on the couch with a Survivor blanket, your favorite drink or a glass of wine, your favorite Survivor top and some cozy socks, and start watching!

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