Top 10 “Naley” Moments from One Tree Hill

“One Tree Hill” was always known for its hookups and drama. And whether you shipped Brucas or Leyton, whether you liked Brooke with Julian or Chase, one duo that never held any debate was the iconic saga of #23 and Tutor Girl. Quoted as being “lightning in a bottle” the relationship between Nathan Scott and Haley James quickly became a pillar of One Tree Hill. And today we’re counting down our favorite moments of #Naley.

1. “I’m going to Duke!” / “I’m pregnant.”

Talk about the shock of the century! With everything seemingly falling into place, the high school seniors had their worlds turned upside down when Haley finally revealed that it wasn’t Brooke who was having a baby, but her.


2. “You’re in the NBA?”

An underrated moment in our eyes, this moment makes our hearts soar every time. Such a simple gesture as Haley folds the laundry, and all of a sudden their worlds are completely changed. Nathan’s dream of being an NBA player has finally come true, and Haley’s look of shock gets us every single time. The dream not only Nate worked for, but Haley supported the entire way, had become reality. So of course we couldn’t avoid putting this Naley moment on the list!


3. The First Wedding

A man and a woman, two witnesses, and a priest. Sometimes simplicity is the key. In this flashback scene, we witness the moment Nathan and Haley first said, “I do.” With what was perhaps the biggest plot twist of the season, the duo revealed they had eloped. True, there were plenty of doubters at first, including Brooke’s (incorrect) bet that an unplanned pregnancy was involved in the decision. But Naley proved everyone wrong by becoming undoubtedly the power couple of the series and lasting not just the rest of the season, but the show in its entirety.


4. Season 9 Reunion.

Let’s all be honest. If Nathan hadn’t gotten out of his kidnapping alive, there probably would have been riots in the street. Haley’s reaction to finally seeing her hubby for the first time since his capture had us all with tears in our eyes. It only took those two words for us to be blubbering like babies. Thank heavens for happy endings!


5. “Why can’t forever start today?”

“I could love you forever.” Cue the tears yet again! Despite only being teenagers, the sincere love between these two was obvious in this scene. As Nathan lays his heart on the line, we can’t help but feel our eyes getting damp. Add in Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” in the background, and we had no chance.


6. Nathan’s proposal

To be honest, this had been a long time coming. After nearly an entire season apart thanks to musical dreams gone eschew and the insanity that is Chris Keller, our precious Naley has reunited and Nathan is ready to make it official. On the docks of Rachel’s lakehouse, he gets down on one knee and begs Hales to marry him again, this time in front of their entire world. And no, we’re not crying again. There’s just something in our eye.


7. “I just… think I’m having my baby.”

There’s no better time to go into labor than in the middle of your valedictory speech, right? The look on poor Haley’s face as she realizes what’s going on always makes us giggle. But it’s when Nate finally stands up with what can only be described as awe on his face that our hearts really jumped. Their lives, as crazy as they have been, are about to turn upside down as they become parents!


8. The Second Wedding.

A beautiful day under the sunny Tree Hill skies, perfect for two lovers to reaffirm their commitment to each other. While the day wound up being far from stress-free, the ceremony had us all tearing up. Accompanied by the amazing Michelle Featherstone on piano and the rest of the gang standing right alongside our favorite duo, this Naley moment is unquestionably one of our faves.


9. “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

Quite possibly the first official Naley moment, this is what started a lifetime of memories to come. Sitting at the table trying to study, Nathan’s ability to procrastinate initially annoys his tutor, but Haley quickly warms up. It’s a simple gesture and yes, the bracelet is probably worth about a nickel, but the sentiment becomes so much more than that.


1. That First Kiss in the Rain

The first of the rain kisses! This moment proves the definition of the word epic in every way possible. From Nathan’s epic speech to Haley’s reaction, none of us were immune to the magic of this moment. “But my heart says, just forget about your pride, you idiot. You love this girl.” Totally not crying.


We know, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to narrow it down to just ten! So tell us in the comments what we missed and how you would order everything. And don’t forget to check back for more articles about your other favorite couples!

You can currently watch One Tree Hill on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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