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Top 10 Netflix Original Rom-Coms

Over the recent years, Netflix has dominated the rom-com world. Creating original, inspiring, and upbeat content, rom-coms have received a makeover from this streaming platform. Whether you’re looking to laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh, here are the top 10 Netflix original rom-coms that should be in your TV queue now.

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1) To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This hilarious and heartfelt Netflix Original rom-com takes us through the love story of Peter and Lara Jean. But this isn’t your typical love story where the two have an instant connection. Earlier in life Lara Jean wrote 5 love letters to 5 boys that she has been in love with. One of these boys was Peter Kavinsky. These high schoolers start dating by having a fake relationship in hopes of making Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous. This Netflix original rom-com is number one for its dramatic plot and rejuvenating romance. You can also check out the book collection to learn more about the love story of Peter and Lara Jean.

Top Netflix Original rom-coms: To All The Boys I've Loved Before
@2018 Netflix

2) The Kissing Booth

Elle and Lee have been best friends since the day they were born. But all of this changes when Elle starts to fall for Lee’s older brother, Noah Flynn. The two have a secret relationship that all starts from the school’s kissing booth fundraiser. However, this is a huge problem for Elle because she promised Lee that she would never date Flynn. She is now faced with a huge decision to make, whether to follow her heart or her rules. Which path do you think Elle will follow? Be sure to watch this top 10 Netflix original rom-com to find out!

3) Falling Inn Love

This Netflix Original rom-com is the perfect feel-good movie. When corporate executive, Gabriela, wins an inn in New Zealand, she decides to ditch her city life to own her dream home. However, when she arrives, she finds that it was a scam and the inn needs a lot of fixing up. To help with renovations, the town’s bachelor, Jake Taylor, steps in. It takes a lot of creativity and several DIY projects to get the inn up and running. While working on the inn, Gabriela and Jake fall in love, but will love and a refurbished inn keep Gabriela in the countryside of New Zealand?

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Boy and girl fixing porch stairs in Falling Inn Love
© 2019 Netflix

4) To All The Boys: PS. I Still Love You

This sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is packed with drama and romance as we continue to watch Peter and Lara Jean’s love story unfold. Now, Peter and Lara Jean are no longer in a fake relationship. But when John Ambrose McClaren arrives, things take a turn. John Ambrose also received one of Lara Jean’s love letters. This causes problems within Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship. But will a nursing home spring dance and a treehouse keep Peter and Lara Jean strong in their love? 

Boy and girl releasing paper lantern in Netflix Original rom-com To All The Boys
© 2019 Netflix

5) The Perfect Date

Brooks decides to create an app as a new way to make money for his quickly approaching college days. He makes an app where others can pay him to be their date for the evening. The twist? He plays the part of whoever the “buyer” wants him to be. In the midst of all this dating, Brooks agrees to be a stand-in boyfriend for Celia– Brooks’ friend’s cousin. Through Brooks putting on different identities to fit other’s expectations, he becomes very conflicted about who he truly is. Watch this top 10 Netflix original rom-com to see how Brooks overcomes his identity crisis and where his relationship ends with Celia. 

6) Set It Up

When co-workers, Harper and Charlie, are in desperate need of a raise and more intellectual work, they are on a mission to set up their bosses. They believe that by doing this, their bosses will be happier and not have them do such tedious tasks. However, their bosses, Rick and Kirsten, are very different. It is going to take a lot of determination to set these two up. After an elevator incident with the delivery man and a baseball game kiss cam, will Rick and Kirsten end up falling for one another? Watch this hilarious and dramatic rom-com to find out!

7) The Last Summer

After graduating high school, a group of recent grads realize they only have a few months before stepping into the real world. With different goals in mind, this group of friends battle with love, parting friendships, and big decisions. This heartfelt rom-com fosters all the laughs and all the tears. We watch relationships form as this group of high schoolers figure out who they were always meant to be.

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8) Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Jamey has a huge crush on the school’s popular girl, Veronica. But Veronica is not interested in anything Jamey may have to offer. When Jamey asks her for her phone number, Veronica jokingly gives him Sierra Burgess’ number, the nerdy band geek. Jamey begins texting the number thinking that it is Veronica when really there is someone else behind the screen. Will Jamey find out who is actually on the other line? Add this Netflix original rom-com to your watch list to find out! 

9) Tall Girl

16-year-old Jodi has always been insecure about her height. Standing 6 foot 1 ½ inches, she has found her height to be a challenge, especially when it comes to dating. When a new foreign exchange student comes to her school, Jodi gets stuck in the midst of a love triangle.  Through this love triangle, Jodi finds that her best friend Jack is also now in the mix. Will Jodi let her height stand in the way of who she is meant to be with? 

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Boy and girl sit at piano in Netflix Original rom-com Tall Girl
© 2019 Netflix

10) Let It Snow

When a snowstorm hits on Christmas Eve, a group of high school students use this night to navigate love, friendships, and an adorable teacup pig. With a huge party at the Waffle Town restaurant, a lady wrapped in tin foil, and a famous singer, this group of high schoolers learn to appreciate one another and the beauty of the snow. Check out the book as well for more love and adventure.

Let It Snow Netflix Original rom-com
© 2019 Netflix

These Netflix Original rom-coms are the perfect feel-good movies, and make great Top 10 material for their intriguing plots, all the drama and laughs, and touching love stories. Be sure to watch these hilarious and heart-warming films wrapped in this super soft spa robe!

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