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Top 10 New Shows on Disney Plus

Disney + has been creating so many great movies and tv shows and there is only more amazing projects on the way! Here are 10 new shows on Disney plus that you won’t want to miss.

#10 “Diary of a Future President” (2020)

This series follows a sixth grader in Mini, Florida who desperately tries to find her way to fit into Middle School while eagerly wanting to become the president of the United State.

She tends to learn her way through important life lessons such as the family history of important students, forgetting to do a homework assignment, how her friends are changing, how the Middle School system works, going on a field trip with her classmates, and finding a crush for the school dance.

If you are an adult who has faced important challenges in their life or a person in Middle School who is starting to face the challenges of growing up this is a good series to watch.

#9 Be Our Chef (2020)

This cooking game show series hosted by Angela Kinsey follows a group of five families as they work and cook together to compete for a grand prize of a Disney themed cruise. Every episode shows two of the families competing against each other with a Disney theme based on a popular or classic animated Disney film.

There is also a garden game that brings one of the families closer to winning. The final episode shows two finalists creating several dishes inspired by the theme of their choosing. For anyone who enjoys cooking, watching game shows, or is a fan of classic animated Disney films will enjoy watching this series. 

#8 Becoming (2020)

Even some of the biggest and most important celebrities like singer Colbie Caillat, basketball star Candace Parker, actress Ashley Tisdale, and comedian Nick Cannon have dealt with the struggles of becoming famous and what it takes for them to get their foot in the door.

This series follows the lives of some of the most well-known celebrities in movies, TV, music, and sports on how they became the people you know today and what they have struggled with on how to get there. This is a series to watch if you want to know what other people have faced in life and how it is important to keep going forward and not to give up when you are still able to do what you love.    

#7 “Muppets Now” (2020)

Jim Henson’s The Muppets have been known for creating a series of movies and TV shows including an ABC original series which focuses on the lives of the Muppets as they are creating a talk show. This series follows the Muppets in a series of comedy sketches starring different Muppets that match with the sketch including The Swedish Chef in a cooking segment.

Ms. Piggy in a fashion blog segment, and Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in a science-themed sketch. The sketches are played out in a humorous and silly way that is worth watching with children and it brings the Muppets gang together again.     

#6 “Rogue Trip” (2020)

This travel guide series follows a group of tourists as they embark on a series of adventures from different parts of the world. Each episode of this series shows the tourists checking out what each location holds, what interesting things there are to see and do in the specific location, and what makes the location unique with its culture, religious activities, the type of food they have, and the type of music and dances that the location holds.

If you are a type of person who enjoys traveling, learning about other cultures, and knowing what makes places unique this is a good series to view.

#5 “Prop Culture” (2020)

This series hosted by Dan Lanigan who created some of the best movie props shows what it was like creating props for some of the best movies such as Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Tron, and who Framed Roger Rabbit. This series shows how each prop was created for the movie and what they were used for the movie.

This series also counts as a reunion for the actors who have appeared in these movies to tell everyone what the experience was like. This series is great for anyone who enjoys classic movies and wants to know what they did to create the best scenes.

#4 “It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer” (2020)

This documentary series hosted and narrated by Bill Former who is best known for voicing Goofy in the Mickey Mouse franchise tells the stories of different breeds of dogs and what those dogs do in their daily lives.

Every dog that Bill checks out has rescued people from avalanches, ran a marathon, starred in movies, surfed massive waves, and one that even a Texas mascot. Bill Farmer even pretends to talk to the dogs which adds humor to the series. If you are a person who loves dogs this would be a good series to view.  

#3 “Earth to Ned” (2020)

This fictional talk show series set in an alien spaceship follows an alien picking up random celebrities and interviewing them on various topics like understanding human comedy, human art, human sports, and growing up as a human.

This series is a basic parody of traditional late-night talk shows with Johnny Carson or Jimmy Fallon. Each episode involved two celebrity appearances that fit into the topic whether it’s the 90s, finding love, or food. Certainly, something to check out if you enjoy talk shows.

#2 “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” (2020)

The Mouse that started it all has been given its own treatment for many years. This series of shorts created in the same animated style as the Mickey Mouse show from Disney Channel has Mickey and his friends embarking on a series of mishaps including a western bandit that steals wheels of cheese.

Pluto gets a flea bath, Mickey and Minnie on a date night, turning a bad wolf into a good wolf, and a smart hotel that tortures guests. If you enjoy zany humor this would be a fun series to check out.    

#1 “The Mandalorian” (2019-2020)

Any true Star Wars fan knows that when it comes to creating something based on the most popular sci-fi/fantasy franchise of all time, it is important to have a good storyline and memorable characters. This series set in the Star Wars universe takes place after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

We are introduced to new characters in the Star Wars Universe like the Mandalorian himself and Grogo, a small alien child known as baby Yoda. The series has new bounty hunters called Din Djarin, Kuii, Greef Karga, Cara Dune, The Client, and Doctor Pershing. This series has become the most-watched original series on Disney Plus because of Star Wars fans.

Honorable Mentions

I hope you enjoyed those top picks and in case the list didn’t include your favorites here are a few honorable mentions!

“Shop Class” (2020) – If you have ever taken a shop class in school this is worth checking out.

“Marvel 616” (2020) – Any true fan of Marvel comics will enjoy this collection of Documentaries.

“Inside Pixar” (2020) -This series is perfect for anyone who wonders what inspired their favorite Pixar moments.

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