Top 10 Pictures of Chris Evans and Dodger

Let’s be real here: there are no bad pictures of Chris Evan’s and his dog Dodger. All of them are amazing! But we thought we’d gather our favorite ones. If you need to relax from the stress of your day, these pictures are sure to give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

1. Big Smiles

Our smiles are big when looking at this picture. Both their grins show you how much they love each other!

2. Dodger in a Sweater

The internet went crazy when the Knives Out trailer dropped because it featured Chris Evans wearing a cable knit sweater. After Chris posted this picture, we know Dodger has just as much fashion sense as his owner.

3. International Dog Day

Chris Evans usually posts a photo with his dog on International Dog Day, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Dodger definitely is a dog worth celebrating.

4. Two Dysfunctional Codependents

On Valentines Day, Chris Evans posted this picture of him cuddling with Dodger. We’re glad these “dysfunctional codependents” have one another.

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5. Matching Color Schemes and Breaking Poses

On the set of Knives Out, Chris Evans took a picture of him and Dodger. They had matching color schemes. However, Dodger didn’t hold his pose for too long. Evans followed up the first tweet with these adorable pictures.

6. A Nervous Parent

We all sent our thoughts and prayers when Dodger had to get surgery. Chris Evans posted these heartwarming pictures and talked about being a nervous parent. We’re glad Dodger’s surgery went well and that he’ll be around to lick Chris Evans’s nose for a long time.

7. Valentines Day

Dodger looks so adorable in this photo, so it had to be included in our top ten. I mean, how could you not love him from this picture alone?

8. Chasing Squirrels or Frisbees

Chris Evans keeps himself busy, starring as Captain America and as a protagonist in the Apple TV series Defending Jacob. But even though he’s a successful actor and the creator of the site A Starting Point, he finds plenty of time to spend with his dog. Dodger is putting his hand on his arm, asking if they can go outside and chase some squirrels.

9. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

There are many videos and pictures of Dodger with his favorite stuffed animal, which is a lion. He also howls along with the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” as he plays with the toy. Evans calls Dodger and his lion a “couple of kings.”

10. Dodger Knows His Angles

Finally, we had to include a picture that shows how photogenic Chris Evans and Dodger are. They create fantastic photos together because both of them know their angles.

We couldn’t possibly include all of the pictures of Chris Evans and his dog, even though we wish we could. Check out his Twitter and Instagram for more!

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