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Top 10 Reasons to Watch Playful Kiss

The drama, Playful Kiss is based on the popular Japanese manga, Itazura Na Kiss. After gaining immense popularity all around the world, the manga and anime were remade into dramas by several Asian cultures including Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean. However, the Korean remake has become my ultimate favorite mostly because of the actors.

Love a good romantic comedy? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should watch Playful Kiss!

1. Handsome Male Lead

After starring in the popular drama, Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong takes another role as a major heartthrob in the drama, Playful Kiss, but this time, he is front and center in stealing the female lead’s heart. Kim Hyun Joong plays Baek Seung Jo in this romantic comedy who manages to have girls chasing after him even with his cold personality.

2. Comedic Romance

It seems like all the actors in the drama have a role in pushing the storyline forward with funny moments, especially Oh Han-ni and Baek Seung-jo. In the starting scene of the drama, Han-ni dreams about a magical forest and a unicorn that happens to be her four-year crush, Seung-jo. Living a blissful dream, she unfortunately wakes up to reality after nearly kissing Seung-jo’s lips. Later on, when Seung-jo makes fun of her, she goes out of her way to prove him wrong. To show Seung-jo that she is not as flat-chested as he thought, she places socks in her bra for a more push-up effect. I could easily pick out ten funny moments in this drama that will always make me laugh but let’s go to number three on the list.

Han-ni dreaming of seung-jo in Playful Kiss
seung-jo and han-ni in forest-Viki

3. Opposites Attract

Playful Kiss is one of those few dramas where the female and male lead are the complete opposites when it comes to their personalities and how they live their lifestyles. Oh Han-ni happens to rank at the bottom of her high school while Baek Seung-jo ranks at the top, despite not having a habit of studying. While Han-ni nearly pulls her hair out from the stress of not knowing questions, Seung-jo spends his time building toy robots and hanging out with his brother. But Han-ni does not give up on finding middle ground when it comes to her genius crush.

seung-jo and han-ni piggyback ride moment
Seung-jo and Han-ni piggyback ride @playfulkiss_love

4. Clumsy Female Lead

Clumsiness is considered one of Han-ni’s charms in Playful Kiss as she allows Baek Seung-jo to experience a more interesting life. From the beginning to the end, Han-ni never fails to make chaos in Seung-jo’s life. One of the most memorable scenes in the Korean drama was the high school graduation ceremony when Seung-jo and Han-ni were on stage. Let’s just say walking down the stairs didn’t go as smoothly as they thought. Despite not finding anything she’s good at, she manages to capture the heart of the man of her dreams. You could say that it’s no coincidence that her dreams almost always involve Seung-jo.

5. Two-Sided Love Triangle

Ah, the classic element involved in almost every romance movie or drama. Even though two-sided love triangles become boring after a while, Playful Kiss uses the cliché well. In the beginning, Bong Joon Gu tries to stay by Han-ni’s side even when hearing about her living with Baek Seung-jo. As the story transitions from high school to university life, Bong Joon Gu has a slight change of attitude in approaching Han-ni. However, Han-ni disregards him for Seung-jo when a girl by the name of Yoon Hae-ra appears. It takes a marriage proposal from Joon-gu for Seung-jo to realize Han-ni is slipping away from him.

seung-jo, han-ni and joon gu in Playful Kiss
playful kiss love rivals-Viki

6. Funny Second Male Lead

Bong Joon-gu’s way of going after his crush Han-ni is not as common as one thinks. Usually, the second male lead confesses right away or writes letters, but he is one to go all out. He takes a motorbike from a teacher and goes after her once hearing the news about her spending time with Seung-jo at the beach. Joon-gu makes every effort to win her over even when his plans backfired. He is one of the characters alongside Han-ni that really makes this drama comedic.

joon-gu talking to han-ni in playful kiss
Han-ni and Joon-gu-Viki

7. Smarter Than the Average People

Han-ni’s rival in love, Yoon Hae-ra, happens to be the female version of Baek Seung-jo. They have common characteristics such as intelligence, looks, and athleticism. Once Han-ni finds out about Hae-ra, she tends to lose almost all her confidence. Before her rival appeared, Seung-jo’s brother was also challenging her confidence. Who would’ve known that her biggest obstacles revolved around geniuses?

Seung-jo and Hae-ra in Playful Kiss
Seung-jo and Hae-ra-Viki

8. Mother Figure

In Playful Kiss, Han-ni lives with her father who takes over the restaurant that’s been in their family for generations. But in a twist of fate, she ends up living with Baek Seung-jo and his family. As she becomes comfortable with the family, Baek Seung-jo’s mother, Jung Hye-young, grows attached to her and sees her as a daughter. Han-ni finds herself seeking advice from her and undoubtedly, Hye-young starts to fill the empty void of the mother figure in her life.

hye-young and han-ni in playful kiss
Hye-young and Han-ni-Viki

9. Importance of Family

Baek Seung-jo’s father, Soo-chang, has a long-lasting friendship with Han-ni’s father which helps to bring them closer. Throughout the drama, the line between stranger and family become blurred as Han-ni starts to accept them. I guess you could say that they were meant to be. Nothing’s better than feeling a sense of familiarity with people you just met.

10. Soundtrack

With any good television show or movie, there must be a good soundtrack to go with it. Playful Kiss is yet another drama that provides a soundtrack that captures some of the best moments in the drama perfectly. I would also recommend checking out the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers, and the soundtrack that goes along with it. Sometimes I wonder, how do these dramas come up with the perfect music?

I hope you enjoyed our top reasons for watching the Korean drama, Playful Kiss. This drama has so many elements that I struggled to narrow down what I thought were the most memorable ones! It is available to stream for free on Rakuten Viki.

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