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Top 10 Reasons to Watch Soul on Disney Plus

For this list, we’re looking at certain aspects of the movie Soul that make it worth watching and sharing with your friends.  I loved everything about this joyful filled film from Disney/Pixar. It will have you laughing, smiling, and remembering to make the most of your life.

Get the scoop on 10 reasons you must watch!

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1. The Music

Besides the Jazz music that is being played when Joe Gardner performs. The most memorable music is heard when Joe’s soul is falling into the great before. The music really makes the sequence feel so surreal and it matches the sequence well. Even the music heard in the great before scenes fits in with the atmosphere.  

2. Vivid CGI

CGI has been improving through recent years which is clearly shown in other CGI movies like Sing, Ferdinand, and The Good Dinosaur. This movie shows a strongly vivid version of CGI by portraying unique versions of souls and how they look. The CGI also gives us a strongly vivid version of the great before, an elevator to the great beyond, and even an almost realistic version of humans and the therapy cat Joe Gardner gets trapped in.      

© 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

3 The Story

Pixar movies’ stories have been sending us very serious messages in a very interesting atmosphere like Inside Out told us a story on how our emotions control us as we get older. Coco told a story set in the afterlife about how important it is to get your loved ones to remember you and Onward told us a story set in a world full of magical creatures about loving the ones that have already been in your life. This film’s story takes a deeper turn in finding out what makes you who you are and how to help others along the way.   

4. Good Humor

Just because a film revolves around a serious topic doesn’t mean it can’t have humor. Probably the best humor is the fact that 22 gets trapped in Joe’s body and Joe gets trapped in a therapy cat’s body. There is also the part when Terry is out searching for Joe Gardner and ends up finding the wrong person. There is also the fact that everyone at the u seminar is named Jerry. The humor is good enough to keep the film family friendly around a serious topic but not so cheesy that it makes adults not want to enjoy the movie.

© 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

5. Great Cast

If there is one thing that Pixar movies know how to do it is making sure that the characters are portrayed by the best cast members such as John Goodman voicing Sully in Monsters Inc. Tom Hanks as Woody from Toy Story and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory from Finding Nemo. Tina Fey’s bland and comedic attitude fits perfectly with the character 22 and Jamie Fox’s strong acting performance gives Joe Gardner the right personality and emotions.

6. Unique Characters

Several of the characters in this film including the one from the u seminar are certainly not like the characters you may have seen in any other Pixar film. The design for all the employees at the u seminar looks like they were drawn on a flat piece of paper and pasted into the movie. What makes it more interesting is that they can change their form and move across the ground in a smooth movement. Oh, and clearly they are able to blend in with objects on earth.

7. The Zone

We get an early glimpse into the zone when Joe Gardner performs his musical number for Ms Williams at the Half Note club. The zone is one of the best scenes in the movie where we get to see where people go to when they get really into something. It also gives us a strong atmosphere in what the zone feels like and what it can do to us when we really get into the zone based on what we love and what could happen to us if we were able to get really in the zone.

© 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

8. Finding Lost Souls

This is certainly an important part of the film for anyone who has felt like they have gotten lost in anxiety and feel like they cannot let go of their obsessions. The sequence when the group of soul finders find a lost soul on the break of anxiety and bring him back to reality is certainly a good pointer with the story telling the viewers about getting disconnected from life and that should slow down their obsessions or they will get disconnected from life.  

9. Discovering The Unknown

While we never get to see what the great beyond is like. We do however get to check out what the great before is like, how new souls are created, and how new souls get developed before and how their personalities are created before they are born on Earth. The unknown is a strange thing to think about, but most people tend to ponder what the unknown holds and this movie gives is a vivid example of what the unknown could possibly be like.    

10. The Life Lesson

If there is one thing that Disney movies can do the best it is giving both children and adults an important lesson in life. This movie’s life lesson is to appreciate who you are, whether you are doing something important with your life or just appreciating every moment of it. This might be the most important life lesson in a Pixar movie just like Onward taught us to appreciate what you already have instead of trying to get back what you never got.   

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