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Top 10 Reasons to Watch The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

Here’s the scoop on 10 reasons you should stream The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. If you agree or think we missed any please let us know in the comments below.

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10. The Lore 

The show is a phenomenal piece that adds more depth to the already big Star Wars Universe. Stepping aside from the constant Skywalker use, we get to hear a story of a Mandalorian and see the life of a bounty hunter in the Sci-Fi universe.

Not only this but you also get a look at the villainous nature of the Imperial fleet as it’s filled with more villains than Palpatine and Darth Vader giving fans a look and more evil the universe has. 

9. Family Bonding 

The Mandalorian, while a show about a bounty hunter, does have a loving father-son relationship between Mando and Grogu. This relationship is the foundation of the show and shows characters that a loner is capable of caring and loving someone as their own. This relationship can even teach kids to be more open to helping others in need. 

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8. Jon Favreau 

Now if you’re a comic book enthusiast, you already know Jon Favreau is the man who made the Iron Man film that would launch the MCU. If you’re a fan of his work in the MCU, then you might be a fan of his work in the Star Wars universe, as he adds a breath of fresh air to the cannon piece.

While many people were not a fan of the latest set of trilogies to come out, Jon Favreau makes you forget about this and essentially carries the Star Wars universe on his back for the enjoyment of the fans!

7. Comedic Timing 

Star Wars hasn’t always been the best at comedic relief in the films, especially in the last trilogy as it made for some rather awkward moments. With Jon Favreau in the driver set he sets the tone that allows for comedic relief and actually makes it work. With the acknowledgments of flaws in the Star Wars Universe, such as stormtroopers not being good at shooting, it aids in making the show pretty funny while still keeping its serious tone. 

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6. Western set in Star Wars Universe 

If you’re a fan of a good ole western story arc you may want to give The Mandalorian a chance. It’s the story of a lone Mandalorian in search of protection for a child with force sensitivity. It’s as if you’re watching Jesse James fight off in a Sci-Fi universe. 

5. Clone Wars 

Star Wars The Clone Wars is an animated picture that also has a tv series that is beloved by many Star Wars fans. The show has many standout characters and gives life to the clones during prequels as opposed to them all just being lifeless clones.

The show does give us some breakout characters that fans love such as Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katon. Fast forward to 2020, we finally get a conclusion to the show and we see Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katon make their live-action debut in the Star Wars universe. 

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4. Pedro Pascal Performance 

Pedro Pascal portrays our protagonist in this piece as he is The Mandalorian. While we only see his face a total of three times over the course of the 16 episodes his voice inflection and body language are remarkable moments throughout the show.

Even with his body covered in armor from head to toe, his feelings are always made clear by his body language and tone and displays the remarkable acting chops that Pedro Pascal has!

3. Grogu 

Now this is one of the biggest reasons people watch the show, Grogu or “Baby Yoda”, is a show stealer in this series. His undying cuteness and comedic moments make for a nice enjoyment in this Star Wars drama.

If you’re not watching The Mandalorian for this cute little being, then are you even watching??

2. A Show For Everyone

To watch this show you don’t need to be a die-hard Star Wars fan. The show takes place between episode 6 and 7 and is a separate story from the canon motion pictures. The cast is predominantly filled with new characters that are easy to follow and very entertaining!

Disney + ©2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & All Rights Reserved.

1. It’s perfect for Star Wars fans!

While the show is a new story with new characters that make for easy viewing, the show is also filled with Easter eggs that can make any Star Wars fan excited.

From bringing to life characters of Star Wars the clone wars to bringing back Boba Fett, this show is something Star Wars fans can be proud of and add to the canon films and stories.

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