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Top 10 Best Rom-Coms Of All Time

When the two worlds of romance and comedy collide, we are left with the ageless genre of romantic comedy. This touching but humorous genre leaves viewers feeling all different emotions, but mostly leaves them hopeful for love. Over the years there have been numerous rom-coms produced that have captured our hearts. Here are the top 10 rom-coms of all time.  

1) 10 Things I Hate About You

Kat, an ill-tempered teen, has never been the type to attract boys. For her own sanity, her sister Bianca and Bianca’s crush make an arrangement for mysterious Patrick to date Kat. However, later at the prom, Kat finds out about the arrangement and leaves Patrick. At school, Kat stands up in front of her English class to read a poem she wrote about Patrick called “10 Things I Hate About You.” Through the poem she subtly professes her love for Patrick. This rom-com takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions as we navigate the love story of Kat and Patrick. This classic rom-com, based on William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” is number one for its sincerity and heart-warming romance. 

2) When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally have been friends for a very long time. After they both graduate from college, they head to NYC to start their lives as college graduates. On their car ride, the two get into a debate, concluding that a man and woman cannot be friends without letting romantic intimacy get in the way. Years later, the friends are reunited and continue to talk on the phone and go on outings together. Later, Sally calls Henry after she finds out that her ex is now engaged. Henry comes over to comfort her, and the two find out that their original thought from their recent post-grad road trip is true. They again reconnect at a wedding, only to realize that they have been in love with each other the whole time. This timeless and touching rom-com is definitely Top 10 material as we travel through times when Harry met Sally.

3) How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

After her friend goes through a tough breakup, “how-to” columnist, Andie, begins to write an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. To do this, she begins dating Ben, an advertising executive, who is on a mission of his own. While Andie is trying to “lose” Ben, he is trying to prove he can get a woman to fall for him. If he is successful, Ben gets a promotion. But if Andie is successful she gets to write about more intellectual topics outside of the “how-to” world. The two go on numerous dates and begin spending a lot of time together. However, their plans backfire when Andie finds out about Ben’s plan. This top 10 rom-com is a hilarious and heartfelt story, showing the challenges of true love.  

4) Can’t Buy Me Love

After a horrible incident with designer clothing, Ronny offers to help Cindy avoid punishment under one condition… She must pretend to be his girlfriend for an entire month in exchange for paying the $1000 for the clothes. Ronny becomes consumed with his popular life because of dating Cindy and he is oblivious to Cindy’s feelings for him. When the month has come to an end, the two-stage a public breakup. But Ronny takes it too far, letting his newfound popularity get to his head. After a bullying incident involving his best friend, Ronny finally realizes his worth and the feelings Cindy had for him. Can’t Buy Me Love is a Top 10 rom-com ending with Ronny and Cindy at the school prom when they realize their love for one another. 

5) Sixteen Candles

As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Sam’s big day is overlooked by her older sister’s wedding plans. With a huge crush on popular senior Jake, Sam’s secret crush for him gets out. However, “the Geek” has a crush on Sam, introducing a new challenge to the already dramatic situation. After a party, prom queen, and Jake’s father’s car, Sam comes to find that Jake has feelings for her too. Sixteen Candles portrays challenges of high school drama, family issues, and teen struggles, all while navigating the world of romance.  

6) Clueless

Cher, a rich high school teen, decides to put her makeover skills to the test when a new and clueless student, Tai, arrives at her school. Cher was always seen as the popular and naive girl. She hopes that her efforts to transform Tai will change this reputation. But Cher’s ex-stepbrother, Josh, does not see this attempt as genuine. He accuses Cher of turning an innocent girl into someone she’s not. Through the fiascos of near-death experiences and a failed drivers test, Tai passes Cher in popularity. This leaves Cher confused about her feelings and eventually her true feelings for Josh. She later realizes that she is in love with Josh. Through a situation with errors in paperwork and a lot of angry feelings, Josh confesses his love. Packed with comedy and romance, this rom-com shows the growth of a teenage girl, making Clueless an iconic top 10 pick.  

7) 13 Going On 30

13-year-old Jenna decides she no longer likes the humiliation of being a child. She quickly wishes her life away and is transformed into a 30-year-old woman. In her new life, she finds her friend Matt. With a new life comes new challenges and Jenna realizes that she is not yet ready to be an adult. Matt and Jenna fall in love after their relationship is mended, but Matt is engaged. With the struggles of adulthood, Jenna wishes that she could return to her former life as a teenager. With her wish being granted, Jenna professes her love for Matt, appreciating her life as a teenager. 13 Going on 30 is an amusing rom-com that teaches many underlying life lessons as we watch Jenna fall in love with the life she always had and the guy of her dreams.  

8) Grease

Next on our list of Top 10 Rom-Coms is an ageless classic. Grease takes viewers on an exciting journey to unfold the love story between Danny and Sandy. The two met at the beach the summer before their senior year where they fell in love. As the summer comes to an end, the two say their goodbyes, but meet again when Sandy transfers to Rydell High. Learning to navigate the pressures of high school and young love, Danny and Sandy try to rekindle their initial spark but are being pulled in two different directions by the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies. With amazing music and dance scenes, this classic rom-com is definitely top ten material. 

9) 50 First Dates

Due to an auto accident a year earlier, Lucy now suffers from short term memory loss. She meets Henry one morning at her favorite cafe, where they have an instant spark. Going back to the same cafe the next morning, Henry is shocked to find that Lucy doesn’t remember him. Henry finds out about the accident and is now determined to re-win the affection of Lucy every morning. In hopes to protect his daughter, Lucy’s father has spent the past year recreating the same day. He puts out the same newspaper, cooks the same breakfast, and puts the tv on the same show. Through a video that Henry made, he attempts to explain to Lucy the accident and their relationship. After several attempts, the two are truly in love. 50 First Dates is a top 10 rom-com that fosters lots of emotion and comedy, ultimately showing that love conquers all. 

10) She’s All That

After a humiliating breakup, high school heart-throb Zach is determined to revive his reputation. From a bet with friends, Zach agrees to go after the geeky Laney. He now has six weeks to make her prom queen material. But through his attempts to try and transform Laney, Zach begins to fall in love with her. She’s All That is a classic romance story concluding with a happily ever after while focusing on issues of peer pressure and societal expectations.  

These top 10 rom-coms of all time are perfect to watch on any occasion. Whether you want to have a good laugh or a good cry, this list of rom-coms is sure to do the trick. So be sure to whip up your favorite recipe and binge-watch this top 10 list to be reminded of the magic of true love. 

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