Top 10 Survivor Blindsides Of All Time

Survivor, a reality tv show that has been running for over 20 years, is jam-packed with emotional betrayals and heartless backstabbing. Each player fights for their own life in the game. As a result, players constantly plot to save themselves, form alliances, and enhance their gameplay. Often, this is done through the shocking blindsiding of a friend. Here is a list of our ten favorite Survivor blindsides of all time.

1. Erik Reichenbach- Season 16 (Micronesia)

Survivor's Erik Reichenbach Smiling

Erik endures a lot of roasting for his embarrassing mistake of giving away his immunity necklace to Natalie when she convinced him it would make his gameplay look better. She backstabbed him and voted him out. Lauded as one of the most infamously stupid decisions in the history of the show, this Survivor blindside is a definitely learning opportunity. That must’ve hurt!

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine- Season 40 (Winners at War)


Denise Stapley cleverly went along with Sandra’s plan to trade her immunity idol for two of Denise’s fire tokens. However, she tricked Sandra into allowing her to give away one token before tribal and one afterward. To Sandra’s disbelief, Denise already had an idol and used both hers and Sandra’s to protect herself and Jeremy. Denise voted Sandra out and kept the second fire token. The Queen left the island, but the QUEEN STAYS QUEEN!

3. JT Thomas- Season 20 (Heroes vs. Villians)

Survivor's JT Thomas Posing

Parvati Shallow is hailed as a huge strategic threat. Clearly she was when she threw a challenge and used both of her idols to protect her own alliance. This gave them the necessary protection to vote out JT. Ironically, one of the her idols was found by JT himself. JT trusted Russell to keep it, but Russell turned around and gave it to Parvati.

4. Scot Pollard- Season 32 (Kaôh Rōng)

Survivor's Scot Pollard Posing

As one of the sweetest people to ever play the game, Tai Trang struggled to be disloyal and make big moves. However, he didn’t let that stop him when he blindsided his demanding allies. Tai had an immunity idol that could be played after the votes were read. Although he previously agreed to give it to whichever ally was voted out, he refused to and eliminated Scot.

5. Sarah Lacina- Season 28 (Cagayan)


Sarah’s police officer pal Tony ruthlessly blindsided her when he couldn’t get her to flip. At tribal, Kass flipped instead and Tony’s alliance voted out Sarah. Tony and LJ kept each other safe by swapping idols.

6. Stephen Fishbach- Season 31 (Cambodia- Second Chance)


Stephen was sent home even though he used an advantage that allowed him to steal someone’s vote. He split his two votes between Joe and Abi. Sadly, this turned out to be disastrous when Spencer flipped and Stephen didn’t have enough votes placed on one person to save himself.

7. James Clement- Season 15 (China)

Survivor's James Clement Smiling

Not only was James completely oblivious to the threat of Amanda, Todd and Courtney, but he was voted out with TWO idols in his pocket. He remains one of the only players ever to make such a heartbreaking mistake.

8. Laura Morett- Season 27 (Blood vs. Water)


For Season 27, Survivor chose players in pairs of loved ones. Laura paired up with her daughter Ciera Eastin, fighting to be the last pair left in the game. Laura even made it back from Redemption Island. However, this led them to fear being seen as a power couple and Ciera willingly voted out her own mother to join the stronger Singles Alliance- at least until she blindsided it as well.

9. Cirie Fields- Season 34 (Game Changers)


Cirie was the unexpected target of no votes- that’s right, she wasn’t voted against in a single tribal and was still eliminated. After the merge, Cirie laid low in the majority alliance. Unfortunately, the use of three idols and one legacy advantage left her as the only unprotected player at the Final Six tribal.

10. Jessica Lewis- Season 33 (Millenials vs. Gen X)

Jessica Lewis Smiling

Seen as an early threat, Jessica barely made it to the merge. However, she didn’t survive long after due to her indecisive tribe. In response to the tribe’s inability to choose between voting out Hannah or Zeke, Jeff changed the vote to a rock draw. Surprisingly enough, this left Hannah and Zeke safe, while Jessica became the unlucky victim. This Survivor blindside just goes to show that being in the majority alliance doesn’t always mean you’re on top.

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