Top 10 Things To Do At Toy Story Land

With Toy Story 4 just a few weeks from release date, Disney fans are lining Hollywood Studios to see Toy Story’s all-immersive world. I got the chance to check out Toy Story Land themed to Toy Story 4 and it was so incredible.

Toy Story Land opened June 30th, with the line to Slinky Dog Dash wrapped through Andy’s back yard and past Woody’s entrance sign. It’s no wonder fast passes are in short supply for this land. What makes Toy Story Land special is the incredible detail that Disney is so well known for.

Between benches made from popsicle sticks, Andy’s backwards ‘N’ signature and the themed ques for the attractions, there are plenty of picture-worthy spectacles that keep guests coming back year after year.

Here is the all-inclusive guide to the best things to do and see at Disney’s Toy Story Land:

1.) See the Green Army March

Walk beside the Green Army and maybe even become a recruit! These soldiers make an appearance several times throughout the day. You won’t miss them if you listen for their animated drum sequence and Sarge’s lively voice. Make sure to get a glimpse of their boots, where large plastic platforms keep them standing straight and tall, ready to report for duty.

Not sure what to wear for your photo-op with the Army men? Just shop these links and you’ll be looking on-theme and in-character.

2.) Toy Story Mania

Tomorrowland’s Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is put to shame with this new 3D, fast paced attraction. Jessie and Woody’s shooting game will send you spinning and flipping for the best score in your car. One of the best parts about this attraction, however, is its captivating que. As guests stand in line, there is no shortage of life-like toys to look and interact with. Mr. Potato head is a strong favorite, who talks and moves with impressive liveliness.

3.) Woody’s Lunch Box

Take a peek inside Woody’s lunch box for grilled sandwiches, grown-up drinks and delicious ice cream floats. Be sure to look for the detail here, like notes from Andy’s mom and treats from Trixie and Lotso (seen in Toy Story 3).

4.) Slinky Dog Dash

Although this ride might have some lengthier wait times, Slinky Dog Dash is not something to miss. This roller coaster is a great option for younger kids who want a fun ride without the dramatic drops.

5.) Meet Woody and Jessie

Don’t forget to stop by and meet the toys that started it all – Woody and his pal Jessie. They always want to make you feel like you’ve got a friend in them. During the time I went it was themed out for Toy Story 4 and I was able to snap photos with so many of the characters!

6.) See Famous Toy Story Walls

With such spectacular detail, there are plenty of insta-worthy photo spots in Disney’s Toy Story land. Lately, Disney fans have been loving the well-known ‘Disney walls’, and many have it on their bucket list to get a picture in front of each.

Don’t miss these famous Toy Story walls:

  • Popsicle Wall
  • Checker Wall
  • Andy Wall

A trip to Disney means lots of walking if you want to see all the sights. Here are some comfortable Disney-themed shoes that will keep you going on a long day at the park (some of them even say Andy’s name on the bottom of the sole!). These will be great in front of those photo walls. 🙂

7.) Meet Buzz

Buzz is always ready to meet new toys and always goes infinity and beyond to make them feel special. I had so much fun meeting Buzz. In true Buzz character he moved from one pose to the next!

8.) Alien Swirling Saucers

These saucers are comparable to the mad tea cups in Magic Kingdom but with an extra swing. I personally thought this one was so fun. I’ve also heard from many people that this is a fun ride to do with friends when it’s late at night and the wait times are not so long.

9.) Talk to the Cast Members

As per Disney tradition, all employees behave and speak in the theme of their worlds. Toy Story land is no exception. Cast Members will not refer to guests as people, rather ‘toys’. If there is a guest with a birthday, employees are instructed to say “happy unboxing day” rather than happy birthday.

10.) Andy’s Room

If you just can’t get enough of Toy Story, take the bus ride over to Disney’s All Star Movie’s resort. There you can find Andy’s room, complete with a supersized Buzz, Woody, Rex and Bo Peep. The place truly makes you feel as though you’re one of Andy’s toys.

Want to take a little bit of Toy Story home with you? Here are some fun Toy Story-themed toys to try out whether you are a kid or a kid at heart.

And for the future?

Toy Story Land has so much for guests to do yet so much room to grow. With the forth movie coming out, there’s only one question fans are dying to know about the park – will Forky soon make an appearance in Hollywood Studios? I sure hope so. 🙂

Remember, TOY STORY 4 opens in theatres everywhere on June 21st!

Make to also check out the Toy Story 4 trailer below.

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