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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Evans

I will speak for everyone when I say Chris Evans is a national treasure. Evans has been Captain America for almost a decade, but he’s done a lot more both onscreen and off. He’s close with his family, does lots of charity work, and is known for being a total gentleman. He is by far the best Chris (I’m looking at you, Hemsworth!)

Here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Chris Evans.


He loves live theatre

Although he is most known for his big screen roles, he is a huge fan of theatre acting. Starting off in high school plays (like many actors), he dove into film acting quickly after. In between Avengers movies, he starred in a Broadway play called Lobby Hero with Michael Cera! Now that he’s done being Captain America, it’s his dream to star in a musical.

He loves dogs. Like a lot.

Chris Evans doesn’t share a lot of his personal life on social media. However, every few weeks he will share a picture or two of his adorable dog, Dodger! He saw Dodger while filming Gifted and immediately knew he had to adopt him. Follow him on twitter for more dog love.

@ChrisEvans on Twitter

He’s been in A LOT of comic book movies

Marvel fans know Chris Evans as Captain America and Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movies. But did you know Chris has been eight different comic book characters! Some of his comic credits include The Losers, TMNT, Push, Snowpiercer, and my personal favorite, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Evans didn’t grow up reading comic books, but he’s ended up being in lots of movies based on them!

He didn’t want to be Captain America

It’s impossible to imagine anyone else as Cap, but Chris Evans turned down the role several times. Movies like The Avengers make you sign contracts to do multiple films, and Evans was intimidated by not being able to step back or take a break. After talking it over with his family and friends (Including Robert Downey Jr!) he joined the MCU again as Captain America!

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

He loves his tattoos

It might surprise Chris Evans fans that he has seven tattoos! In movies like Captain America, shirtless scenes (and there’s several) usually show off a perfect and plain chest. My favorite is the bull on his arm that he got because his mom’s zodiac sign is a Taurus. Awh! He also has tattoos commemorating his siblings, friends, the Avengers, and Buddhism.

He tap dances

We’ve never seen Chris Evans in a musical, but we know he would KILL the tap number. His mother was a dancer and his childhood home had a tap floor in the basement! He truly loves tap-dancing in his free time and hopes it will make a comeback soon. We hope so too.

He’s a Boston boy

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Chris Evans remains loyal to his hometown. Like many stars he spends most of his time in Hollywood, but went to his 20 year high school reunion recently! He also is a huge fan of the New England Patriots and has been since he was a kid. Luckily for Evans, the Patriots have a pretty solid Super Bowl record.

Evans and friends (Twitter)

He was in a Marilyn Manson music video

Back when Chris Evans starred in Not Another Teen Movie, the soundtrack featured a cover of “Tainted Love” by Marilyn Manson. The music video is sooo 2001 and shows a jocky Evans at a high school party looking cool. As Manson walks into the house party, he pushes Chris Evans to the side in a power move.

He had a childhood crush on Sandra Bullock

We all know Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress- and seventh grade Chris Evans thought so too! Evans admitted that Bullock was one of his earliest celebrity crushes after he saw her in Speed. He truly is living the dream because in 2014 it was even rumored the two were dating, but it seems more likely that they were just hanging out.

He’s a Disney guy

Chris Evans could EASILY be a real life Disney prince, and he’s already familiar with the magic of Disney! He and his family regularly visit Disney parks and countdown the days til their next vacation in a group text. When asked about his favorite Disney movies, he said it’s like picking a favorite child. He knows all the words to the Little Mermaid songs, and we can honestly say this makes him 100x more adorable.

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie at D23

Chris Evans is the best, honestly. After reading these 10 facts, we hope you know a little more about him and love him even more than you already do!

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