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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell’s rise to fame came with her role of Emily Fields in the ever popular show, Pretty Little Liars. Her prominence in Hollywood only grew from there as she took on more acting roles and partnerships with large companies such as Bioré. She also started a YouTube channel where she delivers content to her fans quite regularly. While there are many reasons to love her, these are the top 10 things we love about Shay Mitchell.

1. She empowers women.

Shay is all about women empowerment all over the world. She stands for economic justice and speaks out against women earning less pay in the workforce, simply because of their gender. As a female entrepreneur herself, Shay uses her platform to support other women and help them become leaders as well. Shay not only does her part in the gender equality movement but she also inspires others to do the same.

2. She is a humanitarian.

Shay uses her platform to bring awareness to important issues and evoke change. From partnering with the United Nations to support World Humanitarian Day to working with the Free the Children organization, she spends a great deal of time helping others. In addition to supporting many other organizations, she also speaks at charity events and travels the world to visit the heart of the locations stricken with hardships.

3. Shay fights against bullying.

As a child, Shay was bullied because of her mixed background. The actress was born in Canada to a Filipino mother. Since she did not look like the other girls at school, she was relentlessly made fun of, causing her to eat her lunch in the bathroom to avoid the bullies. Shay knows the hardships this can cause so she speaks out against bullying and provides ways to overcome it. She shares her stories of when she was bullied to let people know they are not alone if they are bullied as even celebrities can experience it.

4. Shay creates entertaining content for her YouTube channel.

Not only does Shay deliver scripted entertainment to her fans through her many acting roles, she also provides enjoyable content through her YouTube channel. The videos give an inside look into her life, show her getting ready for vacations and events, and even show the gender reveal of her baby.

5. She started a luggage company: Béis.

Not only is Shay an incredible actress but she is also a thriving business women. She created her travel brand, Béis, from scratch which sells high quality, luxury luggage for an affordable price. The travel pieces are both functional and very fashionable. Shay wanted to create a company that not only makes great products but also gives back to deserving causes which is why Béis supports the Girl Up movement, founded by the United Nations Foundation, to empower and educate girls around the world. 

6. Shay is a travel pro and documents her trips in her video series: Shaycation.

Shay is a world travel for both work and pleasure. This love for exploring inspired her travel company and her YouTube series titled Shaycation. Her breathtaking trips such as Morocco, Bali, and Greece as well as many more are documented in her entertaining and professionally shot videos. Shay’s personality shows throughout her videos, allowing the viewers to feel as if they too are vacationing with her. She gives travel tips and tricks to help fans plan incredible trips like the ones she takes.

7. Her fashion sense is impeccable.

Shay isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and wear pieces outside of her comfort zone. From red carpets to everyday outfits, she switches up her style quite often. Even without the help of her professional stylists, her fashion sense is worthy of a magazine spread. Along with her evolving style, she also changes up her hair color quite frequently. Aside from the normal hair colors, she also rocks more daring colors such as metallic pinks and blues.

8. Shay has starred in many popular shows.

Although Shay made a name for herself on the small screen, the shows that she was in are anything but small. The long running Pretty Little Liars allowed her to show off her acting chops to the millions of adoring fans. After the wrapping of this show, she has only furthered her success with several other projects. Shay plays Peach Salinger in the buzzworthy Netflix show You. The show was so successful and widely binged upon its release that it was picked up for a second season almost immediately.

9. She is honest with her fans.

Shay is quite down to Earth and genuine with her fans. She reveals much of her private life through social media, her YouTube channel and interviews. The actress has spoken about the challenges with auditions and landing acting roles and has even reviewed some of her earliest audition tapes for a video while making fun of herself to show she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She even has a series on her channel dedicated to her pregnancy and the difficulties that ensue such as mood swings, unusual food cravings, and swollen feet which she also documented on her Instagram story.

10. Her makeup skills are above par and she shares her tips with fans.

The countless hours she has spent with makeup artists has taught her a great deal about the beauty industry. Shay shares the tips and tricks she has learned on her YouTube channel. She posts makeup tutorials and even collaborates with famous beauty guru YouTubers. She has recently become Buxom Cosmetics Global Creative Brand Ambassador and gives fans an inside look at new product releases.

Shay has proven through countless ways that she is far more than just another Hollywood actress. She uses her platform for good and helps others who voice isn’t as widely heard as hers. With the many more acting projects to be released and Béis vastly expanding its line of products, the world can be sure to continue to see a great deal of Shay Mitchell.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.