Top 10 Trio Moments From TROS

The movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (TROS) has many great moments between the Star Wars sequel trio: Finn, Rey, and Poe. Let’s look at the top ten trio moments from TROS to remind us of our friends near us or in a galaxy far far away.


1. The victory hug

Rey’s hug with Finn and Poe after the end of the war was extremely heartwarming. I cried along with them when they reunited. I’m glad they all made it out alive and were able to celebrate their victory together. 


2. Going alone with friends

Rey tells Finn that going with her to find Exegol is too dangerous. Finn, however, doesn’t let her go by herself. Instead, he tells her that she’ll go “alone with friends.” This scene conveys the theme of friendship that’s present throughout the Star Wars franchise. I love how they are all determined to stick by each other no matter what comes their way.


3. The stormtrooper, scavenger, and spice runner

When the gang goes to Kijimi, a former friend of Poe’s reveals that he used to be a spice runner. Finn and Rey are offended that they didn’t know this about him, but Poe reminds them that they all have troubled pasts. Finn was a stormtrooper, and Rey was a scavenger. This moment stood out to me because it shows how they all have overcome obstacles and share a connection because of it.


4. Holding hands

The trio vows to complete their mission for Chewie, who they believe to be dead. They do this by holding hands on the Millennium Falcon, promising that they’re all in this together. This moment is so precious and shows how the trio has become like a family.


5. “Bad mood?” “Me?” “Him.” “Always.”

The trio’s dynamic is established in the first scene of the three of them together in TROS. Rey and Poe fight with one another over the endangerment of BB8 and the Millennium Falcon. We feel bad for Finn, who acts as the mediator between the two of them. Every trio in Star Wars seems to contain two bickering people and one rolling their eyes in-between them.


6. “They fly now!”

The stormtroopers chase after the trio in Pasaana by using jetpacks. Finn and Poe are both in disbelief over the fact that “they fly now,” while Rey focuses on getting them away safely. This scene summarizes the trio’s humourous dynamic perfectly. 


7. Rey uses the Jedi mind trick

Rey uses the Jedi mind trick on some stormtroopers on Kylo Ren’s ship. Following this, Finn and Poe share a worried look. Poe made me laugh when he asks Finn, “Does she do that to us?”

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8. The final battle

The trio splits up in the final battle against the First Order. Poe, ever the skilled pilot, looks out for all of them from above. Finn is on the ground, fighting against his previous employers with his fellow ex-stormtroopers. Rey goes to the root of the cause, defeating Palpatine. The final battle sequence displays how each member of the trio is vital in the fight against the First Order.


9. Sinking in the sand

While sinking in the sand in Passana, Finn is about to tell Rey something, but his words get cut off. When they land safely underground, Rey and Poe ask Finn what he was going to say. He never answers the question, much to our dismay. However, his lack of response creates a running gag throughout the film. Poe even brings it up again when stormtroopers capture them.


10. Flashlight vs. lightsaber

While underground, Rey pulls out her lightsaber to help them see in the dark. Then, Poe pulls out his flashlight that looks slightly pathetic next to Rey’s lightsaber. Finn gives Poe a deadpanned look, creating an awkward but hilarious moment.

To sum up, Rey, Finn, and Poe make an unstoppable trio in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. What are your favorite moments from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Nah, it was forced for the sake of nostalgia to try and ride on the skirts of the old trio and it didn’t work at all with this one, it was bad and it shows

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