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Top 10 Walt Disney World Quick-Service Restaurants

One thing we all know about Disney Parks- there’s a ton to do. And sometimes, it seems impossible to get everything on your list completed. Which means you don’t always have the time to stop and sit down at a fancy restaurant for meals. For those situations, you need something quick and easy to fuel your belly and keep you going to the next attraction. Which is why today we’re talking about places with great grub and less of a wait.

Here are our Top 10 Walt Disney World Quick-Service Restaurants.

photo of a bowl of corn and seafood, pizza hoagie, icing covered roll, and orange drink in a plastic cup
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10. Crepes Des Chefs De France

Like the title says, this quick-service restaurant can be found in Epcot‘s France pavillion. This is the perfect spot to stop in for a sweet treat and indulge a little. The menu isn’t huge, but it doesn’t need to be. You have everything you could want with just a few items. Between classic butter and sugar, to chocolate hazelnut, fruit preserves, or ice cream, this place has toppings for everyone. You’ll quickly have the sugar-induced fuel to keep you going for more magic and fun.

9. Tortuga Tavern

Yo ho and ahoy! Want a quick bite Pirate-style? Located in Magic Kingdom‘s Adventureland just opposite the Pirates of the Carribbean ride you’ll find Tortuga Tavern. This seasonal location isn’t open year-round, so make sure to stop by whenever possible! Because of the revolving schedule, the menu can change from time to time, but recent favorites include brisket sandwiches and the famous rum cake.

8. Nomad Lounge

Found on Discovery Island in the Animal Kingdom, the Nomad Lounge is the perfect place to grab some grub amidst your furry friends. This quaint cafe serves delicious classic dishes with an African twist. Check out their Smoked Pork Ribs or Fish Tacos, and make sure to wash it down with something from their long list of international beverages (both nonalcoholic and alcoholic). No matter what you try, this is the place in the Animal Kingdom for a quick snack before heading back out to the safari.

7. Backlot Express

Located on Echo Lake in Hollywood Studios, this quick-service restaurant stop-in is themed as a production warehouse. Filled to the brim with interesting memorabilia, Backlot Express shares the motto of “A Warehouse of Good Eating.” Thanks to a large warehouse roof overhead, this is the perfect place to escape the sun for a moment and enjoy your favorites. The food is classic American, with staples like burgers, chicken strips, and mac and cheese for even the pickiest of Hollywood’s critics.

6. Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Returning to France in Epcot, we couldn’t forget to bring up this epic bakery packed to the brim with decadent delicacies. Pastries galore (and more!) this is the place for anyone ready to load up on carbs. The good news? They have full menu items too, like soups and sandwiches and fresh salads for those that need a break from all the bread. Our recommendation? You can never go wrong with classic macarons, and the mousse will leave you seeing stars. But don’t misunderstand- there isn’t a poor choice possible to make at this divine delicatessen.

5. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn And Café

This quick service cafe can be found in the Magic Kingdom in Frontierland next to the Country Bear Jamboree. Fitting perfectly into Frontierland’s Western theme, Pecos Bill’s is the place to go for a southwest fill-up. From fajitas to nachos, carnitas and rice bowls, you can even find a tasty angus cheeseburger on the menu if that’s what you desire. And don’t forget an order of mini churros to share- or not!

4. Flame Tree Barbeque

For the meat eaters and BBQ lovers, we bring you to Flame Tree. Located on Discovery Island near the bridge to Dinoland in Animal Kingdom, this eatery has one focus, and it’s smothered in sauce. The seating is all outdoors, but covered, allowing you to still enjoy the weather with a bit of a break from the heat. While the menu might not be huge, it covers all basic areas of barbeque and leaves you more than satisfied.

3. La Cantina de San Angel

Delicioso! Head to Mexico in Epcot for some truly amazing food. Originally opened in 1982, La Cantina de San Angel has become a staple in Epcot’s arsenal of eateries. Indulge in cheesy empanadas and barbacoa tacos. And don’t forget the guacamole! La Cantina is one of only three places in Epcot you can get guac, so that alone is enough reason to stop by. But don’t just take our word for it- pop in and give it a taste!

2. PizzeRizzo

Located in Hollywood Studio‘s Grand Avenue, this eatery is the perfect place for a comforting American-Italian fusion. You’ll likely need no directions, able to smell the garlic and cheese in the air from miles away. Fuel up for more Disney fun with the restaurant run by the famous Muppet Rizzo the Rat himself, with Muppet memorabilia decorating the space. From pizza to subs, salads and your favorite desserts, this is a place you will definitely return to.

1. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Naturally at the top of our list we have a Disney staple. In the Magic Kingdom‘s Tomorrowland, Cosmic Ray’s brings fast food from the future. The quick-service restaurant is divided into different sections for different food, so make sure you stand in the right line to order. Best of all? Cosmic Ray’s has a nice array of vegetarian options, including a plant-based sloppy joe. This is the place to go for a fill-up that send you out of this world.

photo of a bowl of corn and seafood, pizza hoagie, icing covered roll, and orange drink in a plastic cup plus the title of the article

And that’s our list! Is your mouth watering yet? Tell us in the comments about your personal faves, and if there’s any we left off our list!

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