Top 20 Craziest Moments From Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor Nation fans are ready for sunny weather, tropical drinks, and beach romance! Viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. From summer fun to dates and drama, Bachelor in Paradise has something for everyone. While we are waiting for the next season, let’s look back at some of the more memorable and wild moments from past seasons.

Here is the scoop on some of the craziest moments from Bachelor in Paradise!

20. Chris and Katie’s Reunion Fight

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton
(ABC/John Fleenor)

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton’s relationship on Bachelor in Paradise is quite a roller coaster. They face some issues throughout the season, but still get engaged during the finale and fans are hopeful for their happy ending.

However, at the reunion Katie tells Chris Harrison about issues the couple is having. Harrison also points out that Katie is not wearing her engagement ring, but she says they are still engaged.

Chris Bukowski then joins Katie at the reunion and both partners appear to still be in love and willing to work on their relationship. Katie even puts her engagement ring back on and the two kiss.

Suddenly, cameras follow Katie backstage and outside the studio where she and Chris immediately argue. Chris says he feels blindsided, and Katie is frustrated saying that Chris “knew I was going to tell the truth.”

The immediate change in personality is very shocking to fans and their entire argument is very uncomfortable.

19. Leo vs. Grocery Store Joe

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

In Bachelor in Paradise season 5, Kendall Long found herself in a love triangle with “Grocery Store” Joe Amabile and Leo Dottavio. When Leo realizes that Kendall is going to pursue Joe, he makes a very rude toast to the group.

To Kendall, he says “It was a shame to find out that you’re kind of full of sh*t” and he wished her “good luck with Grocery Store B**ch.” Joe confronts Loe and tells him to, “say that to my face.”

Leo also throws his drink at Joe and the two are separated by security.

18. Kamil Dumps Annaliese

Annaliese Puccini
(ABC/John Fleenor

Kamil Nicalek and Annaliese Puccini left Paradise very much in love. However, during the reunion show Kamil decides to break up with Annaliese. She is understandably frustrated by his choice to break up with her on TV in front of a huge audience and she leaves the stage.

After taking a moment to compose herself, Annaliese then comes back to the stage and stands up for herself. She shares her feelings and explains that Kamil has not been putting effort into their relationship.

Fans are happy to see Annaliese stick up for herself and also return for the following season of Bachelor in Paradise!

17. Jordan and Christian Get Physical

 JORDAN KIMBALL at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion
(ABC/John Fleenor)

To set the scene, Nicole Lopez-Alvar had been enjoying paradise with Clay Harbor. So when Christian Estrada shows interest Nicole, Jordan Kimball tries to defend his friend Clay. Jordan crashes Christian and Nicole’s evening and tries taking down a piñata Christian has set up. Christian tries stopping Jordan and the two get physical.

Thankfully, their fight does not last long as production intervenes, but both men are promptly removed from the show. Even at the season finale, the guys are not willing to set aside their differences and the argument continues.

16. Josh Threatens Nick

Bachelor in Paradise Nick
Instagram @bachelorinparadise

Josh Murray and Nick Viall’s rivalry began on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. However, it came to a head on Bachelor in Paradise.

When the two guys get into an argument in Paradise, Josh is particularly aggressive yelling at Nick about Amanda Stanton. For viewers, the most tense moment is when Josh threatens Nick saying, “You need to hope everything’s good with me and her!”

15. John Paul Jones Gets Loud

John Paul Jones
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

John Paul Jones is one of Bachelor Nations most lovable contestants. With his long blond hair, handsome physique and fun-loving personality few fans can resist his charm. So when JPJ decided to confront Derek Peth over his intentions with Tayshia Adams, fans were shocked.

Not only does the outburst appear to be very sudden, but it takes place at Chris and Krystal’s wedding! Shocked guests watched as John Paul Jones accused Derek of leading Tayshia on, and a tearful Tayshia left the scene.

Bachelor Nation fans still love John Paul Jones, but an outburst at a wedding left some fans questioning his judgement.

14. Evan’s Medical Emergencies

Evan Bass in the hospital with Carly Waddell
Instagram @bachelorinparadise

Evan Bass is one of Bachelor in Paradise’s lovable goofballs. While some contestants did not take him seriously, he was very serious about pursuing Carly Waddell. However, some fans grew suspicious about his methods because a lot of quality time these two spent together results from Evan having a medical emergency.

At one point, Evan found himself with swollen ankles and he went to the hospital. Thankfully, Carly went with him for support. Another time he appeared to be unresponsive after heavy drinking, but made a miraculous recovery after Carly and production came to his aid.

Thankfully for Evan, his medical emergencies were not in vain as he and Carly were married for three years before splitting.

13. Clare’s Raccoon Therapy

Clare Crawley
(ABC/Maarten de Boer)

Before starring on her own season of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley was very familiar with Bachelor Nation. After appearing on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, she then joined the first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. In one of the most iconic moments in the show’s history, the editors had some fun.

During an emotional moment, Clare is letting out her frustrations of the drama in Paradise, but the editing team frames Clare’s conversation to look like she’s talking to a raccoon.

12. Ashley I. Jealousy

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon is now the loving wife of Jared Haibon, but these two were not always together. Jared and Ashley were both on Bachelor in Paradise and Ashley struggled seeing Jared take an interest in Caila Quinn.

Ashley’s jealousy peaks when she takes out her frustration on Caila and calls her rude names. So, her jealousy results in multiple harsh comments and also lots of crying, but ultimately she and Jared made things work.

11. Lace and Grant’s Matching Tattoos

In Bachelor in Paradise season 3, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris got matching couple tattoos. The tattoos said, “Grace” which is a combination of their names together. While some may say it was a spontaneous and romantic gesture, others may point out that the tattoos lasted longer than Lace and Grant’s relationship.

Back in 2017, Grant got the tattoo covered up.

10. Dean’s Love Triangle

Bachelor in Paradise Dean
Instagram @bachelorinparadise

Dean Unglert’s first time in Paradise was anything but relaxing. After initially connecting with Kristina Schulman, his attention was diverted when Danielle Lombard arrived in Paradise. He tried splitting his time between both Danielle and Kristina, and ultimately the entire situation got messy.

Luckily, Dean’s return to Bachelor in Paradise for season 6 introduced him to his current girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes and they are still going strong!

9. Stagecoach Haunts Blake

.(ABC/John Fleenor)

The drama surrounding Blake Horstmann on Bachelor in Paradise occupies much of the season. Before filming season 6, several contestants attended the Stagecoach music festival. There, Blake apparently spent time with multiple women who were also going to be in paradise with him.

Blake was reportedly intimate with Kristina Schulman one night and then Caelynn Miller-Keyes the next. The situation lead to hurt feelings in Paradise, a fight between Kristina and Blake, and several other relationships in Paradise being effected by the drama. Blake’s actions at Stagecoach turned out to be a dark storm cloud that followed him throughout Paradise.

8. Marcus and Lacy’s Fake Wedding

Bachelor in Paradise Marcus and Lacy's wedding with Chris Harrison
Instagram @bachelorinparadise

During season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise Marcus and Lacy’s relationship grew into true love. So naturally, Marcus proposed during the season 1 finale and Lacy accepted.

Season 1 ended with an engagement, so it is only fair that season 2 starts with a wedding! Marcus and Lacy’s beautiful beach wedding is a memorable moment of the season, but fans were disappointed to learn that the marriage was not official, and also that the couple eventually broke up.

7. The Sound Guy’s Great Escape (Almost)

After having no luck finding love with other contestants, Michelle Kujawa began seeing a crew member named Ryan. When production knocked on Michelle’s hotel room door and she behaved suspiciously, they knew something was up.

Turns out, Ryan the sound guy was in Michelle’s hotel room! Hoping to escape being caught with a contestant, the sound guy jumped off of her balcony and the ordeal resulted in him breaking both of his legs. Ouch!

6. The Jenna and Jordan Drama

Instagram @bachelorinparadise

Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper met on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise and hit it off right away. After his first date with Jenna, Jordan awkwardly ended his relationship with Annaliese Puccini. He told her he was going to pursue Jenna, but he also said Annaliese could be his backup.

Jenna and Jordan quickly fell in love and ended the season engaged. However, cheating allegations against Jenna surfaced and the two broke up. Since then, Jenna has cleared her name, started a family, and got engaged to new fiance Karl Hudson.

5. Paradise Shuts Down

On season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson seemingly formed a connection. Unfortunately, their connection alarmed a producer enough to warrant allegations of misconduct. They claimed that Corrine was too intoxicated to consent to her hookup with DeMario.

Filming stopped for an investigation, but eventually resumed after they determined that no misconduct occurred. The season continued without Corrine or DeMario.

4. Demi’s Surprise

Demi and Kristian (ABC/John Fleenor)

Before leaving for Paradise, Demi revealed to her friend Hannah Brown that she’d been seeing a woman named Kristian. After a few days in Paradise, Demi formed a close bond with Derek, but she is still thinking about Kristian.

Chris Harrison surprises Demi with Kristian in Paradise and they continue their relationship.

Bachelor Nation gets to watch Demi and Kristian fall in love and get engaged. Unfortunately, they have since broken up, but still have one of the best love stories on the show!

3. Colton and Tia’s Dramatic Breakup

Instagram @bachelorinparadise

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth’s relationship is long and complicated. However, in season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise they finally get together.

Unfortunately, Colton starts to doubt their relationship and this leads to a long and tearful breakup. Also, Colton has since come out as gay so it seems he is finally being true to himself and ready for love!

2. Jorge Says Goodbye

Beloved Bachelor in Paradise bartender Jorge left the show after three seasons. He still makes appearances and gives contestants tours, aka Jorge’s Tourges, but his bright smile is missed.

Thankfully, Wells Adams is doing a great job filling Jorge’s shoes as the Paradise bartender. On the upcoming season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, contestant Joe Amabile says, “Wells did the rose ceremonies as well as the bartending, and he was great.”

1. Chad’s Grand Finale

Chris Harrison Bachelor in Paradise
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Chad Johnson’s behavior on Bachelor in Paradise further solidifies him as a Bachelor Nation villain. So, after Chad’s excessive drinking, yelling, and aggressive behavior, Chris Harrison removed him from Paradise. Chad angrily screamed and ranted at the host and fans will remember him saying, “F**k you Chris Harrison!” While Chad no doubt adds drama to Bachelor Nation, fans do not seem to miss him.

So what are some of your favorite moments from Bachelor in Paradise? Who do you want to see on the beach next season?

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