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Top 15 Aquagold Facial Benefits

When thinking about this treatment you want to educate yourself on what the aquagold facial benefits are. While there are many kinds of facials like laser treatment, and traditional micro-needling, the new treatment option, aquagold treatment can be adjusted based on your skin type and what is needed.

Many celebrities have tried this gold medical facial device and have seen great results. Kim Kardashian is one of the many that has walked out with beautiful skin. You can have your own skin goals with this versatile tool.

Here’s the scoop on the top 15 aquagold facial benefits!

What Is An Aquagold Facial?

aquagold facial benefits

An Aquagold fine touch treatment is a micro-needling treatment. The 24-karat gold tiny needles, gently press the skin treatments into the surface of your skin. The hollow needles press the custom solution, created by your clinician so that you get the perfect treatment.

Whether you need this treatment for acne, wrinkles, hair loss, or just want a healthy glow for a big event, this is one of the most effective treatments for all the above.

It can also be used on your neck, eyelids/lash line, and even the hairline.

So, what are the benefits of the aquagold super facial?

1. Custom Solutions

The first step is the treatment options. This treatment adjusts to your skin’s specific needs. The primary ingredients are adjusted by your clinician to get the perfect treatment for you.

2. Reduces The Appearance Of Pores

If you have larger pores, this treatment is great to refine them. After the treatment, you will have smaller pores for around 4 weeks.

3. Helps With Acne Scars

This treatment is more than a regular facial. The micro-needling device goes into the deeper layers of your skin for instant results.

If you have active acne, this treatment is not a good fit for you and could have some side effects.

4. Brightens Skin

The rejuvenation treatments are great for special occasions coming up. With the use of vitamin c on the surface of the skin, the fine needles push the product in to create radiant skin.

5. Hydrates Skin

The aquagold super facial is great to have a longer duration of effectiveness, especially when it comes it hydration of the skin. The microchannel device presses the hollow needles into the skin, inserting the hyaluronic fillers.

6. Helps With Skin Texture

The new microchannel treatment uses the gold needles for deeper penetration of these active ingredients results so that your overall skin quality is amazing.

7. Reduces Deep Lines

aquagold facial benefits

If you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles, you would be a good candidate for aqua gold. The gold needles press into the skin’s surface to insert the treatment.

This treatment uses the primary ingredient of facial fillers that could be used from dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers to baby botox this treatment has beneficial effects.

8. Helps With Hair Loss   

The ingredients used for this treatment are platelet-rich plasma that can help with many things like hair loss and loss of volume.

The aquagold device is used on the hair follicle to increase growth factors in human hair. It focuses on the strand of hair to stimulate the follicle and help growth.  

9. Smoothing

This treatment is great to help with the superficial layers of the skin to create natural results for smooth skin. It focuses on the extracellular space to fix troubled areas.

10. Only Takes 20 minutes

Thinking about your aesthetic goals for your skin can be a lot. Especially when you think about how much time in a day you might have to set aside.

The aquagold treatment is a quick treatment that is great for all skins and will have you accomplish your skincare goals.

11. Reduces Dark Spots

These spots can be caused by many different things, like sun damage and more. The treatment targets areas like this for the best results of them going away.

12. Reduces Redness

If you have an uneven skin tone, you are an ideal candidate for this product. The micro-channeling device is great at targeting these troubled areas of the skin.

13. Great For Sensitive Skin

aquagold facial benefits

When thinking about facials, many of them are painful processes for skin health. This treatment is a painless treatment with little to no recovery time for the treated area.

14. Last 4 Weeks

This treatment gives great, long-lasting benefits. You can continue to do all normal activities without worrying about getting another facial for around 4 weeks.

15. Stimulates Collagen Growth

One of the most beneficial things about this treatment is collagen growth. The gold needles press into the natural protective barrier of the skin to increase natural collagen production. This is the most helpful benefit out of all of the products used.

Possible Side Effects

There is a chance that you could have an allergic reaction to this product. The side effects that could happen if you are having an allergic reaction are swelling, itching, redness, and discomfort.

If you happen to experience one or more of these effects, call your doctor and talk about different treatments to use in the future.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the aquagold facial benefits!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.