Top 16 Best Marvel Easter Eggs

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has over twenty films filled with great stories and heroes. However, Marvel movies are also filled with Easter eggs and fun nods to other films and pop culture.

Most importantly they play nice homages to comic book history. Keeping an eye out for Easter eggs in Marvel movies is all part of the fun watching them!

Here’s the scoop on the top 16 best Marvel Easter eggs!

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16. Who is D.B. Cooper?

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What is the answer to one of America’s most famous unsolved questions: Who is D.B. Cooper? Loki. The answer is Loki.

D.B. Cooper is the alias of a man who hijacked a plane between Portland and Seattle, WA in 1971. The man jumped from the plane and his fate is unknown. He was never caught and the case remains unsolved.

In Loki episode 1, a scene cuts to the inside of a 1970’s airplane and we see Loki sitting in a passenger seat. Loki hands a note to a flight attendant, and she calls him “Mr. Cooper.” Loki then tells her, “I have a bomb” just like in the actual hijacking.

The God of Mischief explains that he hijacked the plane because lost a bet to his brother Thor. Not only does this explanation make sense for Thor and Loki’s competitive relationship, but it also offers a satisfying explanation for the famous case itself.

Fans of Marvel Easter eggs and unsolved mysteries alike were so excited to see this fun scene play out!

15. Bruce Banner Science Pioneer

Next up in this list of Marvel easter eggs comes from one of the Spiderman movies! In Spiderman Homecoming, we see a reference to Bruce Banner.

In Peter’s class, there is a list of the most important scientist in history. On this list we see The Incredible Hulk also known as Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner/Hulk
Marvel Studios

14. The original human torch in Captain America

The original marvel character is the Human Torch. In this scene we see Bucky and Captain America enter a Stark Expo and in a glass tube there is a mannequin in a red jumpsuit to represent the Human Torch.

Also, it should be noted that Chris Evans once played human torch. So, this is a double Easter egg.

Captain America
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13. Ant-Man & Hawkeye Team Up

On the cover of The Avengers comic issue 223, we have this wicked picture of Hawkeye about to shoot an arrow that has Ant-Man on top it. As a result, in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War we see it on the big screen!

Before releasing his arrow in the movie Hawkeye asks, “Buckled in?” To which Ant-Man replies, “Yeah. No I’m good arrow guy. Let’s go. Let’s go!”

marvel easter eggs
Credit: Marvel Comics

12. Captain America Shield in Iron Man 

In the first Iron Man film we can see the iconic shield of Captain America in Tony’s workshop. Tony then uses it lift up his current project and make it level.

While it is funny to think about Captain America’s shield as just another cool item in Tony Stark’s house, fans now know the shield was waiting for a better purpose. This exciting detail is one of the first hints at a greater Marvel universe in the works!

11. Captain America punches Hitler

In Captain America: First Avenger, we see an iconic comic book scene come to life in which Captain America punches Adolf Hitler in the face.

This was in the comic Captain America issue 1. Also, it was so successful with fans that they put it in issue 2.

marvel easter eggs
Captain America’s 1941 debut, by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. MUST CREDIT: Timely – Marvel Comics.

10. Captain America tattoo on the mandarin

In Iron Man 3, when Mandarin removes his hood there is a tattoo of a Captain America shield with an A in the center of it to represent the “Anarchy” he represents.

9. Howard the Duck

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 there is a scene in the collectors lair, and here we see Howard the Duck.

So this is his return to the big screen after 20 plus years! He was last seen in the 1986 film, also called Howard the Duck.

marvel easter eggs
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8. Tony finds dad’s comic of Captain America

In Iron Man, when Tony Stark is going through his dads stuff he finds a Captain America comic. This is just one of the first hints that there may be more heroes in our future.

7. Lou Ferigno in The Incredible Hulk

Lou Ferrigno is the original actor who played Hulk in the 1978 television show The Incredible Hulk.

In the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno plays a security guard. Marvel giving new fans a chance to see the original actor is a nice homage to the character and a fun detail for super fans to notice.

6. Wanadavision Kick Ass easter egg

In Marvel’s WanadaVision we have a scene with fake Pietro, Wanda, and the twins talking about trick or treating. One of the boys responds “Kick-ass”. As a result, we get a reference to the movie Kick-ass that Evans Peter and Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in.

Also, a fun fact is that both of these actors have played quick silver. Evan Peters played him in Fox and Aaron Taylor-Johnson played him in the MCU.

marvel easter eggs
Photo Credit: Marv Films Plan B Entertainment

5. Doctor Strange reference in Winter soldier

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America and Falcon are interrogating Jasper Sitwel, when they mention Stephen Strange.

While the Marvel movie Doctor Strange is not released for another two years, this line is our first reference to the sorcerer, Doctor Strange.

4. Mjolnir

In the after credit scenes of Iron Man 2, we see Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, land on Earth.

The next MCU movie to be released was Thor. As more details like this present themselves, Marvel is hinting at more movies and exciting stories to come!

3. Infinity Gauntlet in Thor

In a glimpse of Thor’s weapons vault, we see the legendary infinity gauntlet. As a result, fans began to get excited to see the arrival of Thanos in the MCU.

marvel easter eggs
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2. Wanadavision Costume for Vision and Wanda

One of the cutest MCU easter eggs is Wanda and Vision’s Halloween costumes!

In the Wandavision Halloween special, Vision and Wanda wear costumes similar to their original Marvel comics costumes. While Wanda says she is a Sokovian fortune teller and Vision is a Mexican Luchador, comic fans can easily recognize these iconic outfits!

marvel easter eggs
Photo Credit: Disney Plus/ Marvel Studios

1.Hail Hydra

In avenger‘s endgame, we see Captain America enter an elevator with secret Hydra agents. Since he knows, he tells them “Hail Hydra.” This is a reference to a Captain America comic. In this comic he is a hydra agent.

marvel easter eggs
Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

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