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Top 15 Best Road Bikes For Women Under $500 (2023)

Road bikes are great for those who want to go fast while riding on pavement. These bikes have smooth, skinny tires, and drop handlebars to create a comfortable ride position for the rider.

Many people who own road bikes use them for on-road racing. This type of bike is not very suitable for commuting or touring.

Road bikes are very distinguishable between mountain bike and hybrid bikes. They are most known for their lightweight, speed, efficiency, and fun!

These bikes are fast thanks to their large diameter in the front wheel and rear wheels with skinny tires. It’s not very common for road bikes to have wide tires because a firm thin tire on asphalt won’t flatten as much.

The less the tire flattens the less surface area is in contact with the road.  

While the mountain and hybrid bikes are heavy with bulky tires the road bikes allow riders to swiftly move you down the road.

Specifically designed for the performance they are the lightest type of bike made for hard, smooth surfaces. They are not made to jump logs, ride down rocky paths, or on gravel.

By combining fast wheels and lightweight construction the athletic, forward-leaning position of this bike creates a very efficient bike.

Rather than sitting upright, the rider is able to lean forward towards the wind, and with its multiple hand positions, you are able to stay comfortable the whole ride.

Bike Information

The rear derailleur is the mechanism that helps move the rear of the bike so it’s important to make sure the bike you buy is already equipped with it or it’s compatible with the bike you want.

The Shimano Tourney encompasses front, rear derailleurs, cranksets, shifters, and hubs for bikes meant for commuting, flat trails, and long-distance rides. It’s great for entry-level riding.

While the Shimano Claris is the lowest rung on Shimano’s road bikes it still manages to offer reliable shifting in 8-speed gear.

A road bike is sure to whisk you away down the road like no other!

While road bikes typically don’t come with water bottle holders you can certainly add one. 

Especially if you are going on long rides you will need something to hold your water bottles.

Road Bikes

Road bikes’ price range is normally $200-$10,000. To help find a great ride with a reasonable price tag and the best choice we’ve got the scoop on the best road bikes for women out there.

Almost all of these bikes have aluminum, but some are made with carbon fiber, both of these are very strong materials used to build sturdy bikes.

A carbon fork on these bikes is great for reducing road buzz which helps for comfort and long rides.

You may think the bikes listed are a cheap bike that doesn’t include the important factors you want but they offer high speeds, hydraulic disc brakes, different sizes, aluminum frame and alloy wheels for longer riding times.

15 Best Women’s Road Bikes Under $500

1. Ozone 500 Women’s 29 in 21-Speed Road Bike

The Ozone 500 Women’s Road Bike features an aluminum lightweight frame and a twist shifter to move between 21 different speeds.

With specific road wheels and double-wall alloy rims, this bike ensures a smooth-rolling ride.

With the best beginner road bike out there you’ll be prepared for long distances and a thrilling ride when you get this bike!

2. Begasso Shimanos Road Bike

This affordable entry-level 21-speed road bike is well suited for any type of adventure! It’s one of the few road bikes that you can commute with although many don’t use it for that.

It features a lightweight steel frame, powerful mechanical disc brakes for all-weather stopping, and weighs in at 35 lbs., it’s one of the lightest road bikes out there!

A plus for this bike is the high-quality anti-skid wear-resistant tires. These tires adapt to more terrain, trails, cities, beaches, snow, and can be well controlled on the roads.

It’s also great for steep hills and offers a great speed drivetrain.

3. WJHWSX Road Bike

This lightweight road bike has a full aluminum frame suspension and aluminum wheels for great durability.

This bike is speedy fast with its impressive 21-speed gear you’ll be able to bike as fast as you want! Quickly slow down with the brake levers that are on the handlebars.

It can handle a well-packed gravel road/trail with minimal loose gravel and is sometimes referred to as a gravel bike. The caliper brakes are strong, sleek, dependable, and simple.

Choose between the different color options all under $500.

4. 700c Women’s Giordano Acciao Road Bike

The 700c Women’s Giordano Acciao Road bike is perfect for beginner riders looking for a high-quality entry-level road bike.

This good road bike has advanced features all at an impressively affordable price point ($349.99).

Built with a high-quality tensile steel frame and fork this bike provides a silky smooth ride

Not to mention the color of this bike is unlike any other road bike made for women. It’s unique and flattering. If you are wanting to ride in style then this is one of the best bikes for you!

You’ll be getting a great deal with this bike.

5. Hiland Road Bike

This bike offers the speed, agility, and efficiency you need to get around!

You can boost your speed up to 14 different speeds and with its durable aluminum rims and high-performing tires you’ll have a great riding experience.

The Hiland Road Bike brings more comfort and is a great choice for long time on the road and cycling trips. It’s the best budget road bike you’ll find for the best value.

6. Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

The Giordano Aversa Road Bike is another great option for beginners or intermediate riders looking for one of the best entry-level road bikes.

With its 14-speed drive train, stem shifters, double-wall alloy rims, and dual-pivot side pull brakes it offers a powerful and safe stopping. This great bike is available in Women’s small (riders 4’10-5’3”) and medium (riders 5’3-5’7”).

7. Sokhug Road Bike

Experience it all with the Sokhug Road Bike whether you’re commuting to work, cruising around town, or road biking this is a great option to consider.

The style of this bike is much lighter and more rigid than mountain bikes and the standard hybrid bike. They require less energy to get up to speed and keep moving. This affordable 21-speed road bike is sleek, elegant, and smooth!

8. The Foamside II Single Speed Road Bike

Own the way you ride with the Foamside II Single Speed Road Bike.

This road bike is unlike the others as it only has one speed and is best for those who are commuting. It still encompasses some of the same features as a regular road bike but is for the commuter lifestyle.

Tailored for speed and efficiency this bike is fast, stylish, and lightweight.

With a messenger-style riser handlebar and a narrow grip stance, you’ll ride naturally in a comfortable upright position. This versatile bike is the perfect choice as an entry-level bike. 

9. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

The best thing about this bike is its high-quality high tensile steel frame and fork that provide a silky smooth ride quality.

Built with excellent technology and a sturdy frame this bike is a securely safe, sturdy, and durable ride.

The Shimano Tourney STI 14 speed drive train and dual pivot side pull brakes for powerful and safe stopping on this bike.

It has 16 speeds to cope with any type of terrain and the rim brakes help make stopping a breeze.

10. Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike

The Vilano Tuono Road Bike is great for commuting, exercise, road use, and weekend rides. With its integrated 21 speeds, lightweight aluminum frame, handlebar shifters, and powerful disc brakes you’ll be gliding down the road.

If you are looking to get into cycling I suggest this as an entry-level bike that’s a great-looking bike and goes fast as well. 

11. Eurobike 21 Speed Shifting System Road Bike

The Eurobike 21 Speed is fully equipped to cope with complex road conditions, weather, slopes, dirt roads, and windy days.

With the curved handlebars, this bike makes it more comfortable and faster. It’s worth mentioning the biggest advantage of this excellent bike is the frame that has high-carbon steel.

This makes it more sturdy, durable, and low in price!

12. Max4out Road Bike

The Max4out Road Bike makes everything healthier!

With comfort and durability, you’re sure to ride as long as you’d like.

The quick adjustment in speed allows you to switch through gears quickly with your fingertips so you are able to get into the right gear for any rough terrain.

13. Hiland Vernier Road Bike

The Hiland Vernier Road Bike has a durable steel frame and steel fork to help bring more comfort to your ride.

It weighs just 26.9lbs. and requires little bit of effort to move or take places. With the right place to ride this bike will zip past everyone else.

This bike has the best option in choosing the right size for you and is also available in different colors: blue, black, or silver!

14. Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike

With this 21-speed racing bike, you’ll need little effort to get where you want!

You’ll get the best value, the best color, and the best speed with this one-of-a-kind bike.

It features a Shimano derailleur gearing system to quickly shift gears. With the 700C colorful tires, alloy double-wall rim, alloy frame, and alloy brakes you’ll be riding in style.

15. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

The good thing is this bike has a brake lever/ shifter attached for controllable braking and shifting of gears that are great for the road.

The Vilano Shadow is a fun bike that will take you everywhere!

It’s the latest version of this speedy road bike with 14 speeds, an aluminum frame, and caliper brakes.

Road bikes are a great option if you are thinking about getting into cycling.

Cycling has many great benefits like increased cardiovascular fitness, increasing your muscle strength, decreasing your stress levels, while also improving your posture and coordination.

Road bikes don’t require front suspension simply because it offers no advantage in races.

If you are looking to elevate your riding experience the Giant Contend and Merlin PR7 are a great option. It’s a versatile bike that blends agility and comfort so you can push the pace and ride more miles.  

Other Options

The Schwinn Volare and Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bikeare another great bike that features a lightweight aluminum road frame and rigid fork supply for quick responsive riding.

If you are sensitive to vibration and you want to cruise in comfort, I suggest getting a Schwinn Suspension Fork. A rigid fork is also more practical and great for entry-level bikes.

Many cyclists find steel frames to be more comfortable than aluminum frames because they flex more.

Some people do it out of pure enjoyment while others love the fast-paced racing side of it.

These top picks of women’s road bikes offer a low price point and are a good choice with good quality features. You’ll be getting great value on a tight budget.

Bike rides will be even better than before with the best cheap road bikes.

If you are wanting more expensive bikes, I suggest looking into the Schwinn Phocus with 700c wheels. This bike costs around $1,000.  

I hope these 15 affordable road bikes for women riders provide you all the information you need to pick out your new bike!

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