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Top 15 Moments of the Snyder Cut Justice League

Following the disappointing film of 2017, Zack Snyder spoke out saying this was not his film. So an uproar of fans began to rise to get the Snyder Cut released. Four years later fans would finally receive the true story made for DC’s Cinematic Universe. This sparked a ton of excitement for fans as they were going to see something that only seemed like a fairytale. After a year of editing and filming, we were given a masterpiece to see.

So here’s the scoop on the Top 15 Moments of the Snyder Cut Justice League!

HBOMax/Warner Bros

15. Steppenwolf New CGI

Zack Snyder’s CGI attempt of Steppenwolf was a lot better than Joss Whedon. Also it looks more villainous and offer the character an awesome form of protection. So it’s very safe to say that Zack Snyder’s CGI matches that of Marvel.

14. Wonder Woman Knowledge

Batman’s constant feeling of a fight coming is great and all, but having Wonder Woman actually understand who and what is coming makes for logical reasoning as to why the team would know what to prepare for.

13. Lantern

HBOMax/Warner Bros

Seeing this nice teaser gives hope that a Green Lantern Corps will eventually join the DCEU. So, seeing this lantern was nice to see.

12. Flash’s Comedic Relief

The best change made in the Snyder Cut was making the Flash the comedic relief of the film. The hero has always been an awkward and funny character in shows and comics. So having him be funny in the film made for an easier and sensible watch. While the last film used Batman, who is a serious character, and that was a big mistake.

11. Seeing Omega Beams

Not only is the big bad of the DCEU joining our screens, but we also see his infamous omega beams. This is such a great little thing that adds more to the film and got many fans excited.

10. Darkseid Reveal

HBOMax/Warner Bros

A great addition to the film was showing us Darkseid. Not only do we physically see him, but we get scenes with him and see Apokolips. Zack Snyder finally showed us the big bad of the DCEU and the fans have loved it.

9. Extended Amazon Fight

The fight between the Amazons and Steppenwolf shows the same result, but gives us so much more. So we originally see a quick fight that Steppenwolf wins and reclaims the mother-box. But this time we see a much bloodier fight and more driven effort from the Amazons to stop Steppenwolf.

8. Martian Manhunter Reveal

While the character has been shown in the DCEU before, he has never been shown in his Martian form. So, this made for a very big scene as we see the Justice League form, and hold potential for growth. Also, we see at the end of the film, Martian Manhunter is willing to join the Justice League.

7. Superman Black Suit

HBOMax/Warner Bros

Finally we get to see “the reign” of superman‘s black suit on the big screen. In the comics when superman died, his eventual return was met in a black suit. The issue was titled “The Reign of Superman”, so seeing this on the big screen was a nice homage.

6. Cyborg’s Origin

HBOMax/Warner Bros

The original cut gave us a heavily rushed origin of Cyborg. But, the Snyder Cut went in deep into how he became Cyborg. They showed us the accident that led to it, the studies his father was making, and a sweet epilogue of his relationship with his father healing.

5. Knightmare Scene

One of the biggest additions to the film was the Knightmare scenes. First teased when Cyborg connects with the mother box, but we then in the Epilogue we see a lot more. We see the post apocalyptic world that Superman will bring to earth following the death of Lois Lane. And even better we see the teaming of heroes and villains, one of those teams being Batman and the Joker.

4. Mother Box Back Story

One thing the Snyder Cut does that really adds to the narrative is showing us the first battle Darkseid had on earth. We see him battle Amazons, Ares, and Lanterns. We get a first glimpse at a Green Lantern and see Ares, the God of war, in battle. We also see why Darkseid has a great disdain for earth.

3. Flash Runs Back

In this cut of Justice League, we see Flash actually aid in the fight. But instead of him helping some civilians and giving us the Marvel effect. He is in the fight alongside his League members. He even turns back time when they are about to reach defeat. So he uses his powers to his advantage and turns the tide of the battle.

2. “Not Impressed”

HBOMax/Warner Bros

I’m not the biggest Superman fan, but this scene gave me chills. Superman flies in to save the day, and looks Steppenwolf in the eyes and just says, “Not impressed”. Then he goes on to just beat Steppenwolf and help save the day. It was a scene for the ages, and showed us how much the Justice League really needs Superman.

1. Snyder’s Joker

HBOMax/Warner Bros

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad was met with a lot of hate and disdain. So, Zack Snyder fixed that and gave us the Joker we wanted and most certainly needed. The banter between Joker and Batman was everything it should’ve been. Jokers belief of the soul mate friendship they have, and Batman’s unrelenting want to end the Joker. So it was everything this relationship has represented for years.

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