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Top 15 Most Memorable Quotes From Squid Game

The Korean Netflix series, Squid Game, has made quite a buzz not just in Korea but in the United States immediately after its release. The battle royale-inspired show has become a meme and a famous Tik Tok trend.

Squid Game is unique in that the games people play are solely ones that were a part of their childhood. Furthermore, here is the scoop on some of the most memorable quotes from Squid Game!

Hae-soo squid game
Squid Game S1 – BTS- Credit Noh Juhan | Netflix

1. “You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on.” – Seong Gi-Hun

Many of the characters in Squid Game are haunted by their debt and find themselves out of options to resolve the issue. When everyone is given the same chance to play the games for money, there is a mutual understanding of trust. Even though, people are most likely to betray one another based on the giant piggy bank hanging above them.

2. “Here, the players get to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people suffered with inequality and discrimmination out in the world.” -The Front Man

The Front Man has caught one of the players and a pink suit man taking advantage of the principle of Squid Game. None of the players should know the games ahead of time. We can’t help but respect this principle as cheating leads to nowhere.

hae-soo, sae-byeok, minyeo squid game
Squid Game S1 – BTS Credit Noh Juhan | Netflix

3. “You have a reason to leave this place, but I don’t.”-Ji Yeong


Ji Yeong and Sae-byeok become quite the memorable duo with everyone rooting for them to win Squid Game. The show goes into more detail about each of their stories during the game, Gganbu.

Sae-byeok has an incentive for winning the game but Ji Yeong doesn’t, which is why we see her careless attitude in the previous game. It leads us to question, why did she join the game in the first place?

4. “Do you know what someone with no money has in common with someone with too much money? Living is no fun for them.” – Oh II-nam

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

II-nam makes a point while laying on his deathbed about his reasoning behind participating and creating the games. When you make too much money, there are no more goals in life. However, if you don’t have any money, you also can’t reach your goals. This quote is sure to keep you thinking way after the show is over.

5. “You won’t get caught if you hide behind someone.” -Sang-woo

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

Sang-woo gives advice to Gi-hun on how to survive the first game, red light, green light. Their close relationship keeps them going throughout the series. Although, Sang-woo might start to care more about the money than Gi-hun.

6. “Killing everyone out there was a game to you, huh?” -Player 369

Netflix: Squid Game S1

After playing the deadly game, red light green light, a random player asks the men in the pink suits. This memorable quote goes to show that you must always read the fine print before signing any contract. The players went in thinking the games would be harmless but they were so wrong.

7. “I was bitten by a huge mosquito. Mosquitos are really mean these days.” -Seong Gi-hun

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

In an attempt to hide his facial wounds from the loan sharks, he makes up an excuse for his daughter. But we find out she knows her dad quite well. As a viewer, we know that his ten-year-old kid was not born yesterday.

8. “The star sounds great. Good with me. Besides, nobody sees many stars these days.” -Oh II-nam

During the iconic Dalgona game, they have to choose a shape to cut out of the honeycomb. Player 1 ends up with the star and finds the shape to be quite the challenge. This quote could mean that stars don’t really show up in the sky often or it could mean a bright person that you are close to. What do you think?

player 1 and 456 in squid game
Squid Game S1 – BTS Credit Noh Juhan | Netflix

9. “Stick with the strongest team. That’s the only way.” -Pink suit man

This quote was directed towards one of the players that helped remove the organs from dead bodies. The phrase is true to an extent but strength doesn’t always come out on top.

10. “Don’t do it. That isn’t you. You’re a good person at heart.” -Saebyeok

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

A line that stops Gi-hun from killing Sangwoo. Even though Saebyeok closed herself off to people at the beginning of Squid Game, she started to develop trust with some of the players. It’s as if she known Gi-hun for a long time.

11. “There’s this saying in investing. Try not to keep your eggs in the same basket.” -Sang-woo

Sang-woo seems to tell Gi-hun and the others intelligent phrases but can we really trust him after the choices he has made? Whenever Gi-hun wants to show off his background, Sang-woo quickly interrupts him. I don’t know if he wants to be seen as equal among everyone else or is ashamed of himself.

12. “Dad, you can be in all of the fights that you want, but don’t get hurt too bad.” -Gi-hun’s Daughter

This memorable quote seems to become sort of like a good luck charm throughout Squid Game when he is confronted by enemies. He is one of the few players that hasn’t killed anyone. His daughter knows the kind of person he is and continues to see him as she knows he wouldn’t do any harm to her.

13. “Out there, I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.” -Player 322

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

This quote ties into the principle by the Front Man about equality. When they go back to the real world, they start to realize how dangerous every day can be. There is discrimination against people without money and people with money. But since each player is equal inside the game, they all have the same chance of going home with the money to pay off their debts.

14. “They were simply eliminated for breaking the rules of the game. If you follow the rules, you can leave this place safely with the money we promised.” -Pink suit man

One of the men in the pink suit directs this statement towards the players after the first game. It’s funny how they keep using the word, eliminated instead of killed. Although this quote is true to an extent, it seems like only one person can leave with the money.

Even though each player follows the rules, it’s not guaranteed that you will not be eliminated. This might be the most memorable quote from Squid Game!

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

15. “These days, even women go to war. I mean, when you finally get older, there’s not gonna be that kind of discrimination like we got now.” -Gi-hun

If you know about Korean culture, you would know that all men near the age of 30 have to serve two years in the military with exceptions. But women aren’t required to serve.

Squid Game S1 – Noh Juhan | Netflix

Gi-hun directs this towards his daughter after finding out the gift he gave her was a lighter gun. We all hope the division between the sexes disappears in every country.

Squid Game is a terrifying nightmare, but we can’t help but be engrossed with the concept and the characters. The popular Netflix show has earned the top spot when it comes to viewership and is expected to have a second season. These are only a handful of the most memorable quotes from Squid Game that leaves us feeling tense and emotional.

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