Top 15 Thanksgiving Foods

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year and want to make sure that your meal is top-notch, then check out this list of the top 15 Thanksgiving foods. From classics like roast turkey and mashed potatoes to new takes on old favorites, there is something for everyone on this list.

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Here is the scoop on the top 15 Thanksgiving foods!

Celebrating Thanksgiving

For many Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy a sumptuous feast and give thanks for all the good things in life. The tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast.

Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and has evolved into a day of feasting, football and, for some, shopping.

While the menu for Thanksgiving dinner has changed over the years, certain dishes have become Thanksgiving staples. Turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are just a few of the foods that grace most Thanksgiving tables. But with so many different dishes to choose from, how do you decide what to make for your holiday feast?

To help you plan your Thanksgiving menu, we’ve rounded up our top 15 Thanksgiving foods, from traditional turkey and stuffing to more nontraditional (but no less delicious) dishes like sweet potato casserole and apple pie. So whether you’re looking for an easy recipe or a new twist on a classic, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast, you may be wondering what dishes to prepare. While turkey is typically the star of the show, there are plenty of other delicious Thanksgiving foods that deserve a spot on your table. Here are 15 top Thanksgiving foods, from traditional favorites to modern twists on classics.

1. Turkey

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a roasted turkey. This traditional main course is usually the star of the show, and for good reason. A perfectly roasted turkey is juicy, flavorful and sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Many people love bone-in turkey breasts for the main event, but the best turkey is up to your own opinion.

2. Stuffing

top 15 thanksgiving foods

stuffing is a Thanksgiving staple that can be enjoyed as a side dish or main course. This dish is usually made with bread, vegetables and herbs, and can be flavored to suit your taste.

Stuffing is the ultimate comfort food. It is no wonder traditional this is a popular dish at Thanksgiving dinner. For extra flavor try making cornbread stuffing.

3. Green Beans

Green beans are a popular side dish on Thanksgiving tables. They can be served fresh, canned or frozen, and are often flavored with butter, onions or garlic. Fresh green beans are often on a traditional Thanksgiving menu and with good reason.

Another welcome addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table is green bean casserole. This is one fo the most popular Thanksgiving sides and there are lots of delicious recipes to make it.

You will make this dish with crispy fried onions and heavy cream to give it a savory flavor and a golden brown, crispy top.

4. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is a tart, sweet and tangy condiment that is typically served with turkey. It can be made from scratch or purchased pre-made.

While canned cranberry sauce is a classic favorite, homemade cranberry sauce allows for more freedom in your recipes. If you want to find a new way to entice your taste buds, try adding some lemon zest! It is a delicious way to enjoy the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

5. Pumpkin pie

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Pumpkin pie is a quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. This rich and creamy dessert is made with pumpkin puree, spices and often topped with whipped cream or ice cream.

The sweet flavor of pumpkin pie makes it the perfect side dish for the fall season.

6. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a creamy and comforting side dish that is perfect for Thanksgiving. They can be made with butter, milk and spices, and are often served with gravy.

Everyone loves creamy mashed potatoes.

Some popular mashed potato toppings are sour cream, parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, or green onions. Potatoes au gratin are another popular side dish that home cooks love to serve on Thanksgiving day.

7. Sweet Potato Casserole

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Sweet potato casserole is a popular Thanksgiving dish that is typically made with sweet potatoes, sugar, butter and spices. It is often topped with marshmallows or pecans.

8. Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic American dessert that is perfect for Thanksgiving. This dish is made with a flaky pastry crust and filled with a sweet and tangy filling made with apples, sugar and spices.

The Fall season is the perfect time to enjoy crisp apples, whether it is in an apple pie or in fruit salads or other Thanksgiving salads.

9. Cornbread

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Cornbread is a type of bread that is made with cornmeal, flour, milk and eggs. It is often served as a side dish on Thanksgiving.

Another treat that people love is cornbread dressing! It is the perfect addition to this simple side dish.

10. Roasted Brussels sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts are a delicious and healthy side dish that is perfect for Thanksgiving. These baby cabbage-like vegetables are roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Making brussels sprouts in an air fryer is a great way to cook them if you have less time than planned.

11. Macaroni and cheese

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Macaroni and cheese is a classic comfort food that is perfect for Thanksgiving. This dish is made with elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese, milk and butter, and often topped with bread crumbs.

Mac and cheese is one fo the best Thanksgiving side dishes!

12. Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a creamy and flavorful soup that is perfect for Thanksgiving. This dish is made with pumpkin puree, chicken or vegetable stock, and spices.

For similar dishes, you may want to make butternut squash soup!

13. Pecan Pie

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Pecan pie is a Southern classic that is often served on Thanksgiving. This dessert is made with a flaky pastry crust and filled with a sweet and sticky filling made with pecans, sugar and corn syrup.

Some people even like to top their pie with maple syrup and brown sugar. A crunchy pecan is one of the best Thanksgiving dishes!

14. Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a dessert that is similar to pumpkin pie. It is made with sweet potatoes, and spices and often topped with whipped cream or marshmallows.

Making sweet potato pie is an easy way to enjoy the flavor of your holiday favorite treat!

15. Turkey Gravy

top 15 thanksgiving foods

Turkey gravy is a delicious condiment that is used to top turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. It is made with turkey drippings, flour and chicken or turkey stock.

The best part of turkey gravy is that it pairs well with almost anything at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. You can use it to top buttermilk biscuits, wild rice, corn casserole, roast beef, and even easy creamed corn.

Making Your Menu

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the possibilities are endless. The dishes you serve will depend on your family’s traditions, what’s in season and what you’re in the mood for.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can ‘t go wrong with any of the dishes on this list. From classics like roasted turkey and mashed potatoes to new favorites like pumpkin soup and roasted Brussels sprouts, there’s something for everyone.

Also, don’t forget the pie! Apple, pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato are all classics that are sure to please.

No matter what you choose to serve, the most important thing is that you enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

You can also ask your friends and family for their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. This is a great way to get everyone involved in the holiday meal.

Once you’ve decided on your menu, it’s time to start cooking! Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy good food, so make sure to take your time and enjoy the process.

Honorable Mentions

Those are the top 15 best Thanksgiving foods, but there are lots of other delicious dishes that are often served on this holiday. Some honorable mentions include corn casserole, crescent rolls, pumpkin seeds, acorn squash, and butternut squash.

Some other popular desserts are pumpkin bread, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin spice cookies. At the end of the day, the most important part is spending time with family and friends!

No matter what you choose to serve, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy delicious food with family and friends. So make sure to have a wonderful holiday!

Things to Remember

Whether you are cooking in a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, or an instant pot, there are countless main dishes and easy sides to make on turkey day.

Once you have all of your best Thanksgiving recipes out, you must set out drinks and condiments like orange juice or balsamic vinegar.

Before you start cooking, you need to plan your grocery list well ahead of time. There are lots of side dish recipes for the holiday season, so find your favorite dishes and have done.

Also, if dessert is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to leave enough time to let a cake cool to room temperature or for a cheesecake to thaw.

When it comes to leftovers, always have Tupperware or other containers on hand to store things like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Labeling your food will help you keep track of what needs to be eaten first.

Lastly, make sure you have a plan for dish duty! Whether you are washing dishes as they pile up or taking turns with someone else, getting stuck doing all the dishes is not fun.

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on our whole list of the top 15 Thanksgiving foods!

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving meal for the first time, it can be difficult deciding what to put on your Thanksgiving table. Find your favorite classic Thanksgiving recipes and get cooking on your traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

So those are our top 15 Thanksgiving foods! We hope you enjoyed this article and that you have a wonderful holiday season. Happy cooking!

top 15 thanksgiving foods

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