Top 20 Best Island Range Kitchen Hoods (2024)

When it comes to kitchen island hoods, there are a few key factors to consider. The first is the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating of the range hood. This rating will determine the air cleanliness and safety of your kitchen.

kitchen with island and hood

When choosing kitchen island hoods, it is also important to consider the noise level and fan speeds of your range hood. A ductless range hood is quieter than conventional ones as they do not require venting for exhaust and ventilation. The best island range hoods can offer both high CFM ratings and variable fan speeds which can help reduce kitchen noise and ensure proper kitchen ventilation.

When it comes to kitchen island hoods, your choice will depend on your kitchen design, budget, and kitchen island size.

Here is the scoop on the best island range kitchen hoods!

1. COSMO COS-63ISS75 Island Range Hood

COSMO COS-63ISS75 Island Range Hood

Our first choice for the best range hoods is the COSMO COS-63ISS75 Island Range Hood. It is the perfect combination of powerful performance and beautiful design.

This unit uses cutting edge technology to bring you an incredibly efficient and reliable range hood that’s packed with features. Enjoy an efficient airflow of up to 380 CFM, powerful enough to remove smells and odors quickly. With noise levels as low as 45 dB, your kitchen will stay quiet while you cook.

Plus, this range hood comes with a high quality ARC-FLOW permanent filter so you don’t have to replace it every few months! Not only do you get superior filtration but easy cleaning, too! This is the best option of an island hood for a gas stove.

On top of all this, enjoy a modern style that fits any kitchen decor easily. The COSMO COS-63ISS75 Island Range Hood gives you convenience and style—all at an affordable price!

2. COSMO 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood

Next up is Cosmo’s 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood – the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and elegant design – all at an affordable price!

Get ready to experience a cooking and cleaning process like no other. With its 380 CFM, 3-speed fan and single centrifugal motor, this range hood will quickly and quietly ventilate your kitchen while you enjoy a noise level as low as 45 dB on lowest fan speed with rigid ducting (sold separately).

And not just that; the ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters will have you breathing easier knowing that your hood has superior filtration of grease, odors and smoke effortlessly!

Combining sophisticated features with practical functions, this hood gives you the balance of convenience and brilliance that only Cosmo can provide. Prepare to transform your kitchen from the ordinary to astonishingly extraordinary!

3. FIREGAS 30 inch Kitchen Island Range Hood

FIREGAS 30 inch Kitchen Island Range Hood

Get ready to experience precision and performance in your kitchen with the FIREGAS 30 inch Kitchen Island Range Hood! This incredible range hood is designed to make all kinds of cooking a breeze; from the powerful 450 CFM 3 speed exhaust fan, to the intuitive touch screen control, you have true flexibility and control.

Clear out oil fumes and harmful carcinogens while giving yourself an ultra quiet culinary environment – at high speed the noise level is lower than 56dB – so flavorful meals can be enjoyed without disruptive noise. And speaking of flavor, keep your kitchen workspace illuminated with 4 attractive LED lamps!

Additionally (and perhaps most importantly), this air filtration system isn’t just powerful but also versatile; convert it into a ductless or recirculation range hood using the included charcoal filters (CC170) for ventless operation. It truly is a marvel of engineering!

So whether you want high speeds or great style, this hood has it all. Experience top notch performance right in your own home with the FIREGAS’s 30″ Kitchen Island Range Hood!

4. 36 inch Island Mount Range Hood

Get ready to cook like a professional chef in your own home with the brand-new 36-inch Island Mount Range Hood! This powerful kitchen appliance features 700CFM of air displacement, giving you effective and efficient air circulation in any size kitchen.

And don’t worry about it being loud – this range hood is ultra quiet, only reaching up to 66dB of low noise even at the highest speeds! You’ll enjoy the best cooking experience without any distractions. It is a great choice of ductless hoods!

There’s no need to limit yourself when it comes to meals – this 36″ island range hood is suitable for almost any food or dish. With three settings of air volume, you can customize how much ventilation you want, as well as control various levels and programs through an intuitive touch screen.

It also has stainless steel baffle filters! You are going to love this option of vent hoods. Plus, its modern outlook featuring #430 grade black painted stainless steel and a sleek european-style glass canopy will add style points to your kitchen setup. Invest in the new 36-Inch Island Mount Range Hood today, and cook like a top chef in no time!

5. Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood

Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood

Next up is the Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood! This powerhouse has everything you need to take your cooking to the next level. It offers high power suction operation at 286 CFM, plus two fan levels for just the right amount of suction.

The rocker control makes it easy to operate fan speed and light, and its stainless steel baffle filters are removable and dishwasher safe. Plus, four bright, energy-saving LED lights illuminate your working area while remaining whisper quiet with a noise level of less than 65db at high speed.

The Winflo also comes with adjustable and telescoping chimneys that fit 8Ft.-9 Ft. ceilings although an additional chimney extension for higher ceilings is available for purchase (part #WRHCEI2). This convertible range hood has a touch remote control panel with buttons for adjustments.

Installation is a breeze too; all mounting hardware, flexible duct work, and plug necessary for installation is included in the package. And if venting isn’t your thing, no worries – this hood offers a convertible design that allows it to be ducted or non-ducted. It is even better than a wall-mounted range hood.

So don’t wait any longer – get your kitchen cooking game up to par with the Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood and experience a new level of luxury today! Backed by a 3 year limited parts warranty, you can count on style, quality, and performance now and in the years to come.

6. AKDY Island Mount Kitchen Range Hood

Next up is the AKDY Island Mount Kitchen Range Hood! This powerful but quiet range hood is perfect for any home. With a 194W converter and advanced airflow you’ll never want to go back to just using a fan again!

The 1.5A motor runs super quiet at under 65db, allowing you to cook without too much background noise. Not only do you get a high technical design, but it looks good in any kitchen thanks to the sleek stainless steel design.

This modern design will look great in any cooking area. There are so many different ways to make sure that your kitchen air is clean air, and this hood is perfect for a gas range or electric stove.

You’ll also have 4 separate speed levels to choose from so your exhaust, steam, or smoke can be perfectly adjusted while cooking. Finally, included are baffle filters that are easily removable and dishwasher safe – perfect for those mid-cooking grease cleanups! Upgrade your kitchen game with the AKDY Island Mount Kitchen Range Hood!

7. AKDY Island Mount Range Hood

AKDY Island Mount Range Hood

Next up is the one and only AKDY Island Mount Range Hood! This professional range hood is a must-have for every aspiring chef, or even just someone who enjoys cooking at home!

Boasting a durable 4-speed motor, this kitchen appliance offers both vent out or ductless carbon filter options, making sure you get the precise air flow intensity while keeping your cooking noiseless.

But that’s not all! Its modern line design will match any décor with its flat telescopic chimney and 8-layered embossed black copper shining edge color!

And for added convenience, it also comes with two stainless-steel baffle filters — truly your one stop shop for all kitchen needs! The best part is that these are dishwasher-safe baffle filters. So don’t wait any longer — upgrade your kitchen now with the AKDY Island Mount Range Hood and get ready to experience cooking like never before!

8. Futuro Futuro Island Mount DUCTLESS ONLY Range Hood

The Futuro Futuro DUCTLESS ONLY Island Mount Range Hood is a luxurious and stylish kitchen addition for the most discerning of home chefs. Crafted by a premier Italian manufacturer, stylish design meets extraordinary dependability with this hood operating at 940 CFM and featuring 4-speed touch-sensitive electronic controls.

This hood is made from the highest-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and glass materials for incomparable durability backed by a generous 1 year warranty. LED lights enable great visibility when cooking and dishwasher-safe filters make quick clean up after you’re done.

Plus, mounting hardware and manual are included so installation is a breeze. But there’s more – don’t worry about installation snags because Futuro Futuro offers FREE presales & installation support (tel/Email). If you want to improve your air quality, this ductless island range hood is a great option.

Talk about top-notch customer service! And shipping is stress-free too – it’s in stock at our US warehouse and ships within 1 business day with free curbside delivery directly to your door!

Don’t miss this incredible chance to add Italian luxury craftsmanship into your kitchen in style – order your DUCTLESS ONLY Island Mount Range Hood today and bring a casual cook to your kitchen. There are so many great details you will love about this hood

9. EKON NAIS02-36″ Island Mount Range Hood

EKON NAIS02-36" Island Mount Range Hood

Next up is the EKON NAIS02-36″ Island Mount Range Hood! This sleek range hood offers the latest features for a luxurious kitchen experience. With its impressive 1mm (19-gauge) thickness stainless steel body and four-speed touch control panel with 1-15m adjustable timer and remote control (5 years warranty), it is as beautiful as it is durable.

Enjoy the additional bright lighting from the included four 3w LED lights (adjustable brightness). This ducted hood has an LCD display for touch control. It mounts to the ceiling instead of an exterior wall, so it is great for your island stove.

And don’t forget about function! It has an incredible 900 CFM airflow to keep your kitchen healthy and odor free, convenient easy installation with its very stable mounting bracket to the ceiling, plus seamless welding 47” maximum adjustable chimney ducts and 6″ diameter round exhaust duct vent on top.

The Three pcs stainless steel washable baffle filters also help reduce smoke and odors quickly. Transform your kitchen into an at home culinary paradise with EKON NAIS02-36″ Island Mount Range Hood!

10. Winflo 36 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood

The Winflo 36 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood is the perfect kitchen upgrade! Get ready to enjoy unparalleled air flow, superior design, and maximum convenience with its 475 CFM air flow (high speed setting) and 3-Speed fan levels with delay shut off to customize your ventilation power.

Plus, you won’t have any trouble using or cleaning this thing – it has easy to operate and clean touch sensor control with time display and easy removable dishwasher safe aluminum mesh filters.

As a general rule, if you are cooking at a high heat you will want to use your hood and maybe work up to the highest speed. This will keep a large amount of air in your kitchen clear.

You’ll also love its 4 Bright energy saving soft white LED lights to illuminate your cooking area while keeping noise levels lower than 65db at high speed for a quiet experience. The adjustable and telescoping chimney accommodates 8 Ft. – 9 Ft. ceilings, but don’t be discouraged if you have a higher ceiling; chimney extension for higher ceilings is also available for purchase!

It’s even easier to install than it is to use – just plug it in for a super speedy setup! With a 3 year limited parts warranty, you know you’re getting great quality that’ll last. Get the superior kitchen upgrade now with the Winflo 36 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood!

11. Broan-NuTone BWT2304SS 30-inch Wall-Mount Convertible Chimney-Style T-Shape Range Hood

Broan-NuTone BWT2304SS 30-inch Wall-Mount Convertible Chimney-Style T-Shape Range Hood

Transform the look and the feel of your kitchen with the Broan-NuTone BWT2304SS 30-inch Wall-Mount Convertible Chimney-Style T-Shape Range! This modern T-shape design is sure to impress, wall mounting neatly to offer a complete solution to your kitchen ventilation needs.

The performance cannot be matched as it provides a whopping MAX 450 CFM blower and 8.5 Sones with a 5 minute delay off fan feature to quickly remove smoke and odors from the air. Easily adjust fan settings with 3 speed backlit push buttons for total control over your kitchen’s level of cleanliness.

Dual one piece hybrid baffle filters capture grease easily and are even dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience when it comes to cleaning. For added ease of use, two built in LED light modules are included so you can evenly illuminate your cooking area – controlled by a simple push button.

Whether you need something that delivers powerful ventilation or just adds style and functionality to your kitchen, this wall mount range hood has got it all covered!

12. IKTCH Upgrated 36″Island Mount Range Hood

You will love the newest and most powerful kitchen appliance! The IKTCH Upgrated 36″ Island Mount Range Hood is a game-changer that will revolutionize your cooking experience.

Featuring a 1MM thick stainless steel panel, sleek pure stainless steel color, and gesture-sensing controls, this cutting-edge kitchen hood looks as modern as its performance.

With 900 CFM super suction and 0 residue of fumes, you won’t even need to worry about aftertastes; the custom-made 1-15 minute adjustable timer cleans up for you automatically. This ducted range hood has a quiet operation and enough power to clear large amounts of air. You are going to love this 36-inch hood.

But that’s not all–the hood also includes two 3W energy-saving LED lights to provide a bright kitchen nightlight and wide vision for cooking. Take your culinary creations up to the next level with the IKTCH Upgrated 36″ hood! It is one of our favorite kitchen range hoods!

13. AKDY 30 in. Convertible Island Mount Range Hood

AKDY 30 in. Convertible Island Mount Range Hood

Ignite the modern, professional look in your kitchen with the AKDY 30″ Island Mount Range Hood! This sleek, stainless steel range hood is specially designed to deliver powerful suction and eliminate any steam or odor that comes from cooking.

With a 190W motor and 3 speed levels, you can control the severity of air suction while working with whatever you’ve got cooking! The range hood also features premium quality materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass to guarantee a luxurious, long-lasting product that looks great no matter what style kitchen you have.

This hood style comes with range hood filters. Also, the light bulb selection gives you better visibility for your cooking.

Additionally, the professional range hood has an efficient filter system with baffle filters that are dishwasher safe to ensure maximum airflow and make all your cleaning needs easy, effortless tasks. Stop messing around with outdated ventilation systems – upgrade today to the AKDY Island Mount Range Hood for a modern culinary lifestyle!

14. Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood 36 Inch

Are you looking for a powerful yet quietly-operating range hood to upgrade your kitchen? Look no further than the Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood 36 Inch! This advanced appliance utilizes modern technology and an attractive design to get the job done with style.

Featuring 450 CFM of strong suction, this high-end range hood helps rid your kitchen of cooking fumes quickly and efficiently. It also boasts both gesture control and a sleek touch panel, allowing you to adjust the airflow with just a wave or click.

Its dual installation mode abilities make it perfect for condos and apartments, plus its adjustable chimney can be reformatted to fit any space. Plus, the reusable baffle filter is easy to clean and remove. There is a duct and ductless option as well as a low sound level.

Under-cabinet range hoods are a good thing for home cooks. You can adjust the ducted system to your personal preference, making it the exact type of range hood you want.

The Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood 36 Inch – now your everyday cooking experience can be taken up a notch! Let this stylish, efficient appliance be an essential upgrade in your kitchen today!

15. COSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood

COSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood

The Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood 36 Inch is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With cutting-edge technology and the utmost of care, this range hood brings you ultimate convenience and style.

Say goodbye to stubborn smells and odors with its powerful 380 CFM airflow! Plus, an optional Carbon Filter Kit is available for ducted-to-ductless conversion – so easy! Speaking of easy, the Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters are dishwasher safe for effortless maintenance.

This Cosmo Island range hood has a great CFM rating. There are so many things to love about this hood.

Also, your kitchen becomes even brighter thanks to energy saving 2-watt LED bulbs that give out bright and high lumen light. Get ready to revolutionize the way you cook – get your Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood 36 Inch today!

16. Comfee CVP30W6AST Ducted Pyramid Range

Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking with The Comfee CVP30W6AST Ducted Pyramid Range! The luxurious stainless steel and sleek design of this powerful range hood will bring a new level of style, convenience, and efficiency to your kitchen.

This range hood features an amazingly strong 450 CFM air suction that is strong enough to draw away all your cooking fumes while keeping the noise at a low level. It is also designed it with an ideal size that fits most cabinets perfectly and saves valuable counter top space – perfect for those who live in condos and apartments.

The efficient 5-layer aluminum filter lets you breathe fresh air and assists in removing grease, cooking odors, and other harmful particles. Cleaning up is so easy too—the filter can be simply detached from the unit and put through the dishwasher for optimal performance!

The last thing you want to do when you are on a tight budget is sacrifice quality and with this affordable hood you will still enjoy proper ventilation and a higher CFM.

Say goodbye to any worries about cooking odors and stale air; with The Comfee CVP30W6AST Ducted Pyramid Range, you’re ready to start making delicious meals right away!

17. ZLINE 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood

ZLINE 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood

Next up is the ZLINE 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood – the ultimate kitchen necessity for any home cook! With both vent out and recirculating options complete with carbon filters, you can be sure to achieve clean, chlorinated air while cooking up your favorite meals.

Plus, the push button control panel makes it so easy to adjust fan speeds and lighting with the four-speed fan control (from 120 to 400 CFM) – so you can find the perfect air flow for each meal.

And at its highest setting, this range hood is capable of moving large amounts of air away from your cooking area while keeping a relatively quiet environment – making it comfortable for everyone in the room!

There are so many different types of range hoods on the market. Whether you want something with a lower CFM or you want something to clear as much air as possible, there is a hood for you. This model is a great option because it has touch controls to adjust how much power and hot air you filter.

What’s more, you can easily connect ductwork to the top of the range hood when ready to vent out – how convenient! Get ready to revolutionize your cooking experience with the best range hood on the market: ZLINE 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood.

18. Empava 36″ Island Range Hood

Next up is the Empava 36″ Island Range Hood – the perfect addition to your kitchen! This stunning piece of premium-quality kitchenware is crafted with 18-gauge stainless steel and tempered glass, making it highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

Not only are you getting superior quality craftsmanship, but also incredible low-noise performance with a maximum noise level below 65 dB – bringing you a great cooking experience!

This powerful range hood is equipped with 400 CFM airflow, 3-speed settings and a full sealed aluminum motor. Plus, its adjustable height makes it compatible to fit over any Empava 24″/30″/36“ cooktop or gas range. Any cook will love this CFM island mount range hood.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this amazing product comes complete with ETL certification and an impressive 3 years US-based manufacture warranty. Also, with the modern design of this island range hood from Empava, your cooking area will look sleek and beautiful.

Start enjoying all that this incredible product has to offer today! The Empava 36″ Island Range Hood is the ultimate appliance for keeping your kitchen clean and free from unpleasant odors. If you are looking for a new island range hood this is a great option for modern range hoods.

19. Ceiling Flush Mounted Range Hood – Victory Sunset

Ceiling Flush Mounted Range Hood - Victory Sunset

You are going to love the Victory Sunset Ceiling Flush Mounted Range Hood: modern and unique, for the home of your dreams! This impeccably designed range hood is custom made by Victory Range Hoods in Canada to perfect quality with every unit.

Installing this between joists in your ceiling makes for an easy installation and a perfectly flush fit – making this range hood truly unique. Also, with the powerful 600CFM blower, you’ll be able to keep up with even the busiest of cooks without having to worry about ventilation worries.

It includes a wall plate and switch that comes with a 3 speed rotary dial as well as a dimmable light switch so you can adjust ambient lighting and fan speeds with ease. Another important thing about this new range hood is that it will look great with your kitchen cabinets!

Not only that but there are 4 dimmable 3000K LED lights included too – allowing you to have proper visibility while preparing your favourite dish. Get ready to cook up something special with the Victory Sunset Ceiling Flush Mounted Range Hood!

20. Futuro Futuro Island-mount Range Hood

Futuro Futuro’s Island-mount Range Hood is beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and designed for the most elevated gourmet kitchens. It will also add a stylish look to your kitchen!

This luxurious range hood is crafted by the premier Italian manufacturer – made right here in Italy with the finest materials and craftsmanship – to bring you the absolute best in kitchen design.

The sleek black painted steel finish gives this range hood an eye-catching vibe while its powerful 940 CFM blower takes care of all your cooking needs. Its four-speed touch sensitive controls give you complete control over your cooking environment while LED lights come on to provide enhanced illumination in dark spaces.

Don’t worry about pesky grease or dust either; all components are dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned at a moment’s notice. Even if you take a closer look at the ceiling of your kitchen, the good news is that it will look nice and clean!

Futuro Futuro’s Island-mount Range Hood is stocked right here in their U.S. warehouse so whatever delivery option you choose, they will ship within one business day with free curbside delivery (freight). Buy yours today for an unbelievable kitchen makeover experience so you can start enjoying your luxury kitchen tomorrow!

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best kitchen island hoods. No matter if you want a simple hood or a convertible island range hood, there are lots of great options.

To narrow down your kitchen hood selection, consider the kitchen size and design, noise level and fan speeds, as well as the CFM rating. With all these factors in mind, you can pick out the perfect kitchen island hood for your kitchen needs.

Since there are so many available hoods on the market, we hope that this list helps you make your choice.

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