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Top 3 Work From Home Health & Fitness Careers

If you hope to work in the fitness or wellness sector, then it’s a fair bet that much of your work in normal times will involve traveling to clients to help them with their needs. With that said, if you have been seeking the freedom to work from home and have wellness as a speciality, there is no doubt that the internet is your friend. It is entirely possible to make a living in the sector with your home as your base – and even to do these jobs exclusively from home if you wish. 

To be clear about this, there are different ways of working “from home”. One version involves being visited in your home by clients, and that’s not the approach we will be looking at today. For the sake of this article, we’re looking at jobs that allow you to keep your home private, and deliver your services either by traveling, or by using digital means to speak to service users.

Personal Training

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A lot – perhaps the majority – of personal trainers work out of gyms, but it’s far from obligatory for that to be the case for you. Working from home, you can use your laptop or PC to write up exercise plans for clients, keep contact with them using Skype or similar software, and if the client is local you can go to visit them in their home or meet in a nearby park to go through a routine. Not being attached to a gym gives you greater freedom in designing bespoke fitness plans.

Fitness Vlogger

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The popularity of streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has exploded in recent years, and while the latter is associated in many people’s minds with gaming, it has multiple applications. You can use the services to stream your own workouts, run a livestream where you answer subscribers’ questions, or review products and services connected with wellness. You can do all of the above and more, if you want, and use streaming as a launchpad for a wider service, raising money through Patreon to boost your income.


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Healthy eating advice has never been more necessary, and it is now easier than ever to deliver to a wider range of clients. Having picked up a qualification from one of the excellent nutrition courses available out there, you can design eating plans for your clients, and send them a schedule by email or other means. You can also get on a live video call with a customer and teach them important things such as portion control, as well as how to prepare and preserve different foods.

There are other approaches you can take – if you’re prepared to overhaul your kitchen and get the necessary food hygiene certification, you could make tasty, healthy keto snacks and smoothies for sale, or offer a massage service – but the three above are among the simplest. It doesn’t need to represent a major lifestyle change for you, and you can help people achieve peak wellness by harnessing your own skills.

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