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Top 4 Flat Tummy Workouts For Quick Results

Having your ideal body starts with a healthy lifestyle. It’s unrealistic to have a flat stomach 24/7. There comes a time where you might feel bloated, and it will actually show — this is normal. If you’re someone who has fat around your abdominal and wants to lose it, here are the top flat tummy workouts you can use for quick results.

Keep in mind that tightening your midsection can be tough, but with consistency and an effective strategy it’s possible. These exercises can be included with your daily workout or as many times a week as you would like.


  1. Russian Twist

This exercise can boost your stability while targeting muscles in your core. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs straight out. Slightly lean back and put your torso and thighs in a v-like shape. At your own pace, twist your upper body from side to side without moving your legs. (Burner: do this exercise with your feet slightly elevated.)

Benefits: strengthens your obliques, helps with balance, and gets rid of love handles.

2. Leg lifts

Basic but core-friendly. The more you do, the better the results. Laying down on your back, raise your legs at a 90-degree angle then back down without touching the floor. Make sure to keep your lower back flat and legs close together. (Alternative: standing up, lift each leg side to side simultaneously.)

Benefits: improves flexibility, flattens your lower abdominal, and builds a strong core.

3. Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is a classic workout. It’s a full-body move, involving your legs, arms and glutes. Start in a push-up position, keeping your arms shoulder-width apart, then drive your knees into your chest. The key to this exercise is to feel like you are running in place.

Benefits: builds cardio endurance, increases mobility, and burns fat.

4. Plank Twist

Planks are undeniably the most common exercise ever. Having a lot of variations, a plank twist can be an addition to a regular plank. Start in a plank position with your elbows on the mat, on your toes, and keeping your stomach flat, twist from side to side. Make sure your hips almost touch the ground.

Benefits: reduces love handles, trims your waist, and strengthens your back.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.