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Top 40 Best Women’s Golf Bags

The proper golf bag will help any golfer enjoy their game more, and there are few sports where equipment choices can make such a big difference. So you are going to need to look at the best womens golf bags!

best womens golf bags

How To Choose

Women have different physiques and preferences than men, so it only makes sense that they would need different golf bags as well.

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the best golf bag for women.

First, consider the size and weight of the bag.

It should be large enough to fit all of your clubs, but not so heavy that it becomes a burden to carry.

Second, think about the features you need and look for a bag with plenty of pockets and compartments for storing everything from balls to tees.

Finally, choose a bag that is durable and easy to clean, as it will see a lot of use on the course.

With these factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf bags for women on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option or something with all the bells and whistles, one of these bags is sure to fit your needs.

Top 40 Best Women’s Golf Bags

Here is the scoop on the best womens golf bags!

1. Birdie Babe Moondance Flowered Ladies Hybrid Golf Bag

Did you know that there’s a 7-way top full length divider in a golf bag? Introducing the Birdie Babe Moondance Flowered Ladies Hybrid Golf Bag!

This nylon golf bag is lightweight and easily transportable making it one of the best womens golf bags.

The golf bag contains a large insulated cooler pocket and weighs less than 5 pounds.

2. TaylorMade Golf Ladies Select ST Cart Bag

The TaylorMade Golf Ladies Select ST Cart Bag features a new fade resistant yarn dyed fabric with a built in putter.

Additionally, there are 15 individual full bag length club dividers.

If you’re looking forward to a nice day on the golf course, this is something you need to have!

Plus, it will last you a long time, so get this ladies golf bag now!

3. Lakehood Golf Cart Bag

For a golf bag that’s lightweight and durable, look no further than the Lakehood Golf Cart Bag!

This golf bag has 14 top way dividers, 600D polyester water-resistance fabric, and weighs five pounds.

Plus, this golf bag was made for any circumstances so it is one of the best womens golf bags.

4. 14 Way Golf Cart Bag

Is it time for a new golf bag? If so, check out one of the best womens golf bags, the 14 Way Golf Cart Bag!

This bag has 14 Individual full length wells for every club, keeping things well-organized from scratch against each other.

Thanks to this amazing design, you can even take your favorite cold drinks on the golf course.

Plus, the valuable pocket can keep your phone, wallet, and keys protected and safe.

Also, since this golf bag has a high density material it’s splash-proof, rip-stop, and durable.

5. OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

Check out our next pick for the best womens golf bags, the OGIO Alpha Travel Cover!

The main difference between this bag and other bags is is the external and internal compression straps to reduce club movement with the bag.

To keep your clubs extra protected there’s a dense foam around the club heads and a skid plate for abrasion protection with lockable exterior zippers.

You can’t find anything better than the OGIO Alpha Travel Cover, so buy this great option today!

6. Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Deluxe Ultra Lite Stand Bag

The Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Deluxe Ultra Lite Stand Bag is the perfect golf bag for those long days on the golf course.

This bag features 9 inch 6 way graphite shafts and a friendly separator top.

It also has 3 full length club dividers, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your clubs.  

Additionally, easy release stand legs with a velcro strap to secure legs when the bag is not being used.

This bag makes your days stress free as your bag goes from a misplaced and unorganized golf bag to an organized one!

7. Glove It Exclusive Nine & Wine Mini Sunday Golf Bag 

Next on our list of the best womens golf bags is the Glove It Exclusive Nine & Wine Mini Sunday Golf Bag!

This bag is made with 100% of nylon fabric and padded with super lightweight four-point should straps.

With an umbrella sleeve and hood included this bag is a great choice for those rainy days out on the golf course. 

This Nine & Wine Mini Sunday Golf Bag is a functional and fashionable, top-quality bag for you to carry around.

8. Majek Ladies Teal Black Golf Bag 

Do you need five zippered accessory pockets with a velour-lined golf bag?

Then the Majek Ladies Teal Black Golf Bag is your perfect solution!

This bag is not only fashionable with its bright colors, but it is also durable with a padded rear position single carry strap with an elastic band.

It is made to keep your shoulder from injury.

Different is good, and the different colors of the Majek Ladies Teal Black Golf Bag will help you stand out on the course!

9. Taylor Made 2022 Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

Taylor Made 2022 Flextech Crossover Stand Bag features a self adjusting system for comfort and protection for your shoulder.

Additionally, it has a water resistant stretch pocket that keeps your valuable protected in extreme weather.

This golf bag allows for a cart strap passthrough allowing access for oversized apparel or items.

10. MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe 14-Way Ladies Cart Bag

Look no further than the Macgregor Golf VIP Deluxe 14-Way Ladies Cart Bag!

The 14-way top divider makes this the perfect golf bag for keeping your clubs organized.

It also features a ball pocket, tee holders, two full length apparel pockets, and a cooler pocket. 

We must not forget that this bag is built with a strap that runs under the front pocket for easy access to contents.

This bag has it all and can carry much weight!

11. Yovital Golf Stand Bag

A padded dual shoulder strap system with splash-proof and rip stop material? Introducing the Yovital Golf Stand Bag!

This bag features 14 individual pockets, an integrated handle top cuff for easy access, and a PP bottom to hold up your clubs.

This golf bag is a great choice for a classy casual day at the golf course and is lightweight to carry your clubs.

Make walks on the course so much easier with this amazing golf bag!

12. HELIX Women’s Golf Bag

The Helix Women’s Golf Bag is made with high quality imported nylon fabric and strong stitching that make it long lasting.

Additionally, this hybrid golf bag has a retractable top with velour six way dividers protecting your clubs from damage.

The high density polyethylene material keeps the structure of your bag upright.

What else are you waiting for? Take your Helix Women’s Golf Bag on your next trip to the golf course!

13. Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Lightweight Golf Bag

The Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Lightweight Golf Bag is easy to carry with a unique designer print.

It also has an external towel ring, velcro glove holder, and tee holder!

This lightweight design bag was made just for you making it one of the best womens golf bags!

14. Sun Mountain Diva 14-Way Divided Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Diva 14-Way Divided Golf Cart Bag is a sturdy bag that is made with nylon fabric.

It has a single smart strap for an easy way to travel around the golf course.

Additionally, it comes in an amazing black, pink, and white color scheme.

Any of the sun mountain bags will work for you, no matter your skill levels!

15. Callaway Golf 2021 Chev Stand Bag

The Callaway Golf 2021 Chev Stand Bag features a lightweight ripstop fabric, six velour lined pockets, and four midsized full length dividers.

This golf bag also comes with a hook and loop glove attachment for your golf gloves.

The is the perfect choice for any golfer and is big enough to hold all of your golf equipment!

16. Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Bag

Next on our list of the best womens golf bags is the Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Bag!

This golf bag has an external putter with a cart strap loop.

The Xtra Cart Golf Bag has a 14 way full length top divider to keep your clubs safe and protected from a driver to a mallet putter.

The four large full length garment pockets are great for storing extra shirts, pants, and gloves.

17. Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

The Glove It Women’s Golf Bag has a variety of colors and styles to suit all needs, from lightweight, stylish and comfortable golf bags to full-fledged golf bags.

The Glove It range of golf bags perfectly complements your outfit and outfit your outfit with our range of accessories. 

Furthermore, The Glove It Club Bag is the perfect choice when you want a lightweight bag that converts into a classic club bag.

Unlike a men’s bag, this ultra-portable and compact club bag are ideal for travel or on the go.

So the next time you engage in a golf game, make sure you have this bag with you!

18. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

The Tangkula Golf Stand Bag features a light weight of only 6lbs and portability, its 6 way dividers surprisingly offer you enough space to accommodate your golf clubs.

There are 7 pockets on this bag to bring you additional features such as storage space where you can put various accessories. 

The backpack-style shoulder strap for extra comfort provides you with a convenient handle on the side to quickly carry and go.

Plus, the special zipper design adds both practicability and aesthetics to this product.

You deserve the best women’s golf bag to hold the best women’s golf clubs, so get yourself the Tangkula Golf Stand Bag!  

19. Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag

Is your shoulder getting sore from lifting a heavy golf bag filled with clubs? The Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag is the solution for you!

This bag features a padded shoulder strap that has a hip pad to provide your shoulder and back comfort.

This bag has a five way top and two full-length dividers. 

Want to make that shoulder pain go away, the next time you’re at the driving range?

Pick up the Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag at a great price point! 

20. Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Do you want a bag that is convenient and comfortable to carry your gloves, clubs, or your sand wedge around? 

The Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag is designed to be with the jumbo grip, which has an adjustable grip for each hand and allows you to adjust the grip to their preferred hand size and shape.

As well as adjust the grip height for optimal performance in all conditions.

This includes wet or dry conditions, windy or dry conditions, hot or cold weather, and snow or ice conditions.

21. Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag 

Set the bag down with ease, stands at the perfect angle to grab your clubs out of your Ram Golf Ladies FX Lightweight Golf Stand Carry Bag. 

This bag has a ball/tee pocket, a soft lined valuables pouch, a full length apparel pocket, a bottle pocket, a pen holder, a scorecard sleeve, and a five way divider.

It also features a rain hood, an umbrella holder, a golf towel buckle, a velcro glove holder, and dual padded shoulder straps with 4 point harness for a comfortable fit! 

22. Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag

The first thing you need when going golfing is a reliable golf bag.

The Titeist Players 4 Golf Bag has a new premium double strap with high-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability.

This new bag comes with enough storage, waterproof valuable pockets, and an expandable full-length apparel pocket.

23. RJ Sports Spinner X

The RJ Sports Spinner X is an innovative golf bag that features an oversized external putter with a rolling wheel base. 

This bag has a retractable handle for an easier walk to your golf cart.

There’s also a cooler pocket to keep your water and soft drinks cool in between swings.

No matter if you are walking to your golf cart or on the course this bag is what female golfers need!

24. MACGREGOR Golf MacTec Stand Bag 

The MACGREGOR Golf MacTec Stand Bag is a great addition as any golfer’s bag.

Lightweight golf bags are easy to carry and have a great design, and this bag is no exception.

I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a great golf bag.

It is made of 100% nylon, which is soft and durable, and has a zipper closure, which makes it easy to access the contents.

The bag has a shoulder strap to keep your shoulder painless and comfortable. 

25. Top Flite Flawless Golf Cart Bag

The Top Flite Flawless Golf Cart Bag is constructed of durable, water-resistant fabric.

It also has two large interior compartments for holding your cell phone and other items and a large apparel pocket.

This is easily one of the best womens golf bags!

26. Callaway Golf Fairway C Stand Bag

Do you love spending your time on the golf course, but hate having to juggle your clubs?

The Callaway Golf Fairway C Stand Bag is perfect for you!

Including a fairway wood club, this golf bag features metal zip pulls to keep your clubs secure and compact!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, this is a great bag for you!

27. Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag

This Callaway stand bag is like the Callaway Solaire stand bag! They go away fast, which is why you should take advantage of these incredible bags.

The Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag is midsized with a four-way top for those who want to carry their phone, keys, wallet, and other small items.

It is made from a lightweight ripstop fabric that will not scratch your clothing or the floor. 

It also has a velour lining that will keep your items safe and secure.

28. Hot-Z Golf Ladies 3.5 Premium 14 Way Divider Cart Bag

The game of golf requires the best womens golf bag.

The Hot-Z Golf Ladies 3.5 Premium 14 Way Divider Cart Bag is designed to be used in the outfield, but it can also be used in rough environment courses.

It has a shoulder strap and two front pockets with velour lined interior pockets. 

This golf bag is made of high-density polyurethane foam with a nylon lining.

The bag has an internal zippered pocket on the front bag that can be used as a storage area for small items such as keys, and cell phones.

29. Majek Premium Ladies Navy Blue Pink Golf Bag

Check out the Majek Premium Ladies Navy Blue Pink Golf Bag!

The bag is made of lightweight, durable nylon fabric. It has a padded interior with a removable rain hood and an insulated hydration compartment. 

The bag is also equipped with two utility handles on the top and bottom of the bag.

The bag has a zippered accessory pocket on the front and an insulated hydration compartment on the back.

With Amazon Prime, you are guaranteed free shipping!

30. MACGREGOR Golf Ladies Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag 

MACGREGOR Golf Ladies Mac 2.0 Heather Cart Bag is tour quality golf cart bag with plenty of storage and a sharp new design.

This 14 divider system includes full length dividers so you can keep your clubs organized.

Plus a bonus oversize putter slot for all your gear on the course! 

It features lots of pockets including 2 soft lined valuable pockets, 2 full length apparel pockets, and a large insulated drinks pocket that fits two water bottles or four standard cans.

It also has a balls pocket, tees and accessories pocket, and two additional features for any extra gear.

Why not buy the MACGREGOR Golf Ladies Mac 2.0 Cart Bag for yourself or for any other lady golfers you know?

31. BURTON Staff Bag

The BURTON Staff Bag is a durable bag that provides ample storage.

This product is constructed of textured buffalo vinyl with a top cuff steel ring.

This sleek designed golf bag makes you stand out from the rest.

Ready to head to the golf course? Check out the Burton Staff Bag for your next visit. 

32. OGIO Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag

The OGIO Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag gives you plenty of storage space with 9 pockets including a Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket, water bottle pocket with drainage port, and umbrella holder. 

This is a hybrid stand bag designed for the active golfer who wants an easily accessible golf bag that accommodates woods or irons on either side rather than on only one end like traditional bags.

This double shoulder strap features Fit Disc technology that automatically adjusts to your body type without adjusting buckles.

So it feels like part of you when carrying it around all day long! 


This lightweight golf stand bag will make carrying your clubs easier than ever before!

The PROSiMMON Golf DRK features 4 points of adjustment on its dual shoulder strap which distributes weight evenly making it easy to carry around all day. 

This light bag weighs just 3lbs so every saving counts when carrying 18 holes worth of gear!

There are 5 pockets including one velcro glove patch, umbrella holder, golf towel buckle, and rain hood that are included with the purchase.

You will develop a large sweet spot for this bag in no time!

34. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

The Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag is easy to transport thanks to its Smartgrip handle which lets you easily load and unload it from your car, SUV, or truck. 

The bag also includes four total pockets including a waterproof valuables pocket and a dual carry strap on each side of the bag for carrying ease.

It also features an umbrella holder and a towel clip.

All these premium features and it is still an affordable golf bag!

Durable construction means that these golf stand bags will last a long time while still looking great!

35. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Similar to a hoofer lite golf bag, this golf stand bag by Tangkula is both stylish and practical.

Its compact body takes up very little space when traveling so it’s easy to take with you anywhere! 

With black on the outside and aluminum paint on its foot pipe support, it stays balanced at all times.

Rubber foot pipe brackets prevent scratches so there’s never any worry about ruining your gear when storing away this golf stand bag! 

36. Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag

Cobra Golf does it again with the Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag, which is great for carrying around all your golf gear on Sundays!

This bag offers 3-way top organization so you’ll always know where everything is when it’s time to go home. 

There are designated full length club dividers and a top grab handle with reinforced stitching on both sides of the bag body for easy lifting by two people.

Plus there’s an oversized apparel pocket, fleece lined valuables pocket, and mesh beverage pocket for storing drinks securely inside your bag!

37. Ollyint Golf Cart Bag

If you’re looking for a golf cart bag that offers plenty of storage space then look no further than Ollyint Golf Cart Bag!

This design provides enough room to accommodate all your favorite clubs.

There are 6 zipper pockets which include one velour lined pocket for valuable items. 

For those who have been playing golf a while or just starting out there is something special about owning their own personalized club set!

It is complete with irons and woods designed specifically by them!

No matter what level golfer you may be at, Ollyint Golf Cart Bag has got it covered so grab yours today! 

38. Sun Mountain 3.5 Golf Bag

Ladies’ golf bags have many good qualities. The Sun Mountain 3.5 Golf Bag is perfect for women golfers who want style and functionality combined into one bag!

This stand carry bag features the EZ Lite Dual Strap System which makes it easy to get on and off!

The contoured shoulder straps are wider at the top where they meet your shoulders so there’s no digging in when carrying over long distances! 

Ten pockets make sure you have room for all your golfing essentials including a water resistant valuables pocket, and a hydration pouch along with plenty of other storage space.

This golf bag is the best option!

39. Callaway Golf ORG 14 Cart Bag

The Callaway Golf ORG 14 Cart Bag is a top-of-the-line golf bag that is perfect for a female player!

It features a new proprietary 14-way arched top that optimizes access to clubs on golf carts and a push cart.

With individual full-length dividers and a separate putter well with TPE over mold for shaft protection. 

The 10 front facing pockets include an improved molded range finder pocket, a velour lined valuables pocket with a waterproof zipper, a cell phone sleeve, and an insulated cooler pocket.

So you can have everything you need at your fingertips. 

The improved cart strap pass-through does not interfere with access to pockets.

Plus the stowable padded single strap, new trolley-friendly hook, and loop straps secure the bag in place and prevent bag rotation.

40. Nike Golf Sport Lite Bag

You need to look at different golf bags to choose the right one.

The Nike Golf Sport Lite Bag is the perfect bag for golfers who want the option to carry or cart their clubs. 

The bag features an adjustable dual strap system for maximum comfort and a strap-through design for easy cart attachment.

Plus, the water-resistant rain hood protects clubs from the elements!

The bag is made from durable, lightweight aluminum for easy transport.

The important thing is that it has enough room to carry everything you need, including rain gear.

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best womens golf bags!

If you didn’t like any of the options on this list you can always check out the Taylormade Cart Lite Bag.

Whether you are looking for a complete set, or the perfect bag to hold the extra weight of your golf balls, golf shoes and credit cards, you are sure to find the perfect bag on this list!

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