Top 5 K-dramas With Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-hye happens to be one of the most popular actresses in the Korean entertainment industry. Get the scoop on our Top 5 K-Dramas where Park Shin-hye has shined the most!

1# “You’re Beautiful”

You’re Beautiful is a romantic drama that involves a band with handsome boys and a nun. Park Shin-hye plays a nun but unexpectedly ends up posing as her brother in the musician group, A.N.JELL. But the members of the band don’t know that she is really a girl. So, relationships become quite complicated when she has to hide her true gender. Follow her journey towards love in You’re Beautiful with Jang Keun-suk.

2# “The Heirs”

A classic Cinderella theme, The Heirs follows a group of rich kids such as Kim Tan who is played by the famous actor, Lee Min-ho. Cha Eun-sang played by Park Shin-hye enters the picture when her mother works as a maid for Kim Tan’s family. But they really cross paths when in the States. But trouble brews when Kim Tan’s fiancé shows up to show Eun-sang who’s boss. As if things don’t get any more complicated when Kim Tan’s rival decides to place himself between Kim Tan and Eun-sang. Be prepared to feel heavy amounts of tension as Eun-sang finds herself trapped between the two boys.

3# “Pinocchio”

This time, Park Shin-hye is in the drama Pinocchio alongside Lee Jong-suk. Ki Ha-Myung played by Jong-suk is happy with his family, but his life soon turns upside down when his family dies from a factory explosion and the pressure of the media. Ha-Myung becomes adopted by an elder man and changes his name to Dal-po. Park Shin-hye who plays Choi In-ha, forms a friendship with Dal-po, but he disregards her when finding out that her mother is Cha-ok in the media. With her “Pinocchio Syndrome” and her mother, can Dal-po overlook the past and join forces with In-ha to bring down Cha-ok? A drama focusing on relationships and the news industry, it’s time to get emotional!

4# “Heartstrings”

Featuring the K-pop idol Jung Young-hwa from CNBLUE, Heartstrings is all about university romance! Park Shin-hye stars in this lighthearted drama as the main female lead that collides with Lee Shin (Jung Young-hwa) as both music majors. Even though they are interested in two different music styles, can they overcome their differences by working together? Both Young-hwa and Shin-hye have featured in You’re Beautiful, so it might not be much of surprise to see them acting together again.

#5 “Doctors”

After watching some of Park Shin-hye’s other dramas, her role as a doctor is a step up from the usual heroine role. This k-drama turns her into a fearless doctor that is willing to help her patients. Even though she is passionate about her hard-working position, she meets Kim Rae Won, the doctor that changes her world. Follow this k-drama as Park Shin-hye transforms from a doctor that fails to make lasting relationships to a doctor that learns to love.

I hope you’re inspired to check out more from Park Shin-hye as she is quite the actress in the Korean entertainment industry! For more K-Drama posts, check out these posts!

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