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Top 5 K-dramas Worth Re-Watching

Do you ever have certain dramas where you can watch over and over again with enjoyment? From romance to robots, these k-dramas have made our top 5 list of k-dramas worth re-watching!

1. “Coffee Prince” (2007)

The k-drama features an actor that all of us know well, Gong-yoo, who has starred in movies like “Train to Busan” and “The Suspect.” But one of his most known works is “Coffee Prince” as he plays the son of a chairwoman. Choi Han-kyul (Gong-yoo) decides to take over the family-owned coffee business. However Go Eun-chan makes an appearance, throwing off Han-kyul’s emotions. A perky romance with coffee is also a heart-warming mixture, which is why we can’t stop watching this k-drama!

2. “Are You Human Too?” (2018)

This k-drama gains the second spot for k-dramas worth re-watching as we even recently did a review on the addicting drama! Featuring Seo Kang-joon, the edgy scenes will definitely keep one on their toes! Read the review here!

3. “Hotel Del Luna” (2019)

All about the ghosts and goblins, “Hotel Del Luna” is quite the drama with its perfect blend of romance and chilling scenes. Take a journey through life and the afterlife with IU and Yeo Jin-goo! Read our review of the ghostly k-drama!

4. “Playful Kiss” (2010)

The magic of “Playful Kiss” brings us to hope that it’s not impossible to fall in love with your crush and live happily ever after. But of course, there will be obstacles along the way as Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min try to make ends meet with their opposite worlds. “Playful Kiss” is worth the re-watch in hoping that we can find a love like them someday. Here are the reasons to watch the lighthearted drama!

5. “Because This Is My First Life” (2017)

Another romantic comedy to add to your re-watching list! “Because This Is My First Life” stars Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min as they become roommates with financial issues. Will they be able to aide each other in dealing with their financial issues?

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There is our list of the top 5 k-dramas worth re-watching! All of these k-dramas are on Viki! Don’t miss out on the romance and the robots! Let us know which k-dramas you find worth re-watching.

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