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Top 5 Places Worth Visiting in Switzerland

Whether you want a quick tour of Switzerland or a more immersive experience, these travel spots may be ideal for you.


Schaffhausen is a Swiss town on the upper Rhine river near the German border, so perhaps bring a German-speaking friend with you. Here, you can see the Rhine falls – the most powerful waterfall in Europe (only 75ft though). There are plenty of baroque buildings to check out in addition to the 16th Century Munot fortress. If you want to see what a real Swiss town looks like instead of typical tourist traps, this is a nice place to see. And since there aren’t many tourists aware of this spot, there’s a chance you can be the only one in a castle-like hostel if you stay the night. At least that’s what happened with my friend and I when we went around March.


This is the capital city of Switzerland. You can spend a day walking around the city taking nice photos in front of the famous clock tower. And, feel free to stop by Albert Einstein’s house. There’s also a bear pit attraction that houses a bunch of bears. Although we were a bit unlucky since the bears just hid when we showed up. And finally, there’s a picturesque museum dedicated to the artist Paul Klee. It takes the form of a wave blending into the landscape.


Interlaken is a resort town in central Switzerland built between two lakes – hence the name. The surrounding mountains offer plenty of hiking and skiing opportunities. From here, you can go to the top of the Schilthorn, where they filmed a James Bond movie. The journey up the mountain includes plenty of snow-cap mountain ranges and gingerbread-looking houses. This spot was one of my favorite because of the scenery, but also because the location was so culturally diverse. I even managed to encounter 4 people from my hometown of Dallas.


Going to Montreaux makes you think you’re in France – since the main language in this part of Switzerland is French. This town is on the shoreline of Lake Geneva, which has breathtaking views by the way. The town’s walk is lined with flowers, Mediterranean trees, and sculptures. There’s also a medieval castle offshore called Chateau de Chillon, which was pretty exciting to see.


Geneva is like the NYC of Switzerland. It’s a global hub for diplomacy and banking (calling all finance bros). There’s also the UN and Red Cross headquarters, which I really wanted to see but wasn’t able to. I’d say enjoy the Swiss cuisine, walk around Lake Geneva, take a cruise to Evian, France, and check out some Rolex watches.

Overall, you can experience Italian, German, and French paradise traveling through this beautiful country. Whether you want to eat Swiss chocolate while walking around Lake Geneva or ski in the Alps – Switzerland’s got it all.

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