Top 5 Reasons to See LaLa Land

I was hesitant going into to this movie because some musicals tend be cheesy and over the top. However, La La Land completely blew me away. This movie has the perfect balance of drama and musical aspects. Starring the extremely good-looking musician named Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) and his very likable girlfriend, Mia (played by Emma Stone). I can promise you will completely fall in love with this couple. It is filled with intense drama scenes as well as perfectly lighthearted moments. Anyone who has ever said that musical films are dead; you are wrong.

If you follow me on social media, I am sure you saw I attended the LA premiere of LALA Land. I had the best time and left so inspired to chase my dreams! Check out my top 5 reasons YOU need to go see LALA Land! And believe it or not Ryan Gosling is not even on my list…although he’s reason enough. 😉


1. A Realistic Love Story

Finally, something I can relate to! Yes, it is a love story; but there is so much more to it. The moral of this story is not to just fall in love, but to surround yourself with people who will help you chase your dreams. Sebastian’s overall goal is to open his own Jazz Club and to show people that Jazz is still alive and up-and-coming. Mia is a struggling actress who obviously has a goal to be a successful movie star. The two main characters push each other to stay true to what they believe in and to never forget why they have fought so hard for their dreams to come true

2.  A Lighthearted Comedy

These two actors completely knocked the comedy game out of the park. The way Gosling and Stone communicated with each other had every person in the movie theater convinced that they must have some serious chemistry on and off the screen. Little moments of sarcasm and dry humor during a conversation between the two would have me laughing. The humor was natural and didn’t try too hard to make the audience laugh. I was totally not expecting to label this film a comedy, but I would definitely consider it to be apart of that genre.

3. Predicting to win an Oscar for “Best Picture”

The setting of the entire movie is obviously very detail oriented and well thought-out. There is a brilliant balance between dazzling wonder and intimacy. All of the characters, including the extras, are dressed in colorful clothing and noticeable hair and make-up. All of the experts on The Oscars believe that this will easily win “Best Picture” for 2017. If it were up to me, this movie would get that Oscar no questions asked. The whole movie was beautifully made and had a serious focus on the scenery.

4. The Music

If you aren’t already in love with Ryan Gosling, you will be after watching him in this movie. There is a 100% guarantee that you will become teary eyed by Goslings’ performances on the piano. But if you aren’t into old school music, there’s hope. Music artist John Legend performs modern style Jazz with a little bit of his own style. There are beautiful duet’s done by Gosling and Stone that couldn’t have been done any better. Almost every song in the film brought me chills.

5. The Dancing

I have to say that my favorite part of the entire movie was when Gosling and Stone performed a tap dance together. The whole scene showed such chemistry between the two characters that we had all been waiting to see happen. The dancing was lively and upbeat; exactly what was necessary for the escalation of the movie. The tap dancing was later followed up by a very intimate dancing scene in The Observatory in Griffith Park. After watching this scene, you will be Team Mia and Sebastian all the way.

If you’re looking for a feel-good movie this December, La La Land is the movie to see. The movie is now in theaters! You do not want to miss this delightful film.

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