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Top 5 Solo K-pop Artists to Listen to Right Now

Listening to K-pop groups is good and all, but have you listened to K-pop solo artists that have their own albums?

Read on to see which K-pop solo artists have made our top five!

1. Taemin

Even though Taemin is still part of the famous K-pop group, “Shinee,” he has made a name for himself as a successful solo artist when “Shinee” is not promoting. From the album, “Press it” to his most recent single, ‘2 Kids,’ Taemin is always ready to steal the spotlight. A vocal king with Micheal Jackson-inspired dancing, Taemin has become iconic in the Korean music industry!

2. Baekhyun

Like Taemin, Baekhyun is part of a famous K-pop group (EXO). But in 2019, SM Entertainment made our dreams come true with Baekhyun’s first solo album, “City Lights” to show exactly what people have been missing when it comes to Baekhyun’s talented voice. He might have recently released solo music, but his power vocals leave fans wanting more! In the spring of 2020, Baekhyun released his long-awaited 2nd solo album, “Delight,” which might of broke records across the board for the summer R&B album that every fan needed.

3. Ailee

Ailee is a female solo artist that has been in the Korean music industry for a while. Her effortless yet powerful vocals set her apart from any other Korean artist in the industry. Her last album, “butterFLY,” is still a part of our playlist even after a year from its release. However, our favorite album by Ailee is her 2015 release, “VIVID,” which further highlights not only powerful vocals but R&B beats.

4. IU (Lee Ji-eun)

Get ready to be introduced to another queen in the Korean music spotlight, IU! What makes her unique from the other solo K-pop female artists is her endless ability to write SUPER catchy songs like ‘BBiBBi’ and ‘Palette!’ IU’s light and airy voice match perfectly with the lyrics and the pop-sounding beats. Furthermore, her talent goes beyond music with her most recent role in the k-drama “Hotel Del Luna.”

5. Zico

A former member of the K-pop group, “Block B,” Zico decided to part ways with them to focus more on his solo music career. As a fan of Zico, we can never predict what kind of music he will release. If you are looking to find a diverse K-pop solo artist, Zico is the one with his mix of interesting beats, rap-style, and vocals. From his song ‘Artist’ to ‘I Am You, You Are Me,’ he might have a song for just about everyone’s musical tastes.

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With diverse K-pop solo artists, the Korean music industry is never boring!

Let us know which K-pop solo artists from this list are your favorite?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.