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Top 5 Underrated Challenge Women

Some people just don’t get respect, no matter how much they deserve it.

Such is the case with some of the people we see on The Challenge season after season. Sure, there are the Laurels and the Sarahs and the Kams – the women who you know are going far if they are standing in front of TJ on day one.

But there is a whole group of women who aren’t afforded quite the same respect. These women are not necessarily the very best the show has to offer. They have more than proven themselves, however, and it is time that we admit that! These are the Top 5 Underrated Challenge Women…

*If you are curious about who I believe are the male counterparts to this list, be sure to check out the Top 5 Underrated Challenge Men! I will warn you though, you might disagree with some of my takes*

5. Devyn Simone

Devyn is a fan favorite! In that regard, she is not underrated. Despite not being on the actual show in eight years, people still remember her fondly. For good reason! She is hilarious, full of charisma, and a fantastic narrator. It is obvious how much she is loved by the cameras and the fans watching at home.

Where she does not get enough credit is as a Challenge competitor!

You won’t hear me saying that Devyn is a physical force that could easily take down Emily in a hall brawl or anything like that. But what Devyn may lack in grit, she more than makes up for with her social game. There are very few people that we have seen on the show that are as universally loved as Devyn.

Even those that complain about her, do so because of her lack of strength. Not because of who she is. The casts that have shared the house with her quite obviously adore her and it’s seen when they all participate in stuff like grieving at a funeral for her wig during Free Agents. She is not JUST a social player though – she has proven that she is not someone that will lay down and die.

During her two seasons, Devyn has won six dailies, one elimination, and has been to the final twice. I recognize and fully admit that she got third place in both seasons, but she does not give up. Even when others doubt her. Devyn has proven that she has heart. She deserves a spot as one of the most underrated Challenge women.

4. Kailah Casillas

Courtesy of @ChallengeMTV on Instagram

Kailah’s time on The Challenge has been full of ups and downs. One episode, she is wetting the bed, the next she is beating Jenna in elimination. Kailah is a really solid competitor and has what it takes to be one of the top female competitors if she started showing up more consistently.

Kailah has proven that she can hold her own in eliminations. With a record of 4-2, including wins against Marie (twice), Aneesa, and her best friend, Jenna. Her two losses being against Sylvia and Kaycee are nothing to be ashamed of. Additionally, Kailah has shown to be a person you want on your team, especially on Dirty 30 and Vendettas, where she was a part of the winning team for dailies six different times.

After getting kicked off on the first episode of Final Reckoning, Kailah returned to the show in Total Madness with a clearer head. She was still involved in drama, she still had her sights set on someone she shouldn’t, and she still was still a competitor.

Though she has only made one final thus far in her time on the show, I feel confident that she could win in the future. As one of the most underrated Challenge women, we will be rooting for her all the way!

3. Amber Borzotra

Courtesy of @ChallengeMTV on Instagram

Is Amber underrated by the fans? I’m not sure. She is DEFINITELY underrated by her fellow castmates though.

Amber B.’s first season began quietly. She did not receive a whole lot of screentime and had to be referred to by the first initial in her last name because there was a second Amber on the cast.

As the season went on, however, it was clear that Amber was someone to watch out for. Being partnered with Darrell for most of a season can be a lot of pressure. Amber held her own and was respected by her legend of a partner. The two worked well together, winning a daily and coming close to winning a few others. The only reason the two split was because Darrell lost an elimination. Earlier in the season, both she and Darrell felt comfortable keeping each other as partners. That is some of the highest praise someone can receive.

Amber went on to win a second elimination and the entire season. Sure, being partnered with CT helps but Amber was just as much a part of the team winning as he was. If not more so. It was an impressive showing for a rookie, especially against vets like Kam, Nany, Leroy, and Cory.

Fast forward to Spies, Lies, and Allies. Despite winning the previous season, several castmates have said that she still needs to earn her stripes. We can only assume that they are jealous that they have not been as successful as Amber, despite most of the house targeting her throughout her two seasons.

Though she was just eliminated from the most recent season, I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Amber B. Nor do I think we have seen the last of her wins.

2. Sylvia Elsrode

I already know people won’t like this selection. They weren’t happy when I included her on THIS LIST either.

But what can I say? As a fellow Kansas Citian, I am always going to root for Sylvia. And you know what? I think it is about time that you do too!

She is the definition of underrated. Not just by the fans but by her fellow castmates also. She is usually seen as a liability early on and is thrown into elimination because of it. Despite those early setbacks, she is often able to come back from those eliminations.

During her first season, she won two eliminations against LaToya and Kailah. She was eventually beaten by Jenna, after Sylvia took an early lead in the elimination.

When she returned in Vendettas, she won an elimination against Melissa in one of the toughest fought battles in recent memory. Unfortunately, she was pulled from the game not long after, due to illness.

Finally, in her most recent season, her and partner Joss defeated Tori/Derrick and Tony/Bananas in elimination, won two dailies, and got second place in the final – a controversial result. Notably, they were the only team from the entire cast to remain in the main house the entire season.

Sylvia may not be the most dominating force in a season but she has a sneaky good elimination record of 5-1. And those five wins are not against slouches. There are several notable players that Sylvia has taken out. For that reason and more, Sylvia is an obvious pick for the Top 5 Underrated Challenge Women.

1. Jonna Mannion

Jonna is one of the underrated Challenge women
Courtesy of @ChallengeMTV on Instagram

After dominating the Discovery Kids show, Endurance, Jonna made her way over to MTV and The Challenge.

Looking at the numbers on Jonna, she does not seem to be that impressive of a competitor. Across five seasons of the main show, she has won six dailies and has a 2-5 elimination record. This is why context is important.

During her five seasons, she has been partnered or on a team with people like Jasmine (twice), Derek Chavez, and maybe the least supportive partner possible in Zach. She has consistently been either the best on her team or a solid teammate, rarely being the cause of a loss.

When it comes to eliminations, she has had the misfortune of going up against the likes of Cara Maria/Laurel, Ashley K./Frank, Cara Maria/Cooke, Aneesa, and Jordan/Sarah. Those are her five elimination losses. It would be difficult to pick worse people to go up against.

She has been up against Sarah more than once though. The other time being in Rivals, where she beat Sarah the Puzzle Queen in a puzzle elimination. A rather impressive moment for Jonna and a humbling moment for Sarah.

Recently, Jonna made her return on the Paramount+ spin-off, The Challenge: All Stars. Despite having just given birth a few months prior, Jonna proved that she still has it. In fact, she may be even better than before. She made the final and got third place. If the show hadn’t made the odd decision of having one first place winner instead of one male winner and one female winner, Jonna would have been a Challenge Champion.

She will be back for The Challenge: All Stars 2 so hopefully, this time will be the charm!

What do you think of our list? Were we missing any underrated Challenge women? Did anyone surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

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