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Top 7 Places in Outer Banks to Visit

After watching the Netflix series Outer Banks, I knew that I wanted to take a trip down there! The Outer Banks is a barrier of islands that sticks out from North Carolina. There are many little towns on this island such as Kills Devil Hills, Corolla, Duck, and many more.

I vacationed in a place called Nags Head which is one of their more commercialized areas. In this article, I will give you the scoop on where to go when you visit the Outer Banks. As you read on, you will notice that there are a lot of things to do and see on this island. The island is known for their great beaches, lighthouses, and of course, their surf shops!

1. Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Located in Nags Head, Jockey’s Ridge State Park is the tallest sand dune located in the eastern part of the United States. At Jockey’s Ridge State Park, there is always something fun for anyone to do! Some of the leisure activities people like to take part in are hiking, kite flying, and watching the sunsets on the high peaks of the dunes. When visiting this place, it will for sure step-up your Instagram game!

300 W Carolista Dr. Nags Head, NC 27959

2. Corolla’s Wild Horses

If you’re a horse lover like me, you must go to this place! Corolla is a town located in the northern part of the island. The beaches in Corolla are the only beaches that are home to wild horses! You can take wild horse tours or decide to go to their 4×4 beach access where a lot of the horses flock to. One thing you can’t do is touch or feed the horses due to them being considered wild. However, the horses get close enough for people to see and take pictures of!

Corolla, North Carolina 27927

3. Cape Hatteras Seashore

When it’s time to pack up and go home, I wanted to make sure I had a little souvenir with me. Finding seashells is a good keepsake or can even be made into cute little home decor! In the Outer Banks, the best place to find seashells is on Cape Hatteras. It’s a bit of a drive to get there, but it’s so worth it for the beautiful shells you will find! The other beaches in the Outer Banks also have a lot of seashells, but most of them appear to be broken due to the pressure of the waves. If you’re an avid seashell collector, you must take the drive down to Cape Hatteras!

Nags Head, NC 27959

4. Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse is just one of the many lighthouses in the Outer Banks. This lighthouse in particular is located on the Roanoke Sound side and is a part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. When you go visit the Bodie Island Lighthouse, you will be able to take tours of the lighthouse and climb it all the way through the top! The sight you get to see is beautiful once you reach the top.

8210 Bodie Island Lighthouse, Nags Head, NC 27959

5. Jenette’s Pier

If you’re looking for a great place to fish while getting beautiful views of the ocean, Jenette’s Pier is the place to go! There are a couple piers located in the Outer Banks but Jennette’s Pier is the hotspot for catching big fish. Plus, at Jenette’s Pier you can also find dolphins and sea turtles! This is a nice and relaxing activity that you and your family can enjoy after a long day at the beach.

7223 S Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 27959

6. Roanoke Sound

The Roanoke Sound is a beautiful place to take out your boat, jet-skis, and witness beautiful sunsets! It has a more laidback setting in addition to a wonderful golf course for the visitors that decide to stay in the sound.

Nags Head, NC 27959

7. Duck Town Park and Boardwalk

At the Duck Town Park and Boardwalk, you have the option of choosing from many restaurants, boutiques, ice cream shops, and more! It’s a mile-long boardwalk that also offers as a boat launch. When visiting the boardwalk, you can fish from it too!

Duck Town Park Boardwalk, Duck, NC 27949

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you decide to take a trip down to the Outer Banks and visit any of the places mentioned, leave a comment down below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.