Top 7 Reasons to Love BTS (Bangtan Boys)

BTS enlightens the world with important messages in their music about self-love and violence. Here are the top 7 reasons to love BTS (Bangtan Boys)!

1. Music

Any artist can create music, but BTS dedicates time and hard work to come up with real-life messages that everyone should hear. Through BTS’ music, the fans called the ARMY, have learned to implement the messages woven throughout their music. Their songs are in Korean, but that does not stop people from singing along and enjoying the music they have produced. One of their most popular album series, ‘Love Yourself,’ has definitely helped the K-pop music wave make it’s way to almost every country. The ARMY has helped BTS through every step of the way, giving people reasons to love BTS.

2. Storytelling Music Videos

BTS ARMY has continued theories about the storyline throughout BTS’ videos since 2013 and is always finding new clues to lead to different conclusions. The hype for BTS’ comeback this August is on a whole new level! If you want some insight into the complex storyline, the music videos for ‘I Need U’ and ‘Run’ help to give you an idea.

3. Humble Boys

With the support of many fans worldwide, it is no secret that BTS has major support for everything they do. But did you know that they are some of the most humble people that you could ever come across? Even with money coming daily from multiple sources, BTS is still working their butts off as if they are starting from scratch. The best of all is each BTS member is willing to donate money towards a charitable cause to help end poverty and violence.

4. BTS Concerts

The concerts are no joke when it comes to being one of the most memorable events of your life. With BTS, fans could sit at the very top of a stadium but still feel like they are included in an unexplainable bond between the ARMY and BTS. The concert experience is one of the top reasons on just about every ARMY’s list to love BTS! Not a single moment is dull but of course, you have to win a war with ticket buying first. The most dedicated fans will spend time trying to find out the best method for snagging tickets, leaving not so experienced ticket buyers in the dark. But I would recommend doing some research before attempting to buy tickets.

5. In-Sync Choreography

Dancing is a BIG part of K-pop and has influenced so many but very few groups have accomplished a high level of being in sync with one another. During their training days, BTS spent the majority of their time in the dance studio perfecting their craft to become one of the most awe-inspiring groups up to date. The dance practice videos provide insight into just how good they are at dancing.

6. Talented Boys

To debut as a K-pop star, you need some serious talent that includes dancing, rapping, singing, and acting. BTS has it all but with a ‘few’ bonuses including producing, videography, and photography! BTS is a prime example of a group that works and explores their other talents whilst having time to enjoy life.

7. Their Love For ARMY

The primary motivation that they have everyday is the love and support from the ARMY. Since 2017, BTS has toured every year to many countries to visit their fans and have a good time with them. When they are not touring, BTS works hard to release merch, music and episodes for a variety TV show to highlight that their love knows no bounds!

Compressing all of the good qualities of BTS was difficult, but we hope you enjoyed the top 7 reasons to love BTS! For more Korean entertainment such as k-dramas and K-pop, head on over to these posts!

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